Legend of Fuyao Episodes 63-66: A Chatty Recap (FINALE)

We are finally at the end of our first ever Chatty Recap.  Which means it is now time to see how the story of Fuyao and Wuji end.  Will we love it?  Will it ruin the drama for us?  Come join us and find out.

General Plot Overview Ep 63-66


Wow. There was sure a ton of flashback in these last four episodes. But in between all those scenes that were cute and romantic we have the dour reality that our OTP is facing. Yup, there is not a ton of sweet this time around.

Wuji finds out his birth secret, not that it did him much good. Not wanting his son to commit patricide, Prince Valiant kills himself. Death to the traitor and long live Prince Wuji … a very depressed Wuji who has a fake dad who is crazy … but still.

Fake Emperor Dad gloats and dies with a smile on his face. I still say that if Wuji’s parents had chosen to think of their child and not hide his parentage, his life would be a lot happier right now. The throne seems a very cold comfort.

Sadly, things don’t get any happier as Wuji and Fuyao have the demon curse hanging over their heads. Not to mention Wuji’s annoying Firmament mentor who is trying to force Wuji’s hand. Wuji and Fuyao decide to go to his leader and plead their case (that doesn’t make a ton of sense) and things go badly.

Wuji is tortured and Fuyao sacrifices herself to save him. Wuji’s mentor ends up starting the curse by killing Fuyao and she becomes the evil demon who will destroy the world.

But the power of love allows Fuyao to fight her inner demon and in a moment of clarity (after stabbing Wuji a ton of times) she stabs herself to save the world. Fuyao and Wuji die hand in hand saving their kingdoms. Love conquered all. Well, not death, so it conquered 95% of all.

So, that ending…?

Update: It has been brought to our attention that Fuyao and Wuji did not die. None of us are fluent speakers or readers in Chinese, so we depend on subtitles. As you may know, sometimes translations are a little off or incomplete especially when a show is quickly subbed. So upon revisiting the ending, we noticed that the translations, while still pretty vague, point toward Wuji and Fuyao being very much alive and living happily ever after (which makes all of us very happy). We are leaving our original thoughts about this ending because we were all convinced that Wuji and Fuyao were dead when we first watched the ending.

Karie the Maknae: I have some complaints and some Harry Potter comparisons to make. So, Father Emperor took FOREVER to die. Seriously, could his deathbed scene have been ANY longer? Granted, I hated his troublesome character, so that didn’t help. I wanted it cut shorter so I could get more closure on what exactly happened in the Peak of Heaven. Did Gaston and Scorpion Princess and Zombie Doc die? I couldn’t tell!! And Fei Yan/Baba Yaga’s death ended up being weak sauce. But her death breaking Fuyao’s last seal and basically releasing Di Feitian’s horcrux in her made sense–it was the thing that Wuji’s teacher was afraid of the most, so of course, they had to confront it. Wuji and Fuyao had avoided so much with their cleverness, but this time they had to face her destiny head-on. The internal struggle between Fuyao and the female demon/horcrux was very well done–Yang Mi did an excellent job–but I was still yelling at her to quit using Wuji as a pincushion. And Fuyao having to kill herself to end the female demon and stop Di Feitian’s imminent ascension SO strongly reminded me of Harry Potter dying in the forest and meeting up with Dumbledore in the King’s Cross in his head. Harry’s death ended Voldemort, and so Fuyao’s death ended Di Feitian. What I wanted was for the rest of the gang to rush in and take care of Fuyao and Wuji and for them all to live happily ever after. I actually didn’t understand the final scene, and I’m gonna blame the Viki translations for that one. Clkytta watched it on DramaFever and explained to me that they were dead–we were seeing them in the Celestial Palace in the afterlife. I don’t feel that the Viki subs conveyed that. SIGH. Not the ending I wanted, but at least they were together.

Clkytta: Wow, it’s hard to follow up behind Karie! I was not a fan of the ending. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. I am just not a fan of dramas that wait until the last 30 minutes to get to the meat of the drama and I felt like they trolled us. I stupidly thought Fuyao and Wuji would be able to beat the demon within her. You know, the one we only saw for like five minutes of the show. It would have been easier to swallow if there had been glimpses of this witch throughout the show, but no, we have super sweet, caring, self-sacrificing Fuyao. This is a bad plot point for me.

