It’s all romance and suspense in new fall teasers

We have two new teasers that were released this weekend which means it is time to start planning our fall drama schedule.  Which one peaks your interest?  Will angsty romance win, or murder & suspense get your vote?

Devilish Happiness

Synopsis: A romantic comedy about a genius doctor who has “Cinderella Memory Syndrome” and falls in love with a has-been actress. (HanCinema)

My Thoughts:  The synopsis and the teaser do not have a lot of connection at this point.  The plot sounds like the Korean version of 50 First Dates which I am all in for.  However, the teaser is all angst and tragedy?  I hope they are able to pull the two opposite concepts together and create a solid drama since I love Choi Jin Hyuk.


The Ghost Detective

Synopsis: A private detective and his assistant dig into the truth behind the death of her younger sibling. (HanCinema)

My Thoughts: I am always up for a good drama starring Choi Daniel.  However, this looks like it isn’t bringing anything new to the crime drama genre so it will all depend on the story writing for me.  I will check it out and see if it holds my focus.

One thought on “It’s all romance and suspense in new fall teasers

  1. I’m interested in both of these. I’m leaning more toward Ghost Detective because I’m in a mystery kind of mode right now though.

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