Podcast Episode 31: Battle of the OTPs (Legend of Fuyao VS Secretary Kim VS Hug a Psycho VS Life on Mars)

There are so many drama couples that are nailing their romantic storylines that we just had to decide which one is the best.  Come and join us as we battle it out and pick the ultimate current airing drama OTP (One True Pairing).

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5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 31: Battle of the OTPs (Legend of Fuyao VS Secretary Kim VS Hug a Psycho VS Life on Mars)

  1. While I sure enjoy watching Madame Ponytail in Secretary Kim, I can’t get over the independent and funny romance of the OTP in Legend of Fuyao. And I’m not even a Ethan Ruan fan!

    You crossed some generational boundaries today as I was listening to this episode in the car when I picked up my son, Boy X, after a sleepover. He didn’t have his headphones so he was forced to listen. But by the end of the drive, I’d explained the different shows and he thought the Life on Mars concept was interesting. If your podcast can catch the interest of a 15 yr old boy, you’re doing a good job.

    • My 10-year-old daughter was listening and she thought we were hilarious. She has watched snippets of the shows with me, but she likes listening to our blog more than sitting down and watching with me. She made a comment about how her mom seemed really fixated on all the shirtless scenes and that was really funny to listen to. Let us know how he likes LoM. I’m really enjoying recapping that one.

    • So proud that we are corrupting…err…influencing the next generation. Kdrama and Cdrama love can change the world!

  2. Hey, new podcast listener here. I listen to quite a few podcasts during my daily commute, but I don’t believe that I’ve listened to all the episodes of a podcast as fast as I have for this one. Anyway, keep it up ladies.

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