Kmuse: I actually loved the ending. They both stayed true to form to the very end. Wuji loved Fuyao so much that he was never going to kill her, even if it meant saving millions of people. Fuyao loved him enough to come out of the Demon compulsion and kill herself. Both to save humanity but also to die with her beloved Wuji. I actually liked that they died together and neither had to make the ultimate sacrifice of killing and living on without the other. From the beginning, their love was all-consuming, to the point they were willing to give up everything for it. It felt right that they continued on this path to the very end.

Drama Geek: I am somewhere in the middle. I feel like if we’d cut out most of Wuji’s daddy issues, a lot of the Gaston stuff, and reached the final fight after a much tighter plot, then I would have been satisfied with the ending. I just couldn’t get invested in all the earthly woes of who was king and who Wuji’s daddy was when I knew the biggest trial was in a different realm.

Kdrama Jen: I think it goes without saying that the ending would have been a zillion times better if Wuji was shirtless.  I definitely missed his the smirky looks and gentle taunting, but I guess that is hard to do when you are chained up, tortured by your mentor and then slashed by your lover-turned-maniacal-witch.  Still, maybe they weren’t trying hard enough.  One of those sword blows could have conveniently torn through his shirt fabric.  So, in all seriousness, I am not dissatisfied with the ending.  I think the only place they could have a happily ever after would be the Celestial Palace, however, I do feel like we got a crappy level of closure for our supporting cast.  I mean, we invested a whole lotta episodes exploring Gaston’s life, and living through the transformation of Scorpion Princess into Blind Girl with No Spunk and then suddenly Gaston in Love and don’t even get me started on Hot Doc and Seven.  I feel like we wasted days watching Emperor Daddy’s demise and we got like 5 seconds for the characters we might actually care about.  Their ending was not satisfying at all; I am OK, though, with Wuji and Fuyao smirking at each other for all eternity as they romp through the Celestial Palace.

Favorite Kingdom?

Kmuse: I loved the mountain sect/Water Kingdom where they first met.  Fake water Prince Wuji was so entertaining.  I could have watched them forever.

Clkytta: I liked the Celestial Palace cause at least there Fuyao and Wuji get to be together in peace. Everywhere else kept trying to kill my OTP so I can’t like any of them.

Karie the Maknae: I like Clkytta’s reasoning! I also liked Plough Nation after Fuyao reformed it, but we were only there for five minutes, so I didn’t get to enjoy it.

Drama Geek: I liked the Prime Minster as the bad guy, and the sizzling chemistry in the Water Kingdom, so my vote goes there.

Kdrama Jen: I am with Kmuse.  The early scenes with the really bad CGI are still some of my favorites.  I loved the fighting and flirting stage of their relationship when we thought she was just a servant and he was masquerading as a prince.

Favorite Moment?

Clkytta: When Scorpion Princess becomes the Scorpion Princess. I wasn’t all that impressed with her at the beginning. She was kind of annoying and I had written her off as a character when BAM! She starts slinging scorpions and I sat up and saw her in a new light. Now she wasn’t main character material, but she became a lot more interesting.

Karie the Maknae: Out of the whole series, I think my favorite moment is when Fuyao has been shut out of the city she was trying to protect down in the Southern Clan. All seems lost when Prince Fierce/Gaston rides up and extends his hand, saving her after she had done everything she could do. He really was a hero at that moment.

Kmuse: I love me some shirtless Wuji.  I love the scene where he is seducing Fuyao with his fighting skills and naked upper torso.

(Clkytta: Our love of shirtless Wuji is well known. I was told I had to put a comment I made as we were all chatting about the ending on here, and this seems like a good spot. “He’s beautiful, but not shirtless, so it really doesn’t matter.”)

Drama Geek: I’m cheating and picking two. Kdrama Jen says I can . LOL (1) The second shirtless fight scene which included the water and the underwater kiss. I LOVED the choreography and I also felt it was the first moment we see Wuji let his guard down and he realizes he’s falling for Fuyao. (2) When Fuyao fights Wuji’s brother and takes away his manhood. She is beyond fierce in this scene and I was in awe the entire time.

Kdrama Jen: Yes.  Karie the Maknae and Kmuse have all these rules, but I declare rules are made to be broken, especially when it involves having to pick ONE scene or one favorite character.  My favorite scenes are whenever Wuji and Fuyao are fighting the bad guys, especially when that ends with kisses or water play or someone shirtless.  An entirely different kind of scene I found incredibly powerful was when Wuji found out Fuyao had been taken by his brother.  His absolute ferocity as he felled everyone in his path was awesome.

Favorite Side Character?

