Legend of Fuyao Episodes 57-62: A Chatty Recap

If you think being a Queen has made things easier for Fuyao and Wuji you would be mistaken.  Join us as we chat about all the many ways fate is trying to screw our OTP over.  And sadly, none of them involve Wuji sans shirt.  Darn you stupid politics for getting in the way of what is really important: Sexy Wuji/Fuyao skinship.

General Plot Overview Ep 57-62

I can’t believe that we are almost to the end and there is still so much happening that it is hard to keep up with all the plot lines.  We start off this week with Fuyao discovering that she is indeed the lost Phoenix princess and is the true Queen of the Plough Kingdom.  She is also reunited with her daddy and quickly abandoned when he goes off on a pilgrimage of repentance.  But that is OK since Fuyao has Wuji by her side….and isn’t that really all we need?

But with Prince Valiant storming the capital, the peaceful times don’t even last long enough for Fuyao to be crowned and give it away as she creates a parliament for her country’s future. With everything settled in Kingdom Plough, they scamper off home to the palace where they find Wuji’s parents, along with a birth secret.

Fuyao is captured (again) and Wuji goes off to fight Prince Valiant who we all know is his father (seriously, these kings & Princes need some biology 101). It didn’t take a genius to figure out this birth secret. Wuji wins the battle but can’t kill his real father at the last minute.

While Wuji is going through his emotional crisis, Fuyao poisons herself, almost dies, and discovers she is fated to be an evil demon who destroys the world. Sucks to be her. Especially upon discovering that the only person that can kill her is Wuji. Talk about a bad fate.

All hail the Phoenix

Drama Geek: We all knew Fuyao was the lost princess so it wasn’t shocking when her blood unlocked the magical power to float (again) and unleashed the phoenix within. What I found hilarious about this scene was that the queen and all her minions just stood there and let Fuyao and Daddy have their moment. It was just so awkward. It was also pretty satisfying when Folian learned who the true princess was.

Clkytta: Fuyao’s birth secret is out, and out in a big way.  I love that Folian’s dreams are shattered by her one true enemy.  It’s always so dramatic when Fuyao has one of her curses lifted, how many levels does this curse have again? I love that for all the times everyone tries to get rid of her, Fuyao rises like a phoenix from the ashes and kicks butt.

Kdrama Jen: I didn’t see THAT coming… said none of us.  By the time we got to the phoenix swooping in and proving to all that Fuyao is the rightful heir, I must have been in a hypnotic state from all the weird eye acting because I was underwhelmed.  I really wanted to shout, “Hey, you could have solved this years ago if you had, you know, taken the babies to the weird volcanic lake place separately.”  So, anyway, Fuyao now has another title to add to her list.

Kmuse: I was giggling at the expressions the queen made. They were hilarious and totally made that scene for me. At one point I was wondering if the actress actually knew the camera was on her. I swear I could hear her inner monologue. “Is it time yet? Do I do the buggy eyes now? How about now? Darn, this character has so many layers that I must portray through my stellar eye acting.”

Karie the Maknae: I was yelling at the entire government at the Plough Nation for their complete stupidity, so it was delightful to see Fuyao take the throne. Gives me hope that maybe, someday, they’ll get back on track and quit trying to destroy themselves.

Bye bye Daddy

Drama Geek: Fuyao has to say goodbye to her dad after knowing he’s her dad for five minutes because he needs to go find himself, or something.

Clkytta: Wait, what? You find your long-lost daughter who you’ve been looking and longing for and now you want to fade into the sunset? So he’s going to just leave her to fend for herself and he’s going to wallow in regret for his actions? I really felt like they could have taken this in a different direction. Fuyao’s Dad may have done some shady stuff and he may have killed a few people, but he could have been redeemed. All hot guys, old or young, have the ability to be redeemed.

Kmuse: This is a Chinese drama.  There is no other option.  No one gets to have long-term healthy parental relationships.  That would cause way too many people to make healthier life decisions.  At least the music was really great during his dramatic exit.

Kdrama Jen: Right.  You just spent your life shackled to a witch who may or may not have killed your true love and child, and when you finally find said child, you walk off into the sunset by yourself?  I am struggling as I try to comprehend this storytelling decision.  It makes very little sense.  Also, there is that very important drama heuristic that Clkytta pointed out: he is a hot guy, so there must be a redemption arc possibility.

Karie the Maknae: This part broke my heart. There was really no reason for Fuyao’s Daddy to leave like that, as the other Fangirls have said. However, I can see how he felt the need to make himself clean again since he allowed himself to be shackled to the Evil Twin Queen out of desperation. I’d probably want to scrub for a long time too, mentally and spiritually.

