Legend of Fuyao Episodes 49-56: A Chatty Recap

We finally leave the heavenly fiend land and journey to the lava lake of the Plough Kingdom.  Will our OTP (one true pairing) find the answers they are seeking?  Join The Fangirls as they chat week 7 of Legend of Fuyao.

General Plot Overview Ep 49 – 56

So much happened this week that it is hard to choose what to put in the general overview.  To be perfectly honest, I am just glad that we are finally away from Heavenly Fiend’s storyline and off on a new adventure that is more focused on Fuyao.  Anyhow, here is my best shot at what occurred through episode 56.

General Fuyao tricks Heavenly Fiend King into killing his brother and putting her in charge of his army.  At the same time, Gaston is finding a mysterious army of  warriors who had betrayed his great great great (maybe a few more great) grandfather and were cursed.  Gaston says he will free them from their curse if they will help him get the throne.  After a bunch of noble idiocy and almost deaths, the warriors agree and Gaston storms the capital.

Fuayo and Wuji trick the King into splitting up his troops and having Wuji’s troops guard the palace.  Stuck between Wuji’s troops and Gaston’s, the King’s army is defeated and King Fiend is killed by one of his officials when he tries to kill Gaston. For her bravery and loyalty to the throne, Fuyao is declared Queen Valiant of the Heavenly Fiend nation.

Also, Gaston declares his love for Princess Scorpion, who magically gets her vision back, and they live happily ever after. I suspect if we saw a ten years later scene they would have a passel of kids sporting manes of glory and singing dour dirges.

Hearing rumors that things are not doing so well in the Plough Kingdom, Wuji and Fuyao go to investigate.  There they begin to discover a lot of details about Fuyao’s backstory, along with the discovery that the Queen killed Fuyao’s mother (although they have not figured this one out completely yet), who was the real heir to the kingdom.

Fuyao is framed for the murder of the princess heir to the throne by Wuji’s ex-fiancée  and is currently standing trial for her death.  Figuring out that there is something connected to her past, Fuyao refuses to leave the kingdom and asks Wuji to help her discover what is going on.  Wuji, being the always awesome boyfriend that he is, agrees without hesitation.  I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Final Showdown

I miss Prince Ponytail’s ponytail. King Meh Hair just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Karie the Maknae: FINALLY Hot Zombie Doc and King Prince Ponytail have some closure, even if they didn’t bring it about. Qi Zhen’s self-immolation surprised me, but it was a fitting end to someone so greedy for power, I think. I really want to know by the end if Zombie Zong manages to un-zombify Qi Zhen’s daughter.

Clkytta: I am super sad to see Qi Zhen finally go. He was a great villain. This whole storyline felt off to me when Hot Doc rides off with the daughter. I wanted her to be with Prince Ponytail! Even with the flashbacks, it still didn’t feel right for Hot Doc to care about her so much.

Kmuse: I was so pissed off that they went this direction.  Not that they killed the Prime Minister and got their revenge but rather than have PM daughter die a noble death they decided to make her live and suddenly Hot Doc is all about regretting his revenge decision blah blah blah.  So annoying and uncharacteristic.

Drama Geek: What!?!? Hot Doc suddenly loves the PM’s daughter? This entire storyline annoyed me because I loved the Prime Minister, and really wanted him to have a fantastic send off, but it just didn’t sit well with me. I also don’t like when people fall in “love” at age five and never get over it. If you are five and you find your true love, you should probably check out a few sandboxes before you decide on the kid who eats his boogers. You never know if he’ll kick that habit.

Kdrama Jen: Ha!  Drama Geek should write a relationship advice column for the preschool set.  I do have to agree.  This whole story thread where everyone gets a matchy-matchy love interest and Hot Doc suddenly gives up his revenge plot for the girl he barely tolerated before just doesn’t work for me.  Also, I guess it is like a thing that you can ask the evil sorceress lady for dark powers to fulfill your nefarious life ambitions.  Who knew it was that easy?  Just give up some years of your life and BAM! you get to crush your foes.

Cheesy Props

Kmuse: After 56 episodes I think it is time to discuss some of the elephants in the dramas closet.  Namely, the horrible crowns that they are making Gaston wear.  I can handle the half-crown that he sometimes wears.  But that full crown of (obviously not) metal that they have him sporting is just horrid.  It doesn’t fit right and makes his head look funky.  The second prop that really stands out as fake is the mighty blue sword from the stone.  I swear that it looks more like a Nerf toy every time they do a closeup of it.  Not at all majestic nor magical.