Karie the Maknae: Xiao Qi/Seven, and not just because I got all sentimental when he died in the end. He was the heart of the little gang, even though he had the least amount of fighting skills. His love for everyone and loyalty to Fuyao made me want to just hug him. His death was the best portrayed in the whole drama, I think.

Clkytta: I’m going to have to agree with Karie. Seven’s death was the only one that made me cry and I almost stopped the drama right there. To see our plucky Seven, the caretaker of them all, hold his ground because he knew what he had to do … I’m tearing up again. It’s the quiet caretakers you have to watch out for the most–they may not have the physical fighting skills, but they are deadly when provoked. Seven may have been our comic relief, but he was also the one who noticed everything and he literally gave his life for his sister.

Kmuse: It is so hard to choose.  However, Gaston brought us hours of fun snarky commenting fun.  So I have to give it up to him as my favorite secondary character.

Drama Geek: The main couple was really what pulled me into to watch this show, and at the end of the day, I wasn’t upset if none of the other characters were a part of the end. Okay, maybe except for Seven and I did really like Uncle Zhou. Also, the Prime Minister was a great villain. That being said, I think my favorite side character is Yuan Bao. Do you think he committed hamster suicide so he could be with Wuji?

Kdrama Jen: While I was a fan of the magical hamster, I have to give a shout out to Hot Doc.  He grimaced and painfully attempted to emote throughout this drama, so I have to give him props.  I really did like his bromance with Wuji as well.

Who needed to die sooner?

Clkytta: Wait, let me whittle down my list here. Prince Unmanned! He should have died so many times, I got really bored with his character. It would have been really satisfying to see Wuji take him out slowly for messing with Fuyao. I’m a bit bloodthirsty, I know.

Karie the Maknae: OH MY GOSH FATHER EMPEROR. Even if it was only by ten minutes! His deathbed scene went on forEVer and I was so done with his narcissistic self already.

Kmuse: I agree with Prince Unmanned.  He should have died back in the Fierce Kingdom.  As it is, his death was pretty much pointless and overlooked by everyone.

Drama Geek: I third Prince Unmanned. I really wanted his death to be more spectacular. I’ll just go back and watch the scene where Fuyao served him up on a platter.

Kdrama Jen: FoLian needed to die way back when Wuji had her locked in a room with no food or water.  She was just trouble through and through.

Would we recommend to others?

Clkytta:  Yes, I’d recommend it. I have a soft spot for Legend of Fuyao because this is the first historical Chinese drama I’ve ever completed. I watched this drama ALL the way through, didn’t fast forward, even when I wanted to because there were a billion flashbacks. They managed to throw in enough sweet Fuyao and Wuji flashbacks (plus shirtless Wuji) that I stuck through it. I may have made up several more satisfying alternate endings, but hey, that’s what all fangirls do, right?

Karie the Maknae: I’d recommend it to a very specific audience. If you don’t like historicals or fantasies or long dramas, well . . . okay, you still might enjoy it for the most part (shout out to MiataMama for letting me talk her into watching it with me!). Fuyao is an incredible character, and Wuji’s smirks and cleverness really elevate the story. I had fun watching this, and I might actually go back to it someday.

Kmuse:   It is well worth the watch just for Fuyao and Wuji.  They are very likely going to be my favorite OTP of 2018. Yes, it got a tiny bit draggy towards the end.  But if you are someone that doesn’t mind a little bit of fast forwarding here or there you will love it.

Drama Geek: I would recommend it just for the OTP. Their sizzling chemistry and the creative fight scenes are worth the watch. If you don’t like longer dramas, then watch until you get bored and be done with it. You will still get all of the great romance, and none of the buggy-eyed death but not dead scenes. Okay, so maybe those were great for a laugh.

Kdrama Jen: I would recommend this drama, but with specific advice regarding which scenes to fast -forward through.  There are some definite plot holes, but the OTP is so fantastic, I think it is worth watching just for them.  In fact, I might just go back and watch some of their scenes again.

There you have it.  All our important thoughts and feelings regarding the final episodes of the Chinese drama Legend of Fuyao.  Did we miss any super important moments that you think should have been added?  Share in the comments! If you somehow missed our earlier recaps you can find them HERE!