Queen Fuyao

Drama Geek: Okay, one of the cutest scenes this week was when Fuyao is bouncing up and down on the throne. She always wondered what it was like to be up there looking down on people. She knows she’s not meant to rule a country and sets up a council to rule. Next step, elect President Fuyao! No?

Clkytta: I love Queen Fuyao! She’s still the same old Fuyao deep down though. Now she and Wuji can ride off into the sunset and join their kingdoms and have cute babies! Right? Right? Nope, there’s always some kind of drama with someone trying to kill Fuyao and being Queen will only make that worse.

Kdrama Jen: Seriously, how many royal titles can one gal have?  I feel like she is conquering Pokemon gyms and getting bragging rights along the way.  Her conversation with Wuji about the very real burdens of being a leader made me wish for simpler times for the two of them.  I did appreciate how they still have that ability to just talk with one another and understand each other.  I still advocate for more shirtless fight scenes, but the way they just chat with one another still makes me happy.

Karie the Maknae: All hail Queen Fuyao! She’s gonna be a great figurehead–if she stays alive. I do love that she and Wuji can now connect in yet ANOTHER way, over leading a country properly. And I love Wuji’s smirky wink when he proposes an eternal alliance between Plough Nation and Megrez. NOW he’s happy about a royal marriage! I can’t blame him.

Kmuse: Ha.  Fuyao Pokemon Hunter… That cracked me up, Jen.  I also am happy that she stayed herself despite all the royal titles she has accumulated.  Now if she can just become the Empress of the whole 5 Kingdoms I would be happy.

Someone’s Being Deflowered

Drama Geek: Is this the only way the show can have Wuji lose his “flower”? I guess Wuji has collected special flowers throughout his life, and his master decides to pluck them one by one until Wuji delivers the chosen one. Who, it turns out, the master has known is Fuyao all along. He’s just trying to get Wuji to kill her. I don’t think his master knows Wuji that well. Boy is not going to kill the love of his life just to avoid a little pain.

Clkytta: So, like Drama Geek said, the flowers are Wuji’s special powers. Sigh. Can’t we just have some shirtless Wuji and flirty Fuyao and a few dim lights? I cannot believe the old guy with the crazy eyebrows thinks Wuji is going to kill his soul mate. Not gonna happen in their lifetime.

Kdrama Jen: I know these scenes are supposed to be compelling and make us feel Wuji’s pain, but I am kind of distracted by all the deflowering.  It just seems like they could have come up with something a bit more awe-inspiring as the secret to his mojo.  Maybe it could be like shark’s teeth or tiger claws or lightning bolts or… really anything other than flower power.

Karie the Maknae: I hate Wuji’s mentor with the fire of a thousand suns. Possibly a million. He’s letting fear dictate his actions and trying to dictate Wuji’s actions with that same fear. Honestly, aside from Uncle Zhou, the wise old men in this drama have been a huge disappointment. I get that no one is perfect, but can’t SOMEONE find a compromise that will defeat evil and allow Fuyao to live?!

Kmuse: Couldn’t this whole thing have been done with a shirtless Wuji?  Sigh.  Opportunity missed.  Just ignore me.  I’m the ahjumma who still has the mind of a teenager since I am sitting back and giggling at the term “deflowered” in relations to Wuji.

The Gang’s all together again….thoughts?

Drama Geek: Oh wait, we need to bring back the other characters because we’re getting close to the end. Let’s have them show up while Wuji is being deflowered again.

Clkytta: So everyone is living a happy life in their own little kingdoms, but they all rush off to see Queen Fuyao. Who is going to run all these kingdoms while the gang is playing Avengers? I am happy to see that Gaston and Scorpion Princess are still adorably in love and hold hands everywhere they go.

Kdrama Jen: Awwww!  The family all came for their cameo appearances to remind us that all is not bad in the world.  And, in case you have forgotten, Gaston has eyes (thankfully, no sign of crazy eyes) for the girl that stalked her way into his heart.  Oh, and look!  It is Hot Doc stopping by to let us know that he is not dead yet and Red Brocade Shrimp Girl (I can’t remember her name) now has the Dragon Scale Armor.  I kind of thought that special armor was going to be a bigger plot point.  Anyway, the gang’s all here and all that is missing is a selfie stick and an awkward group photo op.

Karie the Maknae: For a split second, when Gaston is telling Scorpion Princess to be careful on the stairs, I expected her to be pregnant. Nope, just Gaston being a smidge overprotective with the girl who saved him a few months earlier with her scorpion ball slingshot. That girl needs to come back, but I have a feeling she won’t. I’m not quite sure what’s up with Hot Zombie Doc and Qi Yun. He’s been training her, obviously, but does he want to be with her? I’m leaning towards no.

