5 Reasons to Watch Chinese Drama Sweet Combat

Sweet is the key word for this drama. It is sappy and fluffy and full of cotton candy goodness. For some, that is exactly what the lazy days of summer call for. Join me as I list out five reasons to add Sweet Combat into your watching rotation.

A quick synopsis: As the eldest daughter of the Fang Conglomerate, Fang Yu was raised to become the sole successor of the company, yet she goes against her family’s objections to pursue boxing and won the championship title at the young age of 18. On the other hand, Ming Tian comes from a poor family. He once stopped schooling for three years in order to work and he decided to apply for a sports scholarship despite not having any background whatsoever. Fang Yu was of the first to see his talents and their relationship grows over time.  

Reason #5 – Lu Han

Lu Han, ex-member of EXO, is sweet and cute as the poor boy who had to apply for a scholarship to an athletic school. He’s very easy to like, and even though he falls firmly in the idol-actor category, his smile makes up for some of his inexperience. I found it hilarious that because he’s the first boy admitted into a previously all girl’s school, he’s immediately treated like an idol. I guess those years as a member of EXO paid off.

Reason #4 – Guan Gabrielle

I love watching female leads who are smart and strong. I also love when they can be that, and still be allowed to have weaknesses. Fang Yu takes on the role of the typical male lead. Out of touch with her feelings, viewed as an ice queen because of both her family status and her fighting career. Her inner monologue as she stumbles around her feelings for Ming Tian is the highlight of the show for me.

Reason #3 – Cute Kids (Who are not voiced by adults pretending to be kids!)

Ming Tian is the sole breadwinner in his family. His father drank himself to death, and his mother abandoned them before the dad died. He works multiple jobs and takes care of his younger siblings. Not only is Lu Han an adorable older brother, but the family brings a more serious side to most of the sugary sweetness.

Reason #2 – Fun Ensemble Cast

When it comes to school dramas, there has to be a good ensemble cast, at least for me. Everyone is on the same level when it comes to acting. None of them are going to take home an award at the end of the year, but they have good chemistry with one another and I like all the members of the three main couples. I don’t find myself bored when any of the characters are on and know that I will be interested in all of their stories. I can also tell that they will work together to overcome whatever obstacle is in their way, and I’m a sucker for that type of storyline.

Reason #1 – Girls Kicking Ass

Did I mention that they are at an ALL GIRLS school that is focused on martial arts? Fang Yu and her best friend Xiao Mi are both mixed martial arts fighters who focus on boxing while the third girl in the trio (she’s kind of a frenemy) Ya Nan is a Taekwondo major. Strong women who aren’t backstabbing each other and fighting over men (okay so two of the girls like Ming Tian, but it’s pretty tame) are a huge pull for me. I love sismances so bring them on!

Overall Thoughts:

I will not be consuming this drama as fast as I have watched others. It will be saved for when I need a sweet treat. The romance is fun, the friends hit the right spot, and I really like the female lead’s character. I’m also interested in seeing how much Lu Han’s character grows into a boxing champion and keeps taking care of his little family.

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You can find the latest episodes of Sweet Combat HERE on Viki!

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