First Teasers for Where Stars Land/Bride of the Foxes

New Chae Soo Bin drama?  YES!  Who’s excited? ME!!!  

Okay, so to be honest, I had no idea she was starring in a new drama until about 4 hours ago.  BUT, being the responsible fangirl that I am, I have since been diligently looking into this new drama, Where Stars Land/Bride of the Foxes.  

With a title like that, I couldn’t even begin to guess what the story might be about. My online sleuthing turned up a rather generic sounding synopsis.  The drama centers on two rookie employees, Yoon Seo Wool, played by Soo Bin, and Lee Je Hoon (from Signal) as Kang Ki Chan.  Both are beginning new jobs at Incheon Airport.  Hmm, okay. Maybe the recently released trailers might bring more insight?

We get a glimpse of Je Hoon’s character, looking professional, but somewhat downtrodden, as he directs travelers inside the airport.  And in the second teaser, a sudden summer rain-shower brings the two leads together unexpectedly outside a cafe?  

Yep, I’m left with more questions than answers at this point.  I’m guessing I will just have to wait until this drama airs to satisfy my curiosity.  What do you think, drama fans?  Are you on board? 

Where Stars Land, begins Monday, October 1st, on SBS.  



2 thoughts on “First Teasers for Where Stars Land/Bride of the Foxes

  1. Nooooo! I was hoping for a spin off of The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love (2018) with the fox brothers! Airports are okay but no Fox Boys.

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