It’s Spy vs family in 2nd Terius Behind Me teaser

Hooray!  The end-of-summer drama drought is coming to an end!  I’ve already started a couple new shows this week and I’m giddy with anticipation as the floodgates open and new dramas come pouring in.  In less than two weeks Terius Behind Me will be vying for my attention.  It promptly went on my watch list when I first heard about it— I am SUPER excited to see So Ji Sub acting on the small screen once again.  Has it really been THREE years since we saw him in Oh My Venus? 

The first teaser was all intrigue and mystery, but our second glimpse is hinting at a comedic element.  Jung In Sun is co-starring as the harried, single-mom next door.  I’ve enjoyed her last couple of dramas and I’m really curious how she, as well as the rest of the strong supporting cast, will bring this story together!  Who’s with me?  

Terius Behind Me begins airing Wednesday, September 19th, on MBC. 



One thought on “It’s Spy vs family in 2nd Terius Behind Me teaser

  1. I had really hesitated to watch Oh My Venus for a long time (Korean treatment of being fat is not something I generally enjoy). But I finally watched recently and really loved his performance. He brought a lot to the character that made the love story work in a way that I think a lesser actor couldn’t have pulled off. After I was done I was like WOW, I want to watch more of him.

    So I’d probably be in anyway, but that still you’ve got here… If it’s the show manages that level of adorable on a regular basis, I’m going to be a happy fan :D :D :D

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