Legend of Fuyao Episodes 41-48: A Chatty Recap

The storyline travels to Gaston’s home country and we, The Fangirls, are along for the ride to share our thoughts with every crazy power-grabbing moment.  So come join us as we discuss week 6 of Legend of Fuyao.

General Plot Overview Ep 41-48

I think it is fair to say that a lot happened this week. Whether we actually witnessed the events happening is another matter. Unlike previous weeks, it seemed that the plot jumped from one plot point to the next at a rushed speed, sometimes so quickly that you had to try and figure out if you missed something. If I had to take a wild guess, I would say that there was some serious editing for time during this part of the story. Which is tragic since I feel that we missed some narrative gems.

But, we enjoyed what we did get, which was still a lot. Fuyao and everyone else believes that Wuji died in the desert and go into full mourning. Fuyao is inconsolable but still pulls on her big girl britches and accompanies Gaston in his travels.

Lots of things happened during the journey but it was hard to see past the obvious correlations to the movie The Princess Bride. This episode was only one “inconceivable” away from being a direct ripoff of the Fire Swamp. Anyone else wishing we could get Wuji whispering, “As you wish?” Anyway, after a round of quicksand, cannibal ants, and a Wuji that was not Wuji who somehow causes Gaston to become comatose, we leave the forest.

In all the confusion after Gaston passes out, the real Wuji appears, for realsies this time, and our OTP is reunited yet again. They travel to the winter kingdom in order to steal the Earth Absorbing Bell away from Gaston’s brother. Eventually, Wuji is confirmed as not dead to the public, defeats his brother, and Gaston awakes. Not because of the magical bell but because Princess Scorpion gives up her sight so he could wake up.

Upon discovering that Gaston is the rightful heir to the kingdom, our band of friends decide to help him overthrow his brother.  This leads to Fuyao competing to become the head of the king’s (Gaston’s brother) guards in order to infiltrate the palace.  She defeats everyone, with a little help from her friends, and is able to save Gaston’s mother from death.

Never trust Prince Unmanned

Karie the Maknae: I never believed for one second that Wuji was dead, but I did question if someone with Prince Assist’s injury could successfully ride a horse. And when Fuyao showed up to the “funeral”, all I could think was “Aren’t you a little short for a Storm Trooper?” Obviously, I was full of deep thoughts during this segment. Heh.

Kmuse:I was also thinking other thoughts during the funeral. I couldn’t get past how pretty Fuyao was in her guard garb. It really accentuated her features. Whereas poor Gaston looked like he maybe had his crown on under the guard helmet and things just were not sitting they way they should.

Drama Geek: Oh my gosh, times like this I wish we all watched episodes at the same time. The Maknae is totally cracking me up. We all knew Wuji wasn’t inside the stone replica, but it’s fascinating that they were able to get even his sculpted cheek bones perfect.

Kdrama Jen: I was just confused about the concept of burning a petrified human. So, if he basically turned to stone, then wouldn’t it take a REALLY long time for him to burn? But, wait… If he was made of sand, then maybe he would turn to glass? Either way, I am pretty sure burning him was not the answer. They should have smashed him into tiny pieces. Yes, I was also not concentrating on the gravity of this obviously fake funeral service. (Kmuse: Oooh.  Now I want a glass sized Wuji statue of my own.  Think my husband would go for it?)

Someone has buggy eyes

Kdrama Jen: I am always so conflicted. I love Gaston, and when he smiles with his eyes it makes my heart flutter, but… Yeah, he is not what I would call an “eye actor.” Whenever he is surprised or tries on his “angry eyes,” I just want to giggle. I don’t even know what that one scene was about because I was laughing so hysterically. I even watched it more than once because I could not believe the director would keep such an unflattering shot of his “buggy eyes.” All I can conclude is this was the best take? And now I want to see the shots that didn’t make it!

Karie the Maknae: Ah, Gaston’s buggy eyes. Kdrama Jen is right–they are THOROUGHLY distracting. I can kinda see what he’s trying to emote, but there are other ways to express determination + frustration. Looking like you’re trying to activate your laser superpower ain’t it, in my humble opinion.

Kmuse: I am not sure if I can watch this actor in a leading role now that all I see are his buggy eyes when he is being intense.  Isn’t he the one that is going to be in that upcoming drama Pillow Book?  That might be a problem for me.