Kdrama Jen: I am equally fascinated by the chunky metal ear-hugs Gaston and his family wear. At first, I thought it was some kind of armor, but upon closer inspection, it really looks like it is a fashion statement. (Great. I just spent an hour falling down the rabbit hole of the Internets looking at ancient earrings and ear cuffs.) For anyone interested, there is a whole history of earrings written by a researcher from Hunan Museum in China (Fun Earring History Stuff). They are lovely, but I saw nothing that rivaled the Mad-Max-inspired awesomeness of the Fiend Brothers’ ear cuffs.

Karie the Maknae: For me, it was the eyes on the Blue Dragon Sword. Oh man, they were so obviously hot glued on!! It was very distracting. I don’t like Gaston’s full crown, but his half one seemed decent. Those ear cuffs, though! I *like* ear cuffs, but they don’t seem to be practical in a snow-dominant climate like Heaven Fiend. Frostbite, anyone?

Clkytta: I loved Gaston’s ear cuffs. He’s got that whole elvish prince look going and I dig it. I agree with Kmuse on the crown though. It’s like he’s got spikes coming out of his head. I think the half-crown is ok because it shows off his cool French braid. We have to admit that most of the props look a little sad and very fake.

Drama Geek: I think when they reached the Fiend Nation the budget dried up. Or maybe gold is easier to fake? My youngest walked in during the first scene that Gaston wears his bigger crown and he laughed and asked if it was made of cardboard. And that “jewel” in the sword is the cheapest looking thing on the set.

Wuji & Fuyao the #1 couple when it comes to trickery

Kmuse: Tricking King Fiend into killing his own brother and weakening his troops so Gaston can take over is sheer brilliance.   They are are playing an intricate chess game while the King is playing tic tac toe.   There is no hope that he can out-think these two.  I love that they truly are a power couple and obviously think on the same Machiavellian wavelength.

Karie the Maknae: Wuji and Fuyao are amazing together. I really can’t say more than that. The trust and rapport they share makes their schemes plausible and AWESOME. My question is WHY does Fuyao keep dressing up like a man? SHE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ONE! And why do people just buy it??

Clkytta: Wuji and Fuyao are the ultimate power couple. I get all distracted on what part of the plot we are in when they start plotting and planning together. I just enjoy all their secret eye communications. I’m curious if the whole Fuyao as a man story that we keep repeating over and over has to do with the belief that only a man could be as bold and brave to do half the things she does?

Drama Geek: I’m going to have to contradict my fellow fangirls a little here. Yes, I think that Wuji and Fuyao make an amazing power couple. My problem is that they kept saying King Fiend was a skeptical person who didn’t trust anyone, and they use that against him to frame his brother. So then why does he start blindly trusting Fuyao? I guess we can just chalk it up to his stupidity and her charisma. I mean, if Fuyao swaggered into my kingdom, I’d probably make her my king or queen (whichever gender she was pretending to be at the time. LOL).

Kdrama Jen: Fuyao is not even close to looking like a man, but I can overlook that in exchange for the smirky eye contact this power couple makes as they plot and plan.  I still adore them!

Gaston’s Noble Idiocy

Kmuse: To say this  group of thousand-year-old cursed warriors are cynical and uncaring would be an understatement.  But that doesn’t mean that offering yourself up willy-nilly as a sacrifice is really the right move.  I guess someone forgot to give Gaston and Princess Scorpion the memo on that one, since at the slightest hint that the other would be harmed they grab a sword.  Gaston even stabs himself to show his commitment to the cause but is luckily (insert eye roll) saved by magic once the warriors see his devotion to his word.

Kdrama Jen: Sorry. I was hoping Scorpion Princess would stumble her way in front of his sword and we could be done with her vacant-eyed acting once and for all. I used to love her character. What happened? Oh, right. She lost her spunk and became blah blah boring. Good thing Gaston was saved from the brink of death because his nobility inspired the magical warriors who betrayed their country a gazillion years ago… Honestly, I was kind of hoping they would attribute it to the Bell That Can Do Anything. Seriously. It is the panacea for all problems.

Karie the Maknae: Ok, maybe I was the only one who gasped and called Gaston an idiot when he turned the sword on himself. And then I rolled my eyes at the miraculous healing, because the willing suspension on my disbelief slipped a bit.

