New revenge drama Room No. 9 releases 1st teaser

Though out my drama watching years Kim Hae Suk has become one of my favorite older actresses. So, if I am being totally honest, I am most excited to check Room No. 9 out for her. Watching her play a body switching prisoner seeking revenge sounds both unique and right up my drama alley.

Synopsis: Eulji Hae-Yi is a lawyer at a big law firm. She flatters people who hold power, but looks down upon those who are poor. Eulji Hae-Yi does anything to win her cases. She will soon receive a promotion to senior partner at the law firm. Her boyfriend is Ki Yoo-Jin. He works as a family medicine doctor. He seems like a gentleman, but he hides his cruelty.

Meanwhile, Eulji Hae-Yi meets death-row convict Jang Hwa-Sa  in room 9 in the prison’s visitation area. In room 9, when Eulji Hae-Yi meets Jang Hwa-Sa, their bodies are exchanged.

With Kim Hee Sun & Kim Young Kwang joining her for the soul swap adventure I expect good things. All three are veteran actors with a substantial filmography so as long as the story is solid we should be good. Room No. 9 will begin airing September 29th following Mr. Sunshine.

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