Podcast Episode 32: Drama 101

Do you know all the important drama/kpop lingo?  Come join us as we discuss what all the crazy vocab that comes with being a bonafide kaddict.  Also, we discuss the best way to become a kaddict without losing yourself to the addiction.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 32: Drama 101

  1. Oh My Goodness you are all so hilarious and I am so thankful I have found your blog as I now know I am not alone. I could totally relate to your segment about watching in bed as I have many times when I needed to watch an episode watched it on my smartphone with the screen light turned down on my side and the blanket over my head since my husband is so sensitive to light. I laughed so hard and thanks for acknowledging my addiction so I do not feel so bad :-) I have not watched American TV for years so am so thankful I found K and C dramas or I would not have anything to watch at all.

    • I find myself switching from my laptop to my phone once it gets to a certain time at night. Glad you found the blog!

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