Clkytta: Gaston is the most dramatic diva of the whole cast. Why use your words when you can stab yourself? His over the top expressions and dramatic gestures are what makes him Gaston though.

Drama Geek: I think Gaston was feeling a bit jealous that Scorpion Princess stupidly risked her life because she couldn’t wait for the Bell That Can Do Anything. He’s told they’ll only make a deal if SP dies, and so he kills himself. I love how ridiculous Gaston is, but I was ticked that his death didn’t stick. I’m half expecting the few characters that have died to all raise from the dead in the final episodes.

King Gaston

Kmuse: Yay!  King Gaston is a thing.  Not that there was any doubt that he would overcome his brother with Wuji and Fuyao on his side.  Maybe now he can invest in an actual crown that fits.

Karie the Maknae: HA! “An actual crown that fits”. Can y’all tell that Kmuse has end-of-series snark syndrome? I’m just happy to see him settled and in his proper place. Also hoping that the buggy eyes never come back.

Clkytta: Still giggling over Kmuse’s comment about the crown. I’m happy he is now the king, he’s proven that he’s a good leader. Maybe his control freak tendencies and buggy eyes will serve him well in this new role. I can already see him bugging out on some poor advisor who messes with him.

Drama Geek: Yay, he’s king!! Now can we leave Fiend Nation?

Kdrama Jen: I am so over Fiend Nation.  Isn’t it time for another shirtless Wuji scene?

Gaston & Princess Scorpion K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Kmuse: Upon hearing that Gaston had a thing for Fuyao (and not hearing the part where he said that was in the past and now he loved Princess Scorpion), Princess Scorpion attempts to leave the castle.  Only to be abducted by an odd man claiming to be Gaston’s teacher.  He decided that if Gaston was going to marry someone he would have to vet them first.

Karie the Maknae: I actually ended up loving Gaston’s teacher/mentor/person. He was great, and fantastic comic relief. I went to look him up, but couldn’t find out who the actor was.

Kmuse: I cracked up watching him try to make her do womanly things only to be thwarted by Princess Scorpion’s stubbornness.  It was nice to see her get her spunk back since Blind Helpless PS is my least favorite character.  I was also happy that she got her sight back (as a wedding gift form Gaston’s teacher) and she and Gaston were reunited.  See children, stalking the person you love for ten years totally works.

Clkytta: Princess Scorpion is fun again! Her sass and spark came back after she was kidnapped. I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s actually pretty skilled in the womanly arts, but she was proving a point to the mentor. I saw that embroidery hoop and there was an actual design on it. Also, no one uses that much salt on accident.

Drama Geek: Does nothing stick in this drama? She went through all that and then she gets her sight back??? Well, at least she regained her spunk too.

Kdrama Jen:  This feels like filler.  Hey, where is shirtless Wuji??

Queen Valiant

Kmuse: Was I the only one laughing at Wuji finagling his way into getting Fuyao a royal title?  Maybe he is thinking this might convince his father to let her be his bride someday?

Karie the Maknae: Wuji was beating Gaston with the Obvious Stick there. But Fuyao had totally earned that title, and they both knew it. And by making her Queen Vastness/Valiant, I think that removed Mount Vast from the Heaven Fiend/Deep Waters border conflict. Two political birds, one stone!

Clkytta: Oh Wuji, always one step ahead in his quest to give the world to Fuyao. Not only did it solve his political problem, but I agree with Kmuse that it gave her some street cred with his dad.

Drama Geek: I do love watching these two casually fight over Fuyao. She deserved her queendom. I’m not sure Father Emperor will give one fart about her new title though. (Oh wait, it’s his brother that has the farting problem.)

Kdrama Jen: Ha!  I agree.  Daddy has no farts to give when it comes to Fuyao.  I do love that she is collecting titles and honors wherever she goes.  Why?  Because Fuyao is freaking awesome!

Plough Nation Drama

Kmuse: So Plough Nation is built on a lake of lava and is also where all the nations’ currency is created.  The lake is mysteriously drying up, a feat that can only happen if the magic of the phoenix disappears from the royal family.  Hmmm.  Let me guess what is coming next.  Could it be intrigue and murder in the court?

Karie the Maknae: Kmuse, it’s ALWAYS intrigue and murder. And greed and selfishness and major stupidity.