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Til our next sizzling moment of skinship,

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45 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao Episodes 63-66: A Chatty Recap (FINALE)

  1. Hahahahahahaha. This was gold. Thank you so much for the recap, and all hail fake prince/ prince’s right hand man/ prince/ king Wu Ji and his sexy smirks, his machiavellian mind and all those shirtless scenes *whew*! I totally would recommend Legend of Fuyao, if anything for my fellow bi’s. We get to ogle Fu Yao (kicking ass and taking names and looking ever flawless, even when covered with mud, blood and guts) and swoon at the absolute smexiness that is Wu Ji (because wow, that was a man!). I’m still not over Seven’s death and somewhere deep within me, I hope when Fu Yao and Wu Ji made it to the celestial palace, then ushered in their friends to the heavens with them. They can all leave earth to those weak ungrateful humans!

    Also, while we’re at it, am I the only one who thought that they would eventually reveal that Xuanyuan Xiao’s daughter Lian’er (did I get that right?) wasn’t actually dead, but was in fact, Tai Yan? I’d spun this tale of Fei Yan rescuing the child at the last moment and raising her as her disciple, which was why Tai Yan was so drawn to Wu Ji, not out of romantic love but because her unsuspecting self was drawn to her half brother.

    Hmmm, maybe I’m the only one who saw it that way. *shrug*

    • I agree that Fuyao is a perfect pic to crush on. She is one of the most badass and gorgeous characters I’ve seen in dramaland. Was Tai Yan the girl who was engaged to Wuji? I didn’t really think about her birth origins that much, I just wanted to see her die a slow painful death after she put the plague on so many people.

      • Nah. Tai Yan is Fei Tan’s disciple. The one that tried to break Wu Ji out of the chains and fought her master, and of course, died in the process.

  2. I agree with Noria, I thought we would find out what happened to Lian’er. And the little blind princess, king of the bell and the doctor’s fate were all left in the air. Didn’t like the end of this series at all. The last episodes were a change of pace and filled with flashbacks. Uncle Zahn pops up (I always knew there was more to him) but telling Fuyao to use the sharp pick to kill Wuji so her life would not be unhappy, well that was bizarre. And then he disappears forever. Why? I enjoyed the romance and adventure in all other episodes very much. I don’t think it was the viki translators at fault as Maknae mentions – I saw it on Drama Fever and it didn’t make any sense with their subs either. I also found that little conversation at the very very end, when Fuyao that they suffered so many hardships together, was a bit self centered and unfair. What about all their friends who suffered along with them? And my last complaint, is the same old gripe I have with all c-drama fantasies. What’s with the cheesy props? That glowing lump of coal at the end was pathetic!

    • The props were horrid! I was having a hard time taking that final death scene seriously with the lump of coal. I also hated how sloppy Wuji looked at the end. I wanted him to die just so we could see him clean again. LOL

    • When uncle Zhou died he left some of his powers to fuyao unconsciousness so that if a worst case scenario happens he can further explain to her what was really happening. That’s why he vanished after their convo.

  3. Karie, I’m SO glad I let you talk me into a drama that was outside of my comfort zone, on so many levels! I loved FuYao and WuJi and their gang so much – too bad the ending left things vague for so many of our favorite people. Cheesy props and length aside, it was definitely worth the watch and has given me several actresses/actors to look out for in future C-drama releases.
    And the chatty recaps only made the watching that much more fun! More chatty recaps, please!!!!

    • YAYYYY! And you’re a very accommodating friend. I appreciate that! I agree with everything you said, and there will DEFINITELY be more chatty recaps in the future.

  4. I haven’t seen Ethan Ruan in anything but the Taiwanese version of Fated to Love You – and he was a bump on a log for most of that show. Baron Chen is the second lead there and I was practically yelling at her to leave the big non-emoting jamoke (E.R.) for someone who loves her and shows it!

    As for the enemies, I think successful treasure hunters should never leave their enemies alive. Bloodthirsty, I know, but effective. If I ever travel back in time (which the original FuYao did in the novel), I will learn how to shoot those flaming arrows of justice ASAP.

  5. Thank you soo much for coming on the Fuyao journey with me ladies! it was wonderful to chat about the show with you guys!

    Although I didn’t like the ending much – it was a great show nonetheless. Unfortunately C-dramas has a history of rushing their endings – I wish they didn’t do that with this show and give us some closure. And all that pain that Wuji had to endure.. broke my heart!