Drama Geek: Kmuse, I think you are right. If that is the case, I will have to pass. His acting leaves a lot to be desired, and I just don’t think he can carry 60 episodes on his buggy-eyed shoulders. I can say that when I fell down the behind the scenes rabbit hole that he is very pleasant to behold when he is relaxed and just goofing off.

How do you distract flesh eating ants? By cutting off your own arm to feed them. Duh!

Kdrama Jen: This show loves its killer bugs. I was a fan of the scorpion balls. I thought flicking centipedes was an interesting weapon, and I squirmed a bit when the psychotic bees swarmed and attacked. Flesh eating ants just seem absolutely horrible. No, wait. Let’s have flesh eating ants attack while people are mired in quicksand! So, obviously, the only solution is to CUT OFF AN ARM to feed the ravenous beasts. Eww… Of course, my favorite thing about this part of the show was when one of the fangirls wrote something about not liking ants and Clkytta, not realizing this was commentary on the drama, helpfully suggested that cinnamon will often ward off ants. I could not stop laughing as I imagined Gaston and his buddies tossing cinnamon at these nasty creatures!

Karie the Maknae: Ok, the whole situation was a bit over the top, but it made me love Ji Yu more. He’s such an excellent second-in-command–noble, loyal, and self-sacrificing. He’s way better than cinnamon!

Kmuse: I was totally expecting him to die to save everyone, so I was happy to see him with only a flesh wound.

Drama Geek: But why cut off an entire arm when you could just toss your hand at them? The arm is also not the only thing bleeding. Those ants are resourceful and would have done the old “divide and conquer” move. Thankfully, they are lazy ants, and only devoured the arm. I like Ji Yu and was happy he survived.

Reunited……….again……….maybe……..oh wait, yup they are!

Karie the Maknae: Was I the only one sitting there waiting for Wuji to be a hallucination again? He just…appeared?…in Fuyao’s room? When he started telling Fuyao about his time in the desert, I expected him to be like Westley from Princess Bride and talk about true love and how he would always come for her. Heh heh heh. I don’t like that they skipped over how he got himself out of the desert. There was something about a mystery army in later episodes, the same army that Fuyao and Gaston encountered in the dreamscape. Honestly, they reminded me of the Sand People on Tatooine in Star Wars: A New Hope. I was waiting for them to walk single file to hide their numbers….but that’s beside the point. WUJI’S BACK!! I love how these two work together, and talk, and just ARE. I really want Fuyao and Wuji to have a happy ending.

Drama Geek: I think Kdrama Jen is the one who prophesied that the magic hamster would be the key to saving Wuji. From what I remember Wuji said that the hamster gave him the spit that kept him alive until he returned with some healing fruit/flower, and that is what brought him out of his petrified state. I have noticed this last week the drama likes to create impossible circumstances and then not show us how they got out of them. We just see the characters back at whatever city or house they are stationed at the time.

Kdrama Jen: Where can I find a freaking magical hamster? That would come in pretty handy. I have never really needed magical hamster spit, but I have left my keys behind, and it would be awesome if I had a little gopher (or hamster) to bring me stuff. Anyway, I felt like I somehow missed something with this scene since Wuji was just like, “Surprise! I’m not dead yet!”

Kmuse: I might have teared up a bit when Wuji and Fuyao were reunited for real.  I think the show has me trained to get all choked up anytime their theme music kicks.  These two have such great chemistry and, as usual, they suck me into their love bubble.

Gaston takes a nap

Karie the Maknae: Gaston got all noble and protected Fuyao from some evil nasty after she picked up the scariest bell I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I think there were finger bones making up part of it…? Anyway, he got knocked out and everyone freaked.

Drama Geek: Not sure why he was in a death coma and Fuyao was totally fine. Anyway… I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the bell because I didn’t notice the bones. All I noticed was the fake Wuji, and even though I knew he was an illusion, I was so happy because the story just didn’t feel right without him.

Kmuse: This part really confused me.  I also didn’t notice the bones until Karie said something.  I still am not positive why it infected Gaston rather than Fuyao.  I guess we needed some kind of excuse for Scorpion Princess to go all noble idiot.

