Are You Human Too? Recap Episodes 17-18

Here we are at the very end of our drama, and now we have to say goodbye to our characters. How did it turn out, and what do we think of the ending? In trying to express my feelings, instead of a normal recap, I ended up with something slightly different. Be aware there will be SPOILERS.

Hee Dong: (to his mom) This is the good guy, he’s a robot!
Shin III: Please help me screw Director Seo over.
Aunt: You got it.

Shin III: Please help me screw Director Seo over.
M-car team: Well, we might stand up and cheer…

Secretary Ji: I’m the new chairman and this robot is running the company.
Seo: Not so fast, buster. Shin owns everything.
Aunt: That’s what you think.

Ye Na: Are you after the robot again? How far are you going to go? Please stop.
Shin: No. I’m obsessed. Take me to find the kill switch.

Shin: (looking around the gym) I can’t believe it was just in her bedroom, and unlocked too!

Goons: Get out of that car and come with us.
Ye Na: How did you know I was here?

Ye Na: (calls Mom) Help! I got captured and Shin has the kill switch.
Mom: This can’t happen! I have a fix for it! I will save the day! (Pushes indestructible robot out of the way of falling barrels and gets killed.)

Seo: I’m sending you on vacation. Until then, stay in your room!
Ye Na: Oh! I feel faint! (Falls and slides phone under the sofa.)
Seo: Mwahaha! I killed Prof Oh. I’ll take them all out. I’ll rule the world!

Goons: it’s time for you to go to the airport.
Ye Na: Be careful with my suitcases.

Seo: See this picture of my goons beating up Shin? Give me your dough.
Ji: Here. Take it all. Fine. I have to go save him! (runs out the front door)
Cops: Hold it! You’re under arrest!
Seo: (rubs hands) One more down. Now I will go finish off Shin!
Ye Na: (from behind the corner) Oh No! Shin!
Audience: How did she get there?

Cops: (getting out of squad car) All right, you. Into the police station.
Ye Na: (coming out of the front door) You have the wrong guy. Listen to this recording on my phone of my crazy dad.
Audience: How did she get there first?

Shin III: I have to go rescue Shin.
So Bong: Are you kidding? Go let David deactivate the kill switch.
Shin III: I have to tell him something important.
Audience: What could be more important than deactivating that thing?

Shin III: Watch me bend steel bars and throw the goons across the room.
Shin: Sorry guys, it’s all my fault. Thanks for coming.
So Bong: Here, put on this watch and pretend to be a robot.

David: I’m coming!
Ji: I’m coming!
Cops: We’re coming!
Shin III: I don’t feel so good.

Seo: Too late, suckers! Take that! (shoots)
Shin: Let me drop my robo-watch in the water. (he falls in)

One year later:
Seo: Crap, I’m in jail.
Chief goon: Ye Na rarely comes out of her mother’s house in Boston.
Audience: Why isn’t he in jail too?

Ji: I’m running the company.
Shin: I’ve been to Nepal. See my fur coat.
David: Guess what I’ve been working on. Shin III didn’t have his watch on when the countdown ended, so he wasn’t fried.
Ji: Great! I’ll bet So Bong is happy!
David: Oh…well…I didn’t tell her.
Audience: You jerk.

So Bong: I’m so sad. I will sit by this pretty beach and think about the time my robot fell off the dock.
Shin: Surprise!
So Bong: (gasps) Shin III?
Shin: No, sorry.
Audience: You jerk.

Shin III: Surprise!
So Bong: Sweetie! (hugs him)
Shin III: I lost most of my special abilities.
So Bong: Who cares? (kisses him)
Shin III: I’m more like an average person.
So Bong: Good job. (kisses him again)
Shin III: I can cry now. (tear trickles down his cheek)
Audience: Awww…

There you have it. It’s amazing how Shin III’s voice was so different from Shin’s that you could tell who it was! Please tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section. We hope you enjoyed this drama as much as we did!


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6 thoughts on “Are You Human Too? Recap Episodes 17-18

  1. WHY was that little weasel not in jail with the Satanic Director, pray tell?
    & I feel sorry for Satan’s daughter, brat tho she was. She & Shin deserve each other – I mean they make such a lovely couple….
    Overall a wonderful ending and great drama!

  2. It’s funny, Ye Na stepped up and was great in the last part of the show, but So Bong kind of petered out. I thought the show went way too dark considering how cute it started out, but at least We got a happy ending.

  3. I loved it. The ending with NS3 and So Bong together made up for the crazyness that was the last 10 minutes…too much tension for my poor heart.
    And Seo Kang Joon was great, not only he’s handsome but he’s so talented and hardworking too. Gong Seung Yeon and the rest of the cast were great too. I enyojed watching this a lot.

  4. I honestly hated that Ye-Na and Shin didn’t stay together.

    The dialogue where it is mentioned that she is in Boston (Instead of with Shin) where she stays at home seemed a bit sad to me.

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