    Yang Mi & Ruan JingTian – OMG!! Fuyao & Wuji They would probably go down as my absolute favourite pairing (even more so than 10 miles) the only reason being is that they had a more mature, communicative love than 10 miles
    Again, it goes back to Wuji treating Fuyao as his equal, his goddess
    He never tries to be the man – he lets Fuyao handle her business and saves her only when needed
    They talk things out and scheme together and its awesome to watch

    I’m not sure what to do with my time now…I’m already suffering from Wuji withdrawal – had to go back and research alot of Ethan’s movies (not much out there) – he is just so talented, not just a pretty face
    Hopefully, this series will boast his popularity and we will see him in more movies/series to come
    Heard he’s in the new Detective Dee movie with Mark Chao
    That would be a great reunion for them – now we just need a series with Mark, Ethan & Yang Mi – the ultimate LOVE triangle LOL

  6. The ending fizzled for me. I got to the last minutes and my reaction was “Oh. That’s it. They both die. And are then happy in heaven. Ok.” The first half was definitely better for me because it felt like they were actually doing things.

    Also, I vote for Ethan Ruan as Li Shang in the live action Mulan.

  7. this is the drama that brought me back to c-dramas and i’ve been obsessed with finding any information on it. so i was so glad i came across your website and am impressed that it won your site’s otp of 2018 dramas. lol. anyhow, i finally decided to delurk to offer you my view. our otp did not die and are currently the emperor and empress of tianqian. there is no explanation to how they survive, which is unfortunate as c-drama writers can learn a thing or two from k-dramas in regards to how to properly end a series with proper closure.

    first, it seems as though fuyao at the end of the series is still jealous that the poem wuji wrote was for a possible sect sister. as a goddess, she would be all knowing of his mortal life and would not need to probe him. she would naturally know that that poem was for a potential love in his life that he does not wish to miss out on.

    secondly, while in changqing, their grip on each other’s hand was too tight for those who are about to die and they can still carry on a lengthy conversation with each other and did not appear to run out of breath anytime soon. wuji still continued to propose to her and told of her his plans for them (go sightseeing, enjoy all the natural wonders and simple pleasures of all the 5 kingdoms…very sweet and romantic to the end). and finally yuan bao is still alive so i have no doubt he will bring help to them and to their friends. finally, here is a very good explanation from a fan by the name of josephine quino on soompi. as i relied on dramafever’s excellent translation, i feel that there were simple clues and hints as to how they survived that was lost in translation.

    “So I just finished the last chapter with Eng subs. For those who were dissatisfied with the ending, here’s my humble take:

    1. In Eph 65, Wuji asked his master to remember the Laws of the Firmament: That one who survives the punishment of the four realms will become intangible, will be considered as if coming from the Divine (heavenly) Palace and will obtain help from Evergreen Palace.

    2. Wuji not only survived the punishment. Because of his love for FuYao and the world, he was able to extricate himself from the chains and soul-killing nails that held him captive in the Netherworld Illusion Realm. Although he may have lost his lifetime cultivation because of that punishment, he was also entitled to have it reinstated by the Evergreen Palace. “Break, and then create anew” – Wuji

    3. He was also instrumental in making Fuyao overcome DeFetian – Fuyao’s love for him enabled her to defeat and destroy the demon inside of her and pulverized his remaining consciousness. Together, Fuyao and Wuji became the ultimate heroes of the heavens and earth, so obviously, they both attained the status of Chang Qingzi. Since the Palace Master of the Evergreen Palace is already dead, Wuji, as the successor of the Spiritual Leaf Elixir, had to take over. They have become not only the rulers of the mortal world but also of the Firmament/heavenly realm and attained the deity status, hence the absence of the pompous headdresses.

    5. With all the powers of the Evergreen Palace bestowed upon Wuji, healing himself and Fuyao is just a petty task – no need of Dr. Zhong, who actually, together with ZBY and Zhuzhu also need saving. How can they get out of heaven’s peak when the bridge which was the only passageway from there was destroyed? If everyone remembers well, Wuji created a replica of his Upper Yang Palace in Megrez out of nothing – a life-like and illusion like structure. Their friends came to help them. What is building a bridge out of nothing for Wuji?

    6. So with the powers of the Firmament in their hands, what’s stopping them from bringing Tai Yan and Seven back to life? Yuan Bao was even able to bring Wuji back to life with just his breathe, how much more the Grand Master of the Firmament, Wuji?