Kdrama Jen: I thought Gaston was in the death coma because Fake Wuji attacked him with the black smoke spell. And, yes, we needed a plot device to ensure Scorpion Princess could sacrifice everything to show the depth of her love.

Princess Scorpion makes the ultimate sacrifice………that she didn’t really have to make if she had only waited a bit longer.

Karie the Maknae: I love Zhuzhu, I really do. She’s got the biggest heart. But she’s still clearly SO inexperienced and tends to rush into things headlong, like giving up her eyesight to restore Gaston to consciousness. I do have to wonder, though: the Earth Absorbing Bell and its counterpart almost seem to be sentient, like the One Ring from Lord of the Rings. Maybe they never would have shown up if she hadn’t made her sacrifice first. Just a thought.

Kmuse: Ah! Once again I feel that some of this week’s plot was lost and hiding on the cutting room floor. I totally thought Princess Scorpian had sacrificed her life for Gaston. I must have glanced away for a second when they were explaining that part of the equation. Even still, she is not the most patient person is she? This also explains why it was taking her so freaking long to kick the bucket. I thought we were having one of those epic (but not really epic) monologues that a character gives right before they take their last breath. I was sitting here wondering why she didn’t seem to emote much and was staring blankly into the distance during those final moments. Huh. Things make so much more sense now. I also think that Seven severely overreacted. His despair also lead me to the belief that Scorpion Princess was a goner. (This was before getting to episode 45 when things were explained better.)

Drama Geek: I was yelling at the screen that she needed to just wait. She KNEW that Fuyao and Wuji went and risked their lives to get that dang bell back. Then she sacrifices what could have been her life so that he could wake up a little early. At least her actions finally made Gaston realize his true feelings for her.

Kmuse: I would also like to point out that blind Princess Scorpion’s mannerisms are killing me.  Give me Gaston buggy eyes any day rather than the poor imitation of a blind person that PS is currently doing.

Kdrama Jen: I loved the spunky character of Scorpion Princess, but never found the acting particularly compelling. Now that she is stumbling about and keeping such a blank look in her eyes, the flaws in the acting are even more apparent. Yawn. Where are my cute OTP scenes? We need another shirtless fight, stat!

Two evil brothers plotting together and being evil

Karie the Maknae: I’m actually liking the characterization of the royal brothers of Heaven Fiend. Royal Brother is one of those loyalists who will serve the winning side, but he’s not totally slimy, IMO. Heaven Fiend King, on the other hand, just likes power and toys. Granted, he’s got enough of both to be super scary, like when he sets up the competition to select the new commander of his personal bodyguards. He really doesn’t think anyone’s lives matter but his own.

Drama Geek: At first I was a bit bored with these two, but I’ve liked watching them stumble around trying to figure out who to be loyal to and come out on top. I think the younger brother is actually smarter than King Fiend  and if he’d had Gaston to follow they could have made a good team running Heaven Fiend.

Kmuse: I am not sure I can stand much more of their over-exaggerated expressions.  Between these two and Princess Scoprion’s over-the-top blind acting, I think I am ready for someone (or maybe all of them) to die.

Kdrama Jen: It is seriously time for someone to die for realsies. It is not a true Chinese drama until the baddies drink some poison or succumb to a head bonk.

Confronting one’s Yin and Yang can be dangerous to one’s health

Karie the Maknae: There is SO MUCH that happens in these episodes! Anyway, Prince Unmanned thinks that because he can ride a horse, he can also take on the Sky Gate Ruin, the same mystically creepy place Wuji took on to show the world he’s worthy of the title of Crown Prince. What Prince Unmanned is really counting on is that Wuji and Fuyao will clear out the gate for him. Idiot. Doesn’t he realize that he is no match for those two? Because he’s not.

Drama Geek: I’m really confused why the gate didn’t create something for Prince Unmanned like it did for Wuji and Fuyao. Even if they’d defeated their own demons, he should have faced the same. Oh well, I’m being too logical. I think everything they saw in the gate will come back around and haunt them. It was awesome to see Prince Unmanned quivering in fear. Also, the statement the King Fiend makes later. “I don’t care if he farts himself to death, it’s of no concern to me.” I was dying of laughter. Especially since it seems Hot Doc keeps fart balls on his person at all times.

Kmuse: I especially enjoyed watching the two Fuyaos fight.  It showed Yang Mi’s acting range that there was no question on who was who.  It was a great scene all around.

