New TvN drama Big Forest throws out a retro vibe in 1st Teaser

Every now and then a drama comes along and there aren’t any big name actors and you and were totally oblivious that it was even in the works.  Such is the drama Big Forest.  Shin Dong Yup, Jung Sang Hoon, & Choi Hee Seo have starred (often as side characters) in various dramas that I watched but none really stick out.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. This interesting casting choice means that someone thought they were talented enough for a shot at the big time. Will they be able to hold our attention as leads? I have to admit that this teaser has definitely intrigued me.  Everyone knows I love a good retro vibe to my dramas and this one has it in spades.

Synopsis: Shin Dong Yup used to be a top star, but he is not anymore. Jung Sang Hoon is a single father and he works as a loan shark. Im Cheong Ah is a Korean-Chinese single mother. They live in the Daerim Neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea and struggle to make a living. (MyDramaList)

Big Forest begins airing September 7th on TvN following the conclusion of Mr Sunshine.  This also begins TvN’s attempt to start a single episode a week drama into the Friday timeslot.   I personally hope it does well since my opinion is that more TvN content is never a bad thing.  What do you think?  Will you be watching?

One thought on “New TvN drama Big Forest throws out a retro vibe in 1st Teaser

  1. Oh, this does look interesting. I didn’t even know Drama was in the works as it hasn’t popped up in any of the ‘coming up in the future’ posts so far. Could be a contender for The List. 😉

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