Kmuse: Hot Doc hanging out with annoying Red Brocade Shrimp Girl still annoys me.  I won’t be over that plot twist anytime soon.  As far as this whole situation is concerned, Hot Doc is dead to me.

The Queen needs to just spit it out already

Drama Geek: Someone needs to sit both Wuji and Prince Virtue (I think that’s the baby daddy’s name) down and tell them how the birds and the bees work. Neither of these men has considered that Wuji is not the son of Father Emperor? Okay, there is a moment when the queen keeps stumbling over her words that you can tell Wuji pretty much knows who his real dad is, but he doesn’t want to admit it.

Clkytta: Worst kept birth secret ever. I knew this a million episodes ago. Wuji’s mom did everything but send out a firework display. Wuji isn’t diabolical enough to be Father Emperor’s son. Also, who steals their brother’s fiancee like that? Father Emperor is a real jerk for messing with their lives.

Kdrama Jen: We all knew, so how is it possible Wuji didn’t know?

Kmuse: I think he suspected.  His expression was too devastated all the time to not know.

Karie the Maknae: This was another one of those times where I yelled at my computer, “Just SAY IT already!” It’s a good thing I watch dramas by myself, or my husband would mock me forever. ANYway, yeah, that birth secret was no surprise. I accidentally came across it on Wikipedia a while back when trying to figure something else out and I was like, “Oh. Yeah, that makes sense.”

Can one have too many flashbacks?

Drama Geek: There was a lot of backstory explaining and I’ll be honest, I hit FAST FORWARD through all of it. Especially Father Emperor’s bullcrap. Boohoo, your dad liked your brother more than you, grow up. Aren’t you dead yet?

Clkytta: I watched the WHOLE thing and the flashbacks about did me in. I kept thinking it would have a smidge of new information in it, but nope, all flashback aka filler aka they’ve got 66 episodes to fill.

Kdrama Jen: I sometimes wonder if Chinese dramas would be more like 30 episodes instead of 60-ish if we eliminated all of the flashbacks.  It does save money, though, so maybe they are just being fiscally responsible.  In this case, I agree with Drama Geek; Father Emperor needs to die.

Karie the Maknae:  Father Emperor makes me want to hit things. Almost as much as Wuji’s mentor does. SERIOUSLY, how screwed up are these “wise” old men?

Kmuse: It’s a sad situation when Father Emperor is the one person to escape the “die early” king curse.  Obviously, he had to stay alive for 30 years so he could enact his revenge against his brother.  Couldn’t he have just put him in a jail cell and tortured him for a good long time?  Probably would have been more therapeutic than the revenge he chose.

Captured and nowhere to go

Drama Geek: Has Wuji EVER been knocked unconscious? I think this is the 100th time it’s happened to Fuyao. She really needs to work on her listening skills. Queen Mother and Fuyao end up in a dungeon tied to poles with magical chains that haven’t been broken for a thousand years, or something like that.

Clkytta: When will Fuyao learn to be more aware of her surroundings?  Sheesh. Now she’s locked up with the Queen and only one of them can escape. So, of course, our noble idiot Fuyao stays behind chained for eternity in a secret room.  The Queen knows that Wuji will kill his real father unknowingly so when she’s freed she runs off to save her lover without a backward glance.

Karie the Maknae: I rolled my eyes so hard they rattled when Fuyao succumbed to chloroform AGAIN. Sweetie, did your magical powers go on the blink ? HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?? She can defeat her yin/yang self in the Sky Gate Ruin, but she can’t keep herself from getting knocked unconscious every five episodes. Sheesh.

Kdrama Jen:  I have serious concerns for Fuyao’s long-term brain health.  Concussions are serious business even when they don’t result in loss of consciousness, but being knocked out a gajilion times is bound to have a long-term impact.  I feel like she needs a helmet.  Maybe Gaston will let her borrow one of his metallic Burger King crowns.

Prince Unmanned bites the big one

Drama Geek: His death was so underwhelming. I really wanted Fuyao to finish him off.

Kmuse: I wasn’t expecting this twist at all and yet still didn’t care.  I really thought he would have been a more formidable foe but Prince Unmanned disappointed even in that aspect.

Clkytta: Yawn, I don’t even remember him dying.

Karie the Maknae: Lamest death ever. And way too similar to Spineless Senior Brother’s wife’s death way back when. Moral of the story: If you’re gonna be evil, don’t drag your servants into it.

Kdrama Jen: Yay!  He died.  On with the show.  This group of episodes has a serious lack of shirtless fight scenes.

Who’s the daddy?

