Witch’s Love: Thoughts and First Impressions

Needing a break from all the angst and intensity in my drama-watching schedule, I decided to check out the new show Witch’s Love. I wasn’t expecting much but fluff and some tropes, and I ended up being pleasantly surprised, so I made MiataMama watch it with me. What can I say? I’m a helper like that.

MiataMama: So as I surveyed the up and coming batch of dramas, trying to juggle my obligations and my time for drama watching, I knew there were several I wanted to ‘give a go,’ but also knew all couldn’t make the final cut.  To be honest, Witch’s Love was one I was on the fence about even trying, but after Karie watched it and told me I shouldn’t start because I would get all sorts of sucked in, I HAD to give it a whirl!

Come read what we thought of the first two episodes of Witch’s Love and see if it’s the right fit for you!

First, a little plot summary from our friends at MyDramaList.com:

“In plain sight in bustling Seoul, three generations of witches have been living below the radar of everyone around them. Kang Cho Hong operates a restaurant with her fellow witches, Maeng Ye Soon and Jo Aeng Doo. They try to keep a low profile, but Cho Hong’s youthful good looks attract the attention of a neighborhood guy, Hwang Jae Wook, who is constantly trying to get close to her.
Cho Hong and her fellow witches’ quiet lives become complicated when their building landlord, Ma Sung Tae, shows up one day. Sung Tae wants to face a traumatic incident that happened to him in that building when he was a little boy.
With Sung Tae nosing around their business on a regular basis, can Cho Hong keep her true identity a secret from him?”

Not a break from intensity…

Karie the Maknae: The drama opens on a little boy stumbling through the rainy streets of Seoul, clutching at his bloody chest. WHAT. Ok…. A cloaked figure picks him up and brings him into a uniquely-shaped house, and that’s all we know. Except that the little boy grows up to be an obnoxious CEO who buys that building and makes life hard for the three witches who’ve been living there for generations.

MiataMama: As is usual with the cold, self-absorbed, chaebol character, it will take some time for him to grow on me.  And I know there are some out there that are getting annoyed/bored by the fated-to-be-together storylines of late, but I love them!  So bring on the past mystery connection for our OTP–I’m excited to see just how they are meant to be together.

…and yet it was! Bring on the funny

Karie the Maknae: The youngest witch, Cho Hong, is the focus of our story. We see her with a stack of trays on her head and tossing her practical shoes in the air, pulling high heels out of her purse, and switching the shoes without losing the trays. That sequence there made me crack up. It also made me think that this drama might be worth hanging on to. And the moth-eaten deed to the house, put together by some no-good servant to the witches 50 years ago, made me laugh too.

MiataMama: The very first thing that struck me about this drama was that it had a modern day Bewitched/I Dream of Jeanie feel to it.  I loved that! Not only did I get feelings of nostalgia, but I adored our cute and quirky young witch. So far the pacing is good and I’m curious about the character development. Admittedly this show doesn’t have the polish I’m accustomed to from the big networks, but I think it could be the perfect cute and fluffy distraction I need after coming off a long run of dark and heavy dramas.


Karie the Maknae: Part of the draw for me on this drama was Kim Young Ok, who was Junho’s halmoeni in Just Between Lovers. She made me laugh and broke my heart in that drama, so I’m expecting good things from her here, too. [EDIT: Ok, so there’s a reason I’m the maknae. Kim Young Ok was NOT in Just Between Lovers. She’s the awesome grandma in both Reply 1988 and Coffee Prince. Na Moon Hee was the halmeoni I was thinking of. Thanks for the catch, Robin N!] So far, I haven’t been disappointed. Hong Bin from VIXX is in this drama too, but I haven’t seen much of him. Yet.

MiataMama: I’m appreciating the casting in this drama. I was happy to see some familiar faces–Kim Young Ok (from Shopping King Louie) is one of the spunky grannies!  But as far as the main leads go–Yoon So Hee, Hyun Woo, and Hong Bin–are all names I’ve not seen before. Why is this a good thing? Because they are new to me, I’ve got a clean slate with them in this story, and I like going in without preconceived expectations.

Final thoughts

Karie the Maknae: I have to be ruthless with my drama-watching schedule right now, because life, but there’s enough quirkiness and mystery in Witch’s Love that I might just stick with it. I like that it doesn’t require a lot of thought, but isn’t too stupid, either.

MiataMama: The main reason I was on the fence about this drama is that it is being run by one of the lesser known cable stations.  As a fairly seasoned drama watcher, I’ve become a bit of a snob when it comes to my drama viewing choices. So, I researched to see who the director and writer are.  I could only find two other dramas credited to the writer, Son Eun Hye, one of which is One Fine Day, starring Gong Yoo. It’s been on my to-watch list for FOR-EV-ER and I still haven’t seen it!  So I struck out there, as far as knowing what to expect with this story. And the director, Park Chan Yool, doesn’t have a huge repertoire either. Most notably he directed Full House. You guys, confession time: This was my gateway drama, so while I have fond memories and feelings towards it, I also realize I could never watch it again without cringing!  Anyways, I digress. Back to the director–he also did a web drama called 9 Seconds – Eternal Time, which was artsy and thoughtful and cute, so I feel there’s definitely hope for our characters in Witch’s Love.

There you have it, drama fans! What do you think? Will you watch? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, we remain–

Karie the Maknae and MiataMama

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You can find new episodes of Witch’s Love HERE on Viki

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  1. Correction: Na Moon-hee was the halmoni in “Just Between Lovers” but it’s easy to get the two women confused as they’ve had long and fruitful careers in Korean films and dramas

  2. Hong Bin – VIXX LOL I had this on my list cause of him. But I love our 2 leads as well, and I AM a witch. For real.
    This most definitely has a Charmed, or Bewitched, feel to it. Love it so far! Although, come on, witches with powers having trouble coming up with money?
    Course I used to say stuff like this about Bewitched ALL the time LOL

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