Life on Mars Episode 15 Recap

Well, we are awake from the coma and dealing with reality.  A reality that seems to be littered with memories of the past.  A past that apparently, really happened.  Come join me as we wrap up some plot threads and find new questions in the enigma that is Tae Joo’s life.

*Disclaimer – I am battling a cold that is kicking my butt. So this is going to be a mini recap. Short, sweet, and to the point since I can’t focus for too long at any one time. If I don’t touch on any topic feel free to throw it into the comments and I will share my thoughts once I have overcome these stupid germs.


Tae Joo runs towards Team 3 at the end of the last episode but instead of joining the fray he wakes up.  Now he’s back in the future where a serial killer is still on the loose.  I have to admit it was kind of freaky to see Chief Ahn as his doctor and not an evil cop out to get everyone.

It wasn’t a dream

After getting out of the hospital, Tae Joo attempts to restart his life.  But everywhere he turns his coma journey to the past follows him.  Tae Joo discovers that his father truly was shot and not an upstanding member of society.  Also, all of the cases and murders that happened while he was on Team 3 occurred.  That is truly a trippy turn of fate.

Serial Killer at large

During his coma, the manicure serial killer continued his quest to kill and paint the faces of the single population. But this time his make-up isn’t as flawless as before. Due to a case of lead poisoning, he is losing his grip on reality along with his motor functions. It isn’t long before Tae Joo and his Ex catch him in the act. And due to his leading comments, we also discover that his brother didn’t actually die that night on the bridge. Instead, he took another cop’s identity and continued his revenge. I guess after the revenge was over he decided having a crazy killer brother was better than no brother since he continued to cover up his kills to the present day.

The past traps the present

Due to his insider knowledge of the past, Tae Joo is able to discover Cop Killer’s identity a second time and take him down. There is a moment when he considers killing him for murdering his father (I had almost forgotten that he was the dad’s killer since so much has happened) but in the end, he brings him in to pay for his crimes. Both brothers end up in prison and the present is wrapped up in a nice pretty bow. So what are we going to do for the final episode?

Tragic deaths

Just as we think all is well and good, Tae Joo uncovers a file from a cold case dated thirty years previously. In it is the information regarding the deaths of four cops at the hand of gang members. Yup, you guessed it. The rest of Team 3 really did die in that warehouse fight.

Final Thoughts:

Talk about a horrible way to end an episode.  Just the thought that all those characters are dead is enough to bring tears to my eyes.  Not only that but how is Tae Joo going to save them?  He is out of his coma and living in the present.  I look forward to finding out what happens as well as reading Clkytta’s final review of the series.  Thanks again for joining me as I co-recapped this drama.  It has been fun.  Be sure to look forward to future recaps that will be coming soon.

Til the next murder,


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