Kdrama Jen: Fuyao’s fight was really well done. I am glad Wuji and Fuyao are back together. They are really what makes this drama work.

Jealous Wuji

Kmuse: I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching Wuji be jealous.  When he was making blowy faces over Gaston’s medicine so Fuayo wouldn’t nurse the injured man,  I seriously could not stop laughing.

Drama Geek: What was even better than him blowing on the broth was Gaston’s buggy eyes at the thought of being fed by Wuji.

Kdrama Jen: I love how Gaston was suddenly feeling better once he realized Wuji would be spoon-feeding him! This triangle is the best!

Fuyao gets a new job, because why not?

Kmuse: Am I the only one rolling my eyes that everyone believes Fuyao is a guy just because she puts her hair up in a slightly different bun then she usually uses?

Kdrama Jen: Yeah. She is SO not masculine looking in any way. It is definitely stretching my suspension of disbelief bubble just a bit!

Karie the Maknae: So Fuyao kicks donkey butt at the competition for Heaven Fiend King’s new head bodyguard. Hot Zombie Doc  enters the competition too, just to throw off any suspicions the king might have, and happens to run into Qi Zhen’s daughter. SAY WHAT. Why is she even here, except to distract Hot Zombie Doc and remind him that he has unfinished business in Deep Water Country…oh. There it is. The poor thing is a plot device. (Drama Geek: I love that The Maknae insists on keeping zombie in his name.) (Kdrama Jen: At least she added “hot” back in.)

Drama Geek: My little heart was happy seeing Wuji smirk again during the competition. I really miss those two always having an inside joke like they did in Deep Water Country. I might be a little too happy that Qi Zhen escaped. When I fell down the behind the scenes rabbit hole, I also discovered the actor who plays him is a total prankster and is really very funny. I’m excited to see him return soon.

Kdrama Jen: I was also so happy to see his little side smirk! Can we be done with all this killing and plotting stuff? I want more shirtless fight scenes and sultry side glances!

Ding dong Royal Brother is going down

Karie the Maknae: So Fuyao earns Heaven Fiend King’s trust and becomes his chief bodyguard, and within a few hours, she has him suspecting Royal Brother’s loyalty. *rubs hands together* This is gonna be interesting.

Drama Geek: My hope is that the takedown is swift and Wuji and Fuyao can move onto the taking back his own kingdom and the world. Lots of things happened this week, and yet it felt lacking in a lot of ways. I LOVE when Wuji and Fuyao work together and just sit around and drink and talk and kiss. (Yes, they did a fade to black this week that totally had me thinking they were finally getting their wedding night. But then two minutes later he’s out talking to Gaston and having more drinks. ) But I’m also ready for Fuyao to learn of her true identity and face what she must to break the seals and the curse. Then for them to get married for real, and finally have that wedding night. Or they’ll all die when Fuyao brings the world to ruin. Ya know, it’s a Cdrama and could go either way.

Kmuse: I agree with Drama Geek.  I enjoy all of the story lines in the other kingdoms but I feel we are slowly running out of time to really focus on Fuyao and her 5 colored stone.  Doesn’t she have a ton of seals that still need to be removed?  Usually I would say we have plenty of time with 20 episodes left……but really, we are running out of time.  I need answers.  Focusing on the evil brother, I am getting annoyed at his smug smirkiness.  I need him to be taken down sooner than later.

Kdrama Jen: I like that we get to see Fuyao kicking butt in many different ways, but I am with my fellow fangirls. We have a 5-colored stone mystery to be solved and either the end of the world or a happily ever after to reach. I am just hoping they don’t suddenly end, leaving us with so many loose threads. It would not be the first time a Cdrama has done that to me (looking at YOU, Princess Agents).

There you have it.  All our important thoughts and feelings regarding week six of the Chinese drama Legend of Fuyao.  Did we miss any super important moments that you think should have been added?  Share in the comments! If you somehow missed our earlier recaps you can find them HERE!

Til our next sizzling moment of skinship,

The Fangirls

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16 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao Episodes 41-48: A Chatty Recap

  1. Can we call Ji Yu Cinnamon Bun from now on? :D

    Actually my biggest thing in that scene was, why are you cutting off your arm in such a way that you’re spraying blood on your companions? Like, “here ants, feast is this way!” … but it all worked out and I’m glad he lived too.

