Kmuse’s Musings: Going Back to School Kdrama Style

It’s fall!  The weather cools down, everything is flavored with pumpkin spice, and the kids go back to school.  There are a few times I envy my kids and their fun school shenanigans.  And whenever this happens I dive into the drama vault and rewatch some of my favorite school-themed dramas.  Because what is better than actually being in school?  Watching Seo In Guk being awkwardly sexy in school, of course. 

School 2013

If you are looking for an angsty/semi-realistic school experience all while watching two tormented and sexy besties work through their issues, then School 2013 is the drama for you.  It was by far the best out of the School series and stars both Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk.  Their angst brought tears to my eyes multiple times and by the end I just wanted them to be together forever.  This isn’t a BL drama but is probably the closest you will get from Kdramaland anytime soon.

What’s Up

Are you one of those people that wishes they had attended a fancy school for musicians?  Also, someone who enjoys it when the cast bursts into song as they deal with their angst and issues? (I’m beginning to see an angsty theme with all these school dramas) Check out What’s Up and see many of our favorite actors in some of their earlier roles.  Not to mention we get Big Bang’s Daesung singing multiple songs.  Check out this clip and hopefully, it will wet your whistle for a great underrated drama experience.

Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up)

Did you secretly want to be a cheerleader when you were in high school?  Or do you hate cheerleading but love cute OTPs with oodles of chemistry and are willing to suffer through cheerleading to watch them?  Sassy Go Go is one of those dramas that just made me smile despite my total disgust at the academic system that the show displays.  So if you can ignore entitled annoying characters than this is probably a good show for you to check out.

Age of Youth

This story involves a group of girls that are in college, not high school. However, if I had to pick a drama that I could relate the most to it would be Age of Youth. The drama deals with the trial of living with a ton of strange girls, dating while attempting to keep your grades up, and the all around trials that occur when you are transitioning to adulthood. Age of Youth was chock full of relatable moments. This slice of school life drama is definitely one of my all-time favorites.

Answer Me 1997

Those of you who follow the blog know that Answer Me 1997 is not only my favorite drama starring my #1 all-time bias Seo In Guk. But it also is the drama I have re-watched the most. I have viewed this gem 14 times start to finish so, of course, it has to be added to this list. Answer Me 1997 is that show which everyone can relate to. The love of boy bands, the stress of young love and transitioning that love beyond high school, the need to stalk your favorite kpop (or in my case boy) idol. This truly is the story of those of us who grew up in the 90s. If you can only choose one drama to watch from the list then this is it!

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

If you are looking for an edgier bad boy type of drama, I suggest pushing play on Shut Up Flower Boy Band. This show brings the bromance to the forefront as a group of friends form a band and attempt to make it big in the music industry. All while trying to graduate from high school.

White Christmas

My last pick is one that is a tiny bit odd since it is literally a school nightmare come to life. Every inch of this drama makes me never want to return to school again. However, it is a wild storyline which delves into the rancid depths of Korean education. Add in a crazy serial killer and a non-traversable blizzard and you have one twisted school drama. This will also be the drama The Fangirls are rewatching and reviewing for our Podcast next month. So feel free to get a jump on this White Christmas (only 8 episodes on Viki) and be ready to chat with us in October.

There you have it.  My list of the best school dramas of all time.  Did your favorite make my list?  If not, let me know in the comments.

Til our next drama adventure,


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3 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: Going Back to School Kdrama Style

  1. Thank you for the list! I’ve just realised most of the kdramas I like are high school dramas . . . and they are all on your list! I’ve watched, and loved, Sassy Go Go, School 2013, White Christmas, Answer Me 1997, and Shut Up Flower Boy Band. That last one is my favourite 8-)

  2. Hello, I like this list since it is quite diverse :) thanks. I have seen all except What’s up that I am going to check quickly.
    My personal preference : White Christmas!!! and School 2013

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