    By giving us hints, the screenwriter actually respected our intellects to put 1 and 1 together. It is after all a very satisfying ending.”
    the series started off strong but i feel as though they swapped writers as the banter and wit between wufu changed two thirds into the series. it could be because they already confirmed each other’s love that there was no more tension between the two; however, i find the final third portion of the series more sloppy with so many loose ends not tied. that doesn’t take away my enjoyment from my favorite otp ever. the chemistry between the leads are amazing and the are both so easy on the eyes with great acting skills to make their character convincing. i hope to see these two co-star as a couple in another historical with a better ending where we don’t have to use our brain to interpret. thanks for your witty and fun recaps…it fills my heart knowing so many other fans adore these two as much as i do.

    • Thank you for this. We’ve updated our recap to reflect that they didn’t die. I looked at the comment section of Viki and Dramafever, and we are not the only ones confused. Again, thank you for all of this information!

    • You literally think like me! Albeit I was upset and it did seem like they died I did realize they were overlooking the kingdom and that special tree that they used to make that cloth from was in the scene. I was absolutely livid with Seven’s sacrifice and the limbo of our other hero’s. I just relegated that I should read the novel for clarity.

    • I also wondering when Fuyao gave her hair to Yuan Bao, it must be usefull for rescue Fuyao in the future, but nothing happened related to those hair
      And what about their kingdom, there were no king or queen to replace them, i think their death can make another chaos to their kingdom 🙁

  8. i’m not convince that tai yan is lian’er. when lian’er was taken, she was old enough to remember her identity as a princess and her name unless she has memory loss. she would at the very least remember wuji as her cousin (even if she didn’t know he was her half brother). the reason i don’t think they are the same person is because of tai yan is truly lian’er then when tai yan discussed herself as xuanyuan – hei (another fake prince), qi zhen would have sucessfully retrieve the water controlling power and became king. instead, he failed to control water at that scene where wuji as xuanyuan min took control of the crown by exposing his power.

    • You are right but Fuyao was old enough to remember her identity as a princess but four any reasons shi didn’y remember when arriving to the place his old boss took him from the river.

    • You are right but Fuyao was old enough to remember her identity as a princess too but for any reasons she didn’t remember who she was when arriving to the place his old boss took him from the river.

  9. So I have a question, why is it that you girls think Wuji and Fuyao died at the end? ^^; Is it because of the english subs or something? I’m genuinely confused, because I watched it in Chinese (since I’m Chinese) and the ending was obviously a happy ending (they conquered the evil and lived happily ever after). None of the Chinese audience thought it was a sad ending at all. Even the official broadcast channel (which YangMi herself reposted on her weibo) made a video that congratulated Fuyao on becoming TianQuan Crown Princess.

    • We’ve updated the blog post after the clarification. It really was due to the translations. If you look on Viki and Dramafever most of the English speaking audience was left confused about if they lived or died. Their conversation on the bridge at the end made it seem like they were in the afterlife and they were discussing being reborn and finding each other again.

      • Ah I see, so the translations were vague. I couldn’t check Dramafever or Viki since they’re both blocked in my country. Their last conversation on the bridge is actually one of the more famous lines from the original FuYao novels which basically encompasses Wuji’s deep love for Fuyao, it’s like a really poetic and sweet love confession. The English translation probably changed it a bit since it’s quite hard to translate (they’re like those ancient text poems).

        • To be honest, I am glad that we were not the only ones that thought they died. There really must have been a lot lost in translation since we, and a ton of other viewers, thought they were in heaven. Either way it was a great drama 🙂

          • I’m honestly quite curious now how the subs translated the last conversation just to see how much were lost during translation 😛 Drama Geek mentioned something about being reborn, but there wasn’t anything like that in the original lines.
            But yes, like you said, it’s a still a great drama either way 🙂 And honestly, I could accept both endings, either they live together or die together, just not apart lol. Still happy it’s the former though!

      • I actually tried to translate the last conversation on the bridge, it’s a bit literal and raw, but just wondering if the English translation is something to this effect (like is the meaning conveyed?)

        So Fuyao recites the poem she found in Wuji’s room.

        FY: (the first part can’t translate directly, basically it means that Parting with a loved one is the most hurtful). Four hundred and forty sicknesses, lovesickness/yearning is the most painful.

        WJ: I don’t yearn.

        FY: Then your mark, who is it carved for? (side note: in the novel, Wuji has a lotus mark on his hand. I think they forgot to CG it in in the drama because in one of the BTS, the director mentioned about seeing the lotus mark during filming for that last fight scene where Wuji reaches out his hand to possessed FuYao)

        WJ: For someone who should not be missed in life.

        FY: Isn’t that yearning?

