Two New Teasers for The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been in a deep drama drought. That’s all about to end though, and the one I’m the most excited for is The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. In just a few short weeks, on September 26th, Seo In Guk,  Jung So MIn, and Park Sung Woong will be keeping us in suspense in what the teasers are describing as a “mystery melo”. The fangirls will be recapping this one, which I’m sure you already guessed since Kmuse’s love for Seo In Guk is legendary.

I’m already intrigued by the look in Seo In Guk’s eyes. Honestly, I’m excited to see him playing a shady kind of character. Is he good or bad or is he a little of both?  There has also been a pretty big hole in my life since Life on Mars ended so I’m very happy to see Park Sung Woong back on my screen.  Are you excited for this drama?

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