Clkytta: Murder! Intrigue! Birth Secrets! Lather, rinse, repeat.

Drama Geek: Fuyao is disguising herself as HOT DOC!!! She doesn’t look constipated enough, and she’s flirting her way across the nation like she’s Wuji, or something.

Kdrama Jen:  Hey, all of you unsuspecting people of Plough Nation.  Just because Fuyao is wearing the same scrunchie that Hot Doc likes to sport DOES NOT mean she really looks like Hot Doc.  I do love how flirty she is, though.

The Story of Two Princesses

Kmuse: Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to follow customs.  Especially when you have two possible heirs and only one with the magical phoenix mojo.  All this tragedy could have been avoided if they had only brought the girls separately to the lava lake when they were born.  This is also true when they did the same mistake again with the twins’ daughters some 15 years later.  They really brought this tragedy down on themselves.

Karie the Maknae: Yep, that’s the stupidity I was referring to. Just…WHY??? And if you knew it was gonna bring down the kingdom, WHY WOULD YOU DO IT? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Clkytta: This is why following the law to the letter doesn’t always work. Weren’t there other signs they could use? Also, couldn’t the phoenix have sprinkled phoenix dust or something on the right twin? In a normal situation, it is usually the elder twin who inherits, so I can see the elder twin claiming the right when there was no clear sign.  When the daughters were born that’s different. Why would you bring them to the lake together when they weren’t sisters?

Drama Geek: Everything the Fangirls said. Just why? Oh, because we need chaos and murder.

Kdrama Jen:  Just a reminder, these same people cannot tell that Fuyao is a woman.  I am not sure being all smart and savvy is really their thing.  Some of them, I am sure, are very nice people, but…  Yeah.  Not sure the phoenix sprinkled smart dust on this kingdom.

Kid Fuyao & Wuji

Kmuse: Awww that is so sweet that the girl Wuji was attracted to all those years earlier was Fuyao and not Folian. I was wondering how a person could change so much.  I also really liked all of the cool backstory with Fuyao being abused because of who she was.  And eventually hidden away so her aunt and cousin couldn’t kill her for having the magic phoenix mojo.

Karie the Maknae: I loved that too. I think one of my favorite scenes is her sitting in the water and making the lotus blossoms bloom. It was just so sweet and magical. And I loved the interactions with Little Wuji. I did NOT love their dubbed voices, but you can’t win them all.

Clkytta: Tale as old as time, your true love is always the person you met when you were 5. This storyline is pretty well fleshed out though and I appreciated that there was a darker side that explains more about why Fuyao has such a strong protector instinct.

Drama Geek: I like that Wuji didn’t agree to marry Folian (who he thought was the little girl) just because of them meeting when they were so young. He had childhood affection for the little girl, but nothing more. LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. Like Clkytta, I like that Fuyao’s backstory explains a lot of her backbone and sheer determination to survive.

Kdrama Jen: Clearly, Wuji was willing to check out some other sandboxes and heeded Drama Geek’s advice.  It just happens that the girl he chose from another sandbox is the same girl he saw in the original sandbox, err…lotus pond.  Well, you know what I mean.

Fuayo has a deadly daddy

Kmuse: Fuyao’s father is so cool.  I loved everything about his plot arc.  How he is serving the queen only to discover the fate of his wife and daughter.  How he keeps rejecting that viperous twin of his wife when she tries to seduce him.  Even how he makes a secret deal to help Wuji in return for finding Fuyao (although he doesn’t know it is Fuyao he is looking for). I support this twist 100%.

Karie the Maknae: Me too. Fuyao’s dad is a legit ninja! Now her mad martial arts skills make total sense. Like father, like daughter.

Clkytta: Best plot twist ever. Dad is worthy.  He’s got power, looks and he can kill you in a blink. I feel really sorry for him because he’s gone all these years trying to find his family and having to serve the evil queen.

Drama Geek: Can we please just get a daddy/daughter hug? I’m glad that at least someone in her family is still alive, and that he’s awesome. You know, in a murderous dad kind of way. Was anyone else sad that she’s actually related to that horrid Folian?

Kdrama Jen: I love the dad and his tragic backstory.  It was an unexpected plot turn, and I really appreciated it!