        WJ: no, life is short but yearning is long,
        the secular world endless, line between life and death but an instant
        heaven knows whether what awaits me is a meeting or a passing by?
        therefore how can I stand in place and wait for time to waste idly by

        FY: what will you do then?

        WJ: If she is in the secular world, I go to the secular world.

        FY: And if the secular world falls into chaos?

        WJ: If it is in chaos, I block. If hell opens up, I go. If the four sea rages, I cross. If the world stops me, I’ll go against.

        FY: Why go to such length?

        WJ: For her, I fear no worldly disruptions and temptations, and withstand all torture that life throws.

        • See, reading your translation still makes me think they are in heaven. I think it’s because it sounds like he’s talking about her in the real world. Like he’s going to be reborn and find her again. I think there must be nuance within the Chinese that just isn’t making it to the English. Thank you so much for commenting!!

          • I think the confusion stems from thinking that the conversation is talking about their current situation when it’s not. It’s meant to only convey how far Wuji is willing to go for the “her” in the poem (which is FuYao).
            And as another poster commented, this conversation about FuYao was actually between Wuji and another person in the novel. But in the drama, they changed it so that Wuji says it face to face to FuYao

          • Think of it as they’re talking about the poem, the meaning behind it, and hypothetical questions that then stem from it. And Wuji conveys his love through his answers.

  10. Don’t know why my previous comment didn’t go through but anyway, in the end, Wuji and Fuyao didn’t die though. I wonder if it’s the English translation but I watched it in Chinese (since I’m Chinese), and the ending was pretty clear that they defeated the evil and lived happily ever. None of the Chinese audience thought it was a sad ending. Even the official China online broadcast channel made a video (which YangMi reposted to her weibo) which congratulated FuYao on becoming TianQuan Crown Princess. I’m guessing it’s the English translation…?

  11. Hope it’s not too late but I don’t know how got got Wuji and Fuyao died. They didn’t die. If anything their weibo should be the official proof for the happy ending. Lost in translation maybe?

    If you paid attention to their conversation in the last 2 episodes you know they aren’t dying…

  12. The poem they read at the end was actually the novel’s opening and it’s a conversation between Wuji and someone else in the book.
    It was what caught my attention actually. So I’mglad they kept it in the drama but it’s not easy to translate so it might cause you misunderstanding that they died? lol

  13. I saw you have updated.
    Nevermind my previous comments then
    I love the drama too and wish the script writer did a bit better but at least they give me good OTP relationship. Wuji and Fuyao is goal

    • Thank you for the information! We really weren’t meaning to confuse anyone. I know many people on Viki and Dramafever were confused by the ending, like we were. So I’m not sure all the confusion is because of our recap. LOL. If it is, then we’re more popular than we thought.

  14. Thank you to all the fluent Chinese speakers for setting us straight! One of my favorite aspects of blogging about dramas is the opportunity to connect with fellow fans from around the world and gain new perspectives. We were reminded very clearly how some things may get lost in translation. Without all of you, we would still be snarking about how our favorite OTP ended up chasing each other through the halls of the Celestial Palace for all eternity. So, with humility and gratitude, I would like to thank all of you for your comments and translations!! You are all like the magical Yuan Bao sharing your life-reviving hamster spit of clarification, and now Fuyao and Wuji will live out their days in our memories as the OTP that didn’t die after all. Many thanks!

    -Kdrama Jen

    • One of the reasons why I love reading drama recaps (especially chatty recaps like these! :D) is also because it’s really fun to see what fellow drama lovers think about particular episodes or events, both from oversea and domestic fans. So I want to thank you girls for doing these recaps too 😀 I may not comment much but I really enjoyed reading through them!
      And speaking of Celestial Palace, I’m not so sure that that’s where the last scene on the bridge takes place (since the drama doesn’t explicitly say). It’s a guess on my part, but in the novel, Wuji built a bridge for Fuyao that overlooks the five kingdoms, so maybe there? 🙂 Or just somewhere in the TianQuan palace, since we see the city below and stuff.

  15. it’s worth to watch over and over again. I love the scenes when they’re together because they’re so much in love and chemistry. I don’t usually watch Chinese Drama but this is the best and I watched so many times and still love it.

  16. Just marathoned thriugh the entire thing… i have to say i could have been happy to reduve to 40 episodes and get rid of all Gaston scenes, all emperor i was wronged bits and the really unrealistic girl dies just to revive again by magic… the first older brother was annoying but his character is not really there for long so its tolerable.

