2nd and 3rd Teasers for The Ghost Detective: Bring on the Spooky!

Two chilling new teasers for the upcoming drama The Ghost Detective have just been released.  Murder, mystery, and a whole lot of spooky might make this show the perfect fall-weather watch!


Here’s a quick refresher on the plot from MDL:  “Lee Da Il is a private investigator. Jung Yeo Wool becomes his assistant to solve a mystery related to her younger siblings’ death.  They work together to solve other mysterious crimes.”

I last watched Daniel Choi in the romantic-comedy drama Jugglers, so I’m a bit curious to see him play the P.I. in this darker-themed genre.  Also, Park Eun Bin (Age of Youth) co-stars as the assistant who seems to have plenty of secrets regarding her past.

Oh. My. Goodness.  You guys!!!  I was seriously caught off guard by the 2nd teaser:  A sweet lakeside meet-up, suddenly interrupted by an eerie voice, traumatic flashbacks and a ghostly woman in red?  Just a little intense!  While I’m hopeful for some lighter moments, this drama IS being promoted as a thriller/mystery/horror.  Although far from this fangirl’s usual drama fare, the mystery element has perked my interest. I plan to check it out when it airs, but I’ll likely be watching those first couple of episodes from behind the throw pillows on my couch, just in case! 

How about you, drama fans?  Will you be watching or giving this new drama a pass?  Mark your calendars – The Ghost Detective begins airing Wednesday, September 5th, on KBS2.



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3 thoughts on “2nd and 3rd Teasers for The Ghost Detective: Bring on the Spooky!

  1. Daniel Choi looks AMAZING. And he’s not wearing the glasses for once. I believe he’d said that he doesn’t even really need them, but they’ve become a style and trademark. lol This drama looks so creepy. I guess The eerie woman in red is a thing now.I’ll be watching this one.

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