Drama Geek: The fight scene between Wuji and his real dad cracked me up! They’d be talking to each other and look really close, then they’d start fighting again and be super far away. Not the best fight scene of this series. You could tell that Wuji was conflicted the entire time. The part I hate about all of it, is that Wuji is being manipulated by Father Emperor and his master, two men he really looked up to. Neither of them seems to care about Wuji or anyone else for that matter. And yet, Wuji respects them.

Clkytta: So basically, this is where we really understand who Wuji’s dad is. Prince Virtue has reconciled himself to dying so Wuji can have the glory of killing a traitor. He’s proud to die at Wuji’s hands. What? Wuji can’t do it, well that’s ok, he’ll just kill himself and solve that little problem. What is wrong with these dads taking themselves out of the picture when they finally meet their kids?

Karie the Maknae: Y’know, a lot of problems would be resolved if these dads would just OPEN THEIR MOUTHS. Wuji’s clever–they could have figured out a way around the whole fighting and execution thing. I mean, he toppled an entire nation by acting like a buffoon who was entranced by the beads hanging from his ceremonial headgear! Where did that Wuji go?

Kdrama Jen: I feel like this character is completely different from the one we met in previous episodes.  I had very little investment in Prince Virtue before the big birth secret reveal.  I wanted to be moved by his sacrifice for the sake of his son, but the character development breadcrumbs just didn’t lead me there.

What!! Uncle Zhou isn’t dead?

Drama Geek: We all knew when Fuyao took that poison it would lead to another seal being unlocked. I just didn’t realize that Uncle Zhou would pop up out of nowhere and save her. At first, I was a bit annoyed that no one seems to stay dead, but then they had a really touching moment, so I forgave the show. Fuyao finally learns the truth of the seals and Wuji is the only one who can kill her. You know she’s going to go all noble idiot and try to kill herself or cause a situation where Wuji does it. If you can’t tell by my snarky comments this week, I AM SOOOO ready for this drama to be over. The flirty prince and badass Fuyao have faded into the quagmire of seals, evil demons, and birth secrets. My wish is that they would escape into some alternate reality where they can finally have their wedding night and then go fight some random bad guys for the rest of their lives.

Clkytta: While I love Uncle Zhou, I’m pretty ticked at this. I’m really tired of the talk about the seals and Fuyao being a witch. She’s done nothing but try to save people, and I’m not buying this bull about her being the destroyer of the Five Kingdoms. I hate this whole part of the storyline. This is really interfering with my smirky shirtless Wuji scenes.

Karie the Maknae: YAY UNCLE ZHOU CAME BACK!! I’m glad he was one of the ten saints. Makes up for Wuji’s stupid mentor. And FINALLY, we know exactly what’s going on with Fuyao

Kmuse: Thank goodness that we finally get the whole story.  Although, I did wonder why Uncle Zhou saved Fuyao when literally the whole freaking world is on the line.  If he had let her die naturally then Wuji wouldn’t have to become a murderer of the woman he loved and the demon would stay dormant.  Oh well, I guess they wanted that last big confrontation will he won’t he kill her moment.

Kdrama Jen: “I’m not dead, yet.”  I feel like we have a whole cast of characters who can say that line.  Unlike my feelings for Prince Virtue, I really was invested in Uncle Zhou.  I was moved by his tragic death in that portcullis incident (they really do have the best methods for killing people off in Cdramas).  So, I was a little confused when he appeared. It served the purpose of making sure Fuyao learned about the horrific hand fate has dealt to her.  I still think it should have been Wuji to tell her.  Just once I would like something like this to be put on the table for discussion and consultation. “So, Fuyao, it turns out that I am supposed to destroy the 5-colored pebble girl (that’s you) before she becomes a witch and destroys the universe.  So, what do you think we should do about this?”  I just think if they are going to move forward and get married, then they really need to ensure they have talked through things like who will take responsibility for paying the bills on time, who will drop their future children off at Emperor school, and how they are going to defy the odds and stop the universe from exploding.  It’s really all about communication.

There you have it.  All our important thoughts and feelings regarding the final week of the Chinese drama Legend of Fuyao.  Did we miss any super important moments that you think should have been added?  Share in the comments! If you somehow missed our earlier recaps you can find them HERE!

Til our next sizzling moment of skinship,

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  1. Loved your recap again as the sarcastic humor was off the chart. I was just curious how the show was able to get the “parliament” government pass the communist China censorship but was thrilled since now maybe that messed up country has a fighting chance to survive without the crazies in charge anymore.

  2. Just saw the ending…need your help in deciphering wtf happened but don’t want to spoil for others my explaining my uncertainty of the chain of events. Hope to hear your synopsis/analysis asap!

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