Folian’s Revenge

Karie the Maknae: I really hate Folian with the fire of a thousand suns. She’s the worst of the WORST–at least Prime Minister/Qi Zhen was doing everything for the love of his daughter. And he was a decent father to Prince Ponytail. Folian spreads a plague and then fixes it–that’s just EVIL. I really don’t like her.

Kmuse: Will I be caned if I admit that Folian’s over the top acting actually amuses me and I don’t hate her as a villain.  I mean I hate her because she is evil but I am entertained watching her be evil.  I’d rather watch her overact than King Fiend.

Clkytta: Folian just WON’T go away. She’s the biggest wart in this drama. She’s so pretty and unassuming looking (great casting here) that you don’t really expect her to be so evil. Her obvious delight in the death of her sister made my stomach churn.

Drama Geek: I was annoyed that Fuyao took that totem thing from her and she was duped by her again. I loved that she joked about pawning it though, if only she had followed through.

Kdrama Jen: Folian needs to die.  It could be a head bonk, sword to the gut, or phoenix bite.  I don’t care.  She just needs to die.

Stay and fight

Karie the Maknae: OH MY GOSH I was yelling at Fuyao to just escape with Wuji already! But her reasoning–trying to find out about her past–makes complete sense, so I can’t be too mad at her. I love that Wuji instigated the jailbreak, too. He’s usually so upright!

Kmuse: This was such a great scene.  Yet another moment where they make a decision as a team after looking at the pros and cons.  They rock!

Clkytta: This couple doesn’t run away and hide, they don’t back away or back down. Fuyao’s past is coming to light and now we have to deal with the whiplash from all her memories. I’m curious if things will change now that we know who Fuyao really is. What will happen with her curse? Does she really have to die? Can’t we just kill off Folian and call it good?

Drama Geek: There was no way they were going to run away from this problem. I really wish we’d spent a lot less time in Fiend Nation and a little more here. Well, it’s not like I want more of the buggy eyed queen who rambles to herself, or Folian, but the older queen was pretty entertaining. Watching her fall for Fuyao was so much fun.

Kdrama Jen: Fuyao is strong and noble and fierce.  I love that she and Wuji work as true partners.  I know they have curses to break and problems to solve, but can’t they just get married already?  I guess the fact that Wuji is really supposed to kill her to save the world may put a damper on nuptials, but they are such a great team–surely they can figure this out together, right? What can’t be solved with a few smirky looks and some shirtless fight scenes?  I think they need to at least try.

There you have it.  All our important thoughts and feelings regarding week seven of the Chinese drama Legend of Fuyao.  Did we miss any super important moments that you think should have been added?  Share in the comments! If you somehow missed our earlier recaps you can find them HERE!

Til our next sizzling moment of skinship,

The Fangirls

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  1. I think I am going to miss these recaps almost as much as I will miss this show when it ends as it always makes me laugh so hard. It really reminds me of honest trailers which I also love and will also miss your wit and sardonic humor so much 🙂

  2. It’s almost at an end. I’m sad and will miss WuFu couple. Plough Nation was so mysterious and intriguing. I loved the crazy queen and Folian! They were psycho and unapologetically wicked. Plough Nation has better writing and a more compelling storyline. I will be forever bitter @ the waste that was Heaven Fiend. It truly slowed the drama down in the middle. Anyway, on w/Plough Nation and Fu Yao’s history.

  3. Can I just say how much I’ve enjoyed your chatty recaps! I’ve literally cried with laughter reading each one. Thank you for adding to the pleasure of watching my first live CDrama.

  4. So last week we had Princess Bride with the Fire Swamp and this week we have Lord of the Rings with the Army of the Dead. Gaston is both Wesley and Aragorn.

  5. ok guys! can we please talk about Fuyao and her mad flirty skills??! Like woah girl! hahah – she’s been hanging around Wuji too long that she out flirts him
    That scene when Fuyao and the princess were in the vault thingy was so funny. And Wuji just hiding in the corner just laughing to himself was too cute!

      • Lol yang mi and ethan make the screen sizzle with their presence
        They have such tremendous talent!
        I love how Wuji and Fuyao have their own silent language with their eyes lol – they only have to look at eachother to know what the other is thinking
        Relationship goals ladies lol relationship goals!
        I don’t know if Im ready for this journey to end!
        I want more WuYao flirtyness!

  6. You know, I really thought the dragon eye on the sword was an on/off button. Probably for a flash light. Or lightsaber effect and it would say “Gaston, I’m your father”.

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