Life on Mars Episode 13 Recap

You would think that after catching the Cop Serial Killer our group would be able to relax. But there is no sleeping in Tae Joo’s coma-induced past. We have a new murder and a suspect that hits very close to home for Tae Joo. Come join me as I discuss all the murderous events of episode 13.

We start off this episode with more annoying hospital voices. (I really want them all to go away already. Tae Joo is happy here in his head where he can stay with Officer Yoon forever!) Yup, my ship is still sailing in Coma Tae Joo’s world. But I digress, Tae Joo wakes up after tumbling over the bridge and into the river when the killer was shot. Why it is suddenly daylight when all the shooting and tumbling happened in the dark is left unexplained. I think we will blame the incongruities on the coma. Tae Joo coughs up water when his eyes see the serial killer lying nearby, obviously dead. And, of course, someone decided that the crime scene is just where our future serial killer, Min Seok, needs to be. These adults need to do a better job of adulting. No wonder the kid goes off the rails and slaughters a bunch of people in the future.

Now that the killer has been apprehended, Tae Joo ponders why he is still in the past. I guess being in a real-life coma is not enough of a reason. Tae Joo goes to his family’s house only to find it abandoned. Poor guy is all alone and wondering what he needs to do next. Tae Joo remembers Killer Cop’s final words and decides that he needs to discover who the voice on the phone is. According to Killer Cop, that man will be coming soon.

With the serial killer case concluded, Team 3 is ready to celebrate. With such a high profile case being solved, the team discusses possible rewards. Maybe there will be more funds for their department? Or will they receive accolades for all their hard work? Nope, they are being disbanded and Dong Cheul and the boys are being sent to remote precincts as punishment. Everyone is understandably upset to the point that Dong Cheul loses his temper and hits Chief Kim (the slimy superior officer who always takes all the credit).

You would think nothing worse could happen, but this is the coma induced mind of a murder detective. In coma world, things can always get worse. As Tae Joo discovers when he receives a phone call from Dong Cheul. Dong Cheul finds himself in a bit of a pickle. He had awoken from a drunken stupor only to find himself sleeping near the corpse of Chief Kim. Due to the large amounts of alcohol consumed the night before, he doesn’t recall anything. Also, the police mysteriously show up just in time to find him with the body. To say things don’t look good would be an understatement.

Called in to interrogate Dong Cheul and solve the murder is a smarmy detective from Seoul. Yup, you guessed it. We finally discover who the voice on the phone is. I have to admit that I am slightly annoyed by all the leading questions and mysterious pauses he throws out. Can we just get rid of him and the hospital voices and focus on what is important? Where are my Officer Yoon sweet glances?

Talking about Officer Yoon, she is reassigned to be the crossing guard for the school and is forced to do it in a cute tiger costume. She is so darn cute. Not to mention, really nice. I would want to smack those little kids for pulling my tail and making me fall.

Dong Cheul is not one to take being railroaded for murder lying down. In an impulsive move he escapes police custody, only to show up at Tae Joo’s house with no clue what to do next. After chatting about how stupid Dong Cheul is, the two decide they need to examine the body for clues. Also, they try to figure how who was there with Dong Cheul and Chief Kim. I crack up watching these two. Tae Joo has come a long way from the uptight cop he once was.

They discover, with the help of Dong Cheul’s police mentor, that there was a thief in the house the night in question-a thief who saw another person exiting the house while Dong Cheul slept on the couch. Sadly, Dong Cheul’s mentor dies (possibly by suicide) and Dong Cheul leaves to go to the funeral where he will be recaptured by the police.

But before Tae Joo can follow his friend, the TV sparks back to life. The doctor says that Director Ahn Min Sik will be performing a surgery to remove a piece of skull that has been causing his coma. Just at that moment, Tae Joo receives a call from Director Ahn Min Sik, the very man who has been calling him in the past. Things are beginning to look bad for both his past and present self.

Final Thoughts:

I’m still enjoying the drama but am sad there was not more of my coma couple cuteness.  I’m still rooting for them until the very end.

Til our next murder,


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