Kmuse’s Musings: Rise of the Phoenixes & Life Coming to Netflix in September

Netflix is slowly becoming a contender for my attention when it comes to drama.  This upcoming month they are coming out with two strong dramas and I could not be happier.  Come check out the teasers and my thoughts about the dramas Life & Rise of the Phoenixes.

Rise of the Phoenixes – Starring Ni Ni & Chen Kun

Synopsis: Feng Zhi Wei is the unfavoured illegitimate daughter of the Qiu Family, who is then banished from the clan after being falsely accused of a crime. Zhi Wei cross-dresses as a man to attend the prestigious Qingming Academy and stuns the world with her talent and knowledge. She remains loyal and honest to the reigning Emperor during the princes’ fight for the throne, yet soon finds out she is the only surviving royalty of a fallen kingdom. Manipulated into thinking that the current dynasty was built upon the corpses of her loved ones, Zhi Wei ultimately decides to take revenge against her enemies, including her lover Ning Yi.

My Thoughts: I AM SO EXCITED!  I was impatiently waiting to watch this drama and I was despairing when it seemed that nowhere was subbing.  Pictures and clips kept popping up on social media (sans subs) and I felt like I was the kid looking into the candy store without a penny to my name.  But never fear, life is all good again since Netflix will be making Rise of the Phoenixes available starting September 14th.  It also happens to fall on one of my days off so I know what I will be doing that Friday.  Will you be joining me on this Chinese drama adventure?

Life – Starring Lee Dong Wook & Jo Seung Woo

Synopsis: This series examines the hospital as a breeding ground for misuse of power. It is a place of conflicting interests and clashing egos. The doctors have the power to save lives, but the board has the power to kill doctors. In a building supposedly dedicated to the public’s health, it’s the personal vendettas that fuel people to get up in the morning.

My Thoughts:  They had me at Jo Seung Woo, not to mention it is written by Lee Soo Yeon.  One of my new favorite scriptwriters in Dramaland.  I have to admit that I might have cheated on my co-bloggers and watched the first episode on one of the less than legal sites.  But then I sucked it up and agreed to wait.  But it is so hard since Jo Seung Woo’s entrance in the drama was nothing short of EPIC!  September 12th can’t get here fast enough for this impatient fangirl.

So what do you think?  Will you join me in a drama binge in September?  Let me know which drama you are most excited for in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: Rise of the Phoenixes & Life Coming to Netflix in September

  1. Oh my god! The first drama seems like a classic because I feel like it’d come out a while ago like Mulan. But I like dramas with that vintage vibe 😎😎.
    Also you gave a really cool description on the second show w o w. It got me
    Interesting and I like the way you used Netflix as a common thread/theme

  2. Viki (and DF) have dropped the ball on a number of good dramas (Prison Playbook for one)…hoping Netflix will fill the void. Been hoping they would pick up Life since they had the license overseas. And then there’s the marathoning…

  3. Oooooh! I hope that Canadian Netflix will have them too (probably we will… although there we still don’t have A Korean Odyssey). If we do, I’ll definitely be joining for Rise of the Phoenixes, which sounds AWESOME. I’m a little less sure about the second, as I tend to go for non-serious drama and it looks a bit serious. We’ll see… moods change with the seasons I find, and maybe I’ll feel serious in the fall 😛

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