First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Time

The makjang drama Time released it’s first two episodes today and we have some unfiltered thoughts.  Come join myself  (Kmuse) & Kdrama Jen and find out if this is your next crack drama.

Very distinct writing style

Kmuse: This is the third drama I have watched that was penned by Choi Ho Chul.  You can totally tell.  Pretty much if you had Secret Love and Mask get together and have a baby drama, it would be Time.  It has all the best signature tropes that this writer loves.  Death by some form of water, closed off leading men, and mentally weak second leads whose greed/love leads to traumatic situations.   It has only been an hour and I can already check off all these boxes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this type of makjang storytelling but if you want some type of perfect romance with a happy ending, this might not be the drama for you.  This show is going to be really messy with crazy people doing crazy things.  Also, the leading man Soo Ho (Kim Jung Hyun) has an inoperable cancerous tumor which means that there is not going to be a happily ever after. So if these are all things you don’t like in a drama, you might want to check out something else.

Kdrama Jen: I went in mostly blind, but I could immediately tell this is familiar territory for this writer.  I definitely had the Secret Love kind of vibe.  Kim Jung Hyun’s character is not very likable on the surface, but they are hinting at a backstory that gives me hope that I won’t despise him.  Of course, I don’t want to get too attached considering that whole brain tumor thing.

Talented leading man Kim Jung Hyun

Kmuse: I have been a fan of Kim Jung Hyun since I watched him be the redeemable bad guy in Rebel: Thief of the People.  Sadly, his last two dramas are not ones that I completed but I do enjoy him as an actor.  He is very intense and has channeled into his inner angsty self to portray this traumatized character.  I was especially impressed with the scene where he finds out he is going to die.  Very well done.

Kdrama Jen: This young actor has been on my list to watch since Rebel as well.  I watched him in School 2017 and Go Go Waikiki.  I am not sure either of those dramas were a perfect fit, but I have appreciated him as an actor in everything I have seen him in.  It feels like he is trying to stretch himself in different directions.  This role is going to be a challenge because the character is not very endearing at the moment.  I think he has the acting potential, though, to pull it off.

Why can’t this drama be perfect?

Kmuse: So……….I might need to run for cover after stating my next thought but I am not a Seo Hyun fan.  Especially when the character requires her to actually act stressed and upset.  She just can’t pull it off.  This drama, unfortunately, is no different than her past attempts.  I am just hoping that Seo Hyun is at a high enough level of competence that the talent of the leading man and writer can overshadow her shortcomings.

Kdrama Jen: We share an opinion on this idol actress.  I have not been overly impressed in the past, but I found myself pulled into the story despite her somewhat stilted performance.

Solid secondary characters

Kmuse: Just like this writer’s previous dramas, the second leads are very memorable.  We have a second lead male who is currently engaged to Ji Hyun (Seo Hyun) but is dissatisfied with his life.  I suspect it is only a matter of time before he does something dishonest and throws Ji Hyun under the bus.

Kmuse: And, true to form, we have an entitled second lead girl who is unsatisfied with her love life.  It is only a matter of time before she ends up doing something that is morally gray to murderous black.

Kmuse: To top it off we have a sweet and unhappy younger sister who is doing unfortunate things for money.  It’s only a matter of time till she gets into some serious trouble.  Oh wait, she’s already dead in the first few minutes.  I guess that is where our wet and mysterious death occurs.  This writer really does like her water-themed deaths.

Kdrama Jen: Most of the secondary characters are written in a way that made me intrigued to learn more.  I do not like the second lead girl with all her privilege and self-importance.

Kmuse: The only person I didn’t like was Ji Hyun’s mother.  Talk about a selfish and horrible parent.  Now there is someone I would be OK with dying?  Can we start praying for a freak rainstorm and slippery roads to occur in episode 3?

Kdrama Jen: I agree!  This mom is so self-centered.  I see she must have some kind of gambling addiction or obsession with making money.  Still, I can’t excuse her complete horribleness.  I definitely see a watery death in her future.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I am looking forward to seeing how his impending death is going to change Soo Ho’s life goals.  Yes, he is a selfish entitled jerk.  But we get a glimpse of a selfish entitled jerk with background emotional damage.  Which means there will be a lot of great angsty drama coming our way in the next few weeks.

I do think I need to state again that this is not going to be a drama for everyone.  The characters are highly flawed and the themes tend to be pretty dark.  But for those of you who love a good melodrama, you are going to want to check this one out.

Kdrama Jen: I agree this drama is not for everyone.  I am in the mood for a dark and makjang kind of drama, so I am on board for this one.  If you want sweet kisses and happy endings, then this one is not for you.  If you are craving some crazy and morally grey kind of characters, then consider dedicating some of your drama time to Time.

Til our next angsty review,

Kmuse & Kdrama Jen

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You can find new episodes of Time HERE on Viki.

4 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Time

  1. Just about everything in this one makes me say Pass! Only KJH offers any point of interest (maybe the best glower in Kdramas today), but I’m not sure if he’s fully up to leading man status for this kind of work. As for his costars… meh!

  2. I’m currently up to episode 10 and getting more invested all the time. First 2 episodes were difficult to watch, but it’s a fun ride.

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