5 Kpop MVs of the Week: Latin Edition

I love Latin music.  I love Kpop.  What happens when you mix the two together?  Come find out as Kmuse shares 5 Latin-inspired music videos that are worth watching.

Welcome to our new weekly kpop segment. After seeing BTS this past week, I have decided that we need to be more proactive in spreading some Kpop love into the blogosphere. Yes, I know there are a million kpop blogs already out there and we primarily focus on tv shows. But since Kpop is a crossover inclination when you are a kaddict, it still falls within our niche. Also, I think there tons of MVs, songs, and groups out there that no one has heard of. And since one of my all-time favorite things is convincing people to step out of their entertainment box and try something new, this segment was created. Each week we will bring you five music videos to check out. Sometimes they will be new, but often they might be songs that you missed way back when Kpop was less mainstream. This week I am finding some of my favorite Kpop songs that have distinctive Latin beat.

#5 “Lo Siento” by Super Junior

It took me a while to warm up to this MV since I tend to like my Super Junior more traditional.  But, you can’t deny the heavy Latin influence.

#4 La Song – Rain

I was so excited for Rain’s comeback after returning from military service. I wasn’t expecting him to channel the Caribbean/South American beat in his comeback but now I couldn’t do without this song on my exercise playlist.

#3 FT Island – I Wish

I wish I loved the current music performed by FT Island as much as I do this 2012 Latin-inspired hit. The Spanish guitar makes it a song I always love to listen to when I am feeling in a nostalgic mood. So if you have not already checked out FT Island’s MV backlog then you need to check this hidden gem out.

#2 Mamamoo – Egotistic

If BTS didn’t have this catchy Latin song (see #1) added to their recent album then Mamamoo would have won hands down when it comes to best Latin-inspired song. The girls were fierce with their style, dance, and vocals. Their voices were made for this genre of music. Check out Egotistic and try to not swing your hips back in forth along with them.

#1 BTS – Airplane Part. 2

I just saw this live and the use of the mic as a prop is brilliant.  Not to mention this is a song that makes me dream of warm nights and romantic walks down on the beach.  It’s a perfect summer song and that is why it is ranked #1!  Well, that, and it is BTS.

There you have it.  My personal, five most memorable Kpop Latin-inspired songs.  Or at least the five I was inspired to share with you all.  Did your favorite make the list?  Did one of my suggestions make it onto your playlist?  Let me know in the comments and come back next week as I share another five Kpop MVs.

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