    I think this show shines the most when Captain Smirk and Fuyao are running a con so he can interfere in the internal workings of the subordinate kingdoms. I think (hope?) the next few episodes are going to get us more of our Water Kingdom hijinx again…

    Ah, so many thoughts…. I’ve nicknamed the Earth Absorbing Bell the Earth Absorbing Deus Ex Machina. It’s too cold to touch! Except when it’s not! It focuses your magic! Or wakes you up! Or let’s you enter someone’s dream! Or makes you invisible! What’s your pleasure, we’ve got just the solution for you right here in our EADEM!!!

    I agree that the evil Cold Brothers are getting more fun to watch, especially as the moment of shaudenfreude draws near.

    I THINK that Unmanned Prince didn’t face his demon in the cave either because a) he waited until some astrological blah blah they said something about it with the Cold Princes or b) the cave didn’t bother with it because he wasn’t even worthy of a battle to the death. It just tried to suck him in.

    Wuji’s Parents

    We saw a lot more of them here, and in response to the comments last week, I think that Wuji is different from this fuller picture of his father, even before he met Fuyao, although I do agree that she has helped him become a better person. The dad is really very awful. I’m so curious about that generation’s backstory. Like, was Sad Royal Uncle supposed to be the Emperor, but then his brother usurped the thrown and his wife somehow?

    Wuji has had a little side quest since the early episodes to figure out what happened “that night” and what his PTSD Royal Aunt saw… I suspect that this is going to be tied up with the final question of Fuyao’s identity and whether she saves or destroys the world (or, you know, both, since saving it from her and Wuji’s perspective will also be destroying it from the Emperor’s perspective).

    • Ha! You are so right about the bell. I kept thinking every time a new person held it that they would at least acknowledge that is was cold, but they didn’t.

  2. Hi – I’m new to the new site. I have to say I’m not crazy about Heaven Fiend at all compared to the other kingdoms. Gaston and Scorpion Girl are not all that compelling to me, so this portion of the drama has dragged a bit. Looking forward to Plough Nation next.

    • His expressions are so comical. His acting is just bad. Lol. It’s one of the reasons his story line hasn’t moved me much. I remember him from Peach Blossoms and that role worked because he was aloof. Not much was required from him.

  3. Loved the recap again and glad that I was not the only one who had flashbacks of Princess Bride and Monty Python :-) I love this drama so much and just REALLY hope for a happy ending so PLEASE be good and don’t suck (King’s Woman cough cough). Also really surprised so many characters have survived this long and have a long list of many I want dispatched in violent and painful ways (ie Prime Minister, fake Plough Nation princess, etc) It has been too long since Senior Brother and his skanky wife died so bring it on – you are running out of time.

  4. The Heaven Fiend King character reminds me a bit of the evil prince (the one with all the magic friends) in Faith. With a little polishing up, he could be a diamond of an evil character. But – this isn’t that kind of show . . .

    • I feel like both his character and the leader of the Black Tribe Gang would have been a lot more compelling if they’d felt more menacing.

      • They are like stock villains in Plough Nation. The Prime Minister, King Daddy are smart, ruthless and cunning. They are formidable and well acted. That makes a huge difference.

  5. Im just gonna laugh at these comments . Seriously i agree with all of you. It went downhill since the megrez and tiansha arc.

  6. I have become such a WuFu fan that it is funny. Their scenes and chemistry is what really drives the drama. So kudos to YM & E.

  7. Once again – thank you ladies for your thoughts on this week’s episodes

    I found that I wasn’t really enjoying this story arc as I did with the water kingdom – although there were a few scenes that I absolutely loved!!!

    I won’t lie, I watched and re-watched the jealousy scene sooo many times and every time was funnier than the last – Wuji’s lil smirk as Fuyao was teasing him sent my heart fluttering – Ethan is a very good looking man from any angle!

    But back to the story, which was kind of draggy considering I didn’t really like ZhuZhu’s character in this storyline. She kinda turned into a weak female when she had soooo much potential in the beginning. She was spunky and badass in the earlier episodes and now she was just…. blah..(for lack of better word) and whiny

    I’m looking forward to the newer episodes coming up – hopefully they will get better

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