Kmuse’s Musings: Why am I Still Watching Your Honor?

Your Honor is one of those dramas that sucks you in for no real reason.  The acting is so over the top I can’t believe the director decided that this was what he wanted from a performance.  The plot is pretty much Law Drama 101.  And the romance is really not even a concept yet.  Yet here i am clicking play 5 weeks in.  Come join me as I discuss the hits and misses of this drama and try to figure out why I am so addicted.

The Plot

This is the tale of two brothers who have hated each other from birth on.  Mostly because their mother is really a horrible person who openly favored the eldest and screwed over the younger child in the love department.   You can already figure out where this is going.  Yup, the elder flourishes under his mother’s smothering love and becomes a high powered judge who ignores his smotheror once he makes it big.  The younger is a petty thug who is in and out of prison for small crimes.  Add in an accidental twin swap with the thug pretending to be a judge and you have your plot.

The Characters

So…….I don’t like very many of the characters in this drama. The only exception so far is our leading lady So Eun (Lee Yoo Young) who is the ethical backbone of the show. I enjoy her pluck and ability to ride out the hard times while standing up for her beliefs. So Eun doesn’t accept that the disgusting male mindset of women being sexual objects is valid and she fights against it. I was so proud when she called out not only her mentor for being a sexual deviant, but also the head boss. And rather than giving up her dreams of a career in law, So Eun tries to find her own way to have the power to uphold justice. I just love her to bits.

And while Thug Judge (Yoon Shi Yoon) isn’t the best character ever written, his ability to stumble through life is entertaining. The emotional switch from gathering bribes to caring about justice is an interesting journey, and while it isn’t done with finesse, I am still engaged.

The Directing

I have come to the conclusion that this director wouldn’t understand a subtle moment if it came forward and smacked him/her in the face. The acting, especially by Thug Yoon Shi Yoon is so over the top that it makes me cringe. To be honest, that is the #1 reason heard from people dropping the drama. And I totally get it. It is cringe-worthy.

So why am I watching?

To be honest, I am still undecided as to why I am watching this drama.  It isn’t anything special when it comes to plot or acting.  If I had to choose one reason I would guess it would be Yoon Shi Yoon.  There is something so engaging about this actor that transcends cheesy moments.  He is so likable that I want to see where the drama takes his character.

This is never going to be a favorite drama but at least it has me wondering what is going to happen next.  Which is more than I can say for a lot of shows out there.  So, while I don’t recommend it per-say, I don’t categorize Your Honor as a show you have to avoid either.  Give it a try and see if it is your cup of drama tea.

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7 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: Why am I Still Watching Your Honor?

  1. I am currently also watching this! Yeah, because of Took She Yoon! 😍 I’ve known him first at Baker King drama since 2010 – the story and characters are the best!

    I noticed that the Korean dramas now are about Law, after sometime that Drama have it’s criminal/cop drama concepts now it is about the law.
    To mention some, Suspicious partner (lawyer) , While you were sleeping (prosecutor/cop), The Witch’s Court (lawyer/prosecutor). ^_^

    • It does happen… (sigh) I’m looking forward to a spate of household organization whizzes coming our way, setting unrealistic expectations for women everywhere!

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