    I have to say the romance was super sweet and the fight scenes fun. loved the half naked wuji too! and the on screen chemistry with the leads was pretty great!

    Definitly a must see!

  17. I also just rewatched this again – and found that I’d skipped some parts while waiting for subtitles. I may be one of the few who actually liked Gaston and disliked Sexy Doctor. I like to think they just got knocked to the side, not killed. Thanks again for these recaps!

    • Maybe I should rewatch it too! I know we missed a few things when we were in the heat of the recap and also when subs were a little off. Poor Gaston!!!!

  18. Instead of skipping through scenes, use google chrome and download VIDEO SPEED CONTROLLER — this way you can speed up through the draggy boring stuff and still see whats going on… and SLOW DOWN THE sweet scenes 🙂
    I wish everyone happy drama enjoying time with this, I think it makes the $5 viki pass/mo and finishing Legend of Fuyao in less than a week possible. More time to squeeze in your drama watching and not spend months watching it.

  19. Thank you for this! I was also unsure if they were alive or dead at the end. Also Wuji holding out his hand to Fuyao having a major impact makes more sense now knowing that there was suppose to be a meaningful symbol there. One thing I wonder is why didn’t Fuyao ever pull out the poker/wood Zhao gave her? Also disappointing that they don’t mention what happens to Prince Fierce, Princess and Dr. Z (or how they happened to get there in time to help)! Also did karma bite Folian in the arse? I thought it was interesting that the Mt. Mystic storyline dramatically dropped off once those characters were dead, hardly any afterthought for Fuyao.
    This is the first c-drama I’ve seen. I found it refreshing that they could show love without sex and no skin (except Wuji’s chiseled chest). To me though, the underwater kissing scenes seem awkward. Wasn’t sure if he was kissing or giving the breath of life; I mean who kisses with their eyes open? But the chemistry between them was awesome. And does every man have to desire Fuyao?! I might be one of the strange ones but I find Wuji, Dr and the Prince (Gaston) all attractive. Also all are good actors, and the ability to ugly cry was startling.

  20. I know I’m a little over a year late for this but, as I’ve read from other sources, it would be nice to point out how the drama portrayed the novel.

    In the novel, it would be like a reverse-harem: FuYao x Wuji x Gaston x Hot Doc. But FuYao only has eyes, heart, and body for Wuji ♥ (PS. It has been proven that Yang Mi makes it fire with Taiwanese actors —- Mark Chao and now Ethan Juan. Wishing she’d be with William Chan on Novoland!)

    In the novel, Hot Doc and Gaston really loved Fuyao romantically whereas in the drama, Hot Doc regards her with respect and Gaston (tho he did had his eyes on her before/loved her) has this more major romance with SP.

    I feel like they could’ve extended up to Episode 70 to wrap things up better? And sorry, but I kinda understood the Father Emperor and sympathized with him a TIIIIINY bit. It was the Empress who was just UGH, JUST FREAKING TELL THEM.

    Also, you didn’t mention the crazy queen again 🙁 She’s so pitiful. I loved her and how she’s the first to give FuYao some motherly love.

    Overall, I still can’t move on with this drama. Here are my faves:

    Fave Kingdom? It’s hard to choose! I want Xuanji (Plough) because of all the reds and the girl power but TaiYuan (Water Nation) is where 30% of the plot went and that’s where all great scenes are from so, I guess that one? 😀

    Fave Side Character? I’d say, the Consort of Honor! One of Wuji’s spies 😀 She’s cute and really smart and really cute. HAHA. Loved her conversation with FuYao when she’s conflicted about whether she likes him or not.

    Fave Moment/Scene? No one tops the wedding parade 😀 That was the most hilarious one! Aaaaand the cinematography in the Assassination in the bath with the roses? PERFECT. Also, the scene when Yang Mi turned into the witch? Girl, shows just how capable the actress is! Loved her even more! ♥

    Who needs to die sooner? Well, we have a list for that: Qi Yun (sorry), Prince Unmanned, Folian, and the PM’s niece and FuYao’s first love.

    There you gooo!

  21. Actors acting 10/10
    Chemistry between actors 10/10
    Script 7/10
    Do we need Legend of Fu Yao 2? YES
    Do we need more shows with Yang Mi and Ethan Juan? YES

    The actors did an amazing job, but the person who made the script was all over the place. I lost count who was Fu Yao pretending to be, or the others, or in which place are they… Started amazing, but needed more Fu Yao and Wuji romantic moments and less complicated battle story…

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