First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Lee Yoo Ri Shines in Makjang Drama Hide & Seek

Are you searching for a classic weekend drama where you hate the evil grandmother and wish everyone was a little less crooked (except for our leading lady Lee Yoo Ri)?  Then how about taking a look at the new drama Hide & Seek?  Come join me as I give you my first impressions & unfiltered thoughts on the first 8 episodes and why it might not matter that the drama is just OK because Lee Yoo Ri is brilliant.

Lee Yoo Ri is a bad-ass pint-sized leading lady that can do no wrong

I don’t have time to add more dramas onto my drama-watching schedule.  I am stacked the nth degree with shows I need to watch for the blog and those that I just want to watch for fun.  Not to mention my Western shows are starting up again in the next month.  So what might have possessed me to start a weekend makjang drama?  My absolute love for Lee Yoo Ri.  It doesn’t matter if she is the good girl, the bad girl, or the orphan who is adopted to be murdered to save the rich sickly daughter of a deranged grandma.  Whatever her role, Lee Yoo Ri throws herself into it 100%.  This is no different in Hide & Seek.  I could watch her scheme and intimidate people for hours and never be bored.  She is that good at holding a viewer’s attention.

Evil relatives are the norm, right?

The shift from your big bad evil chaebol adult to a savvier big bad has been very subtle the past few years. It wasn’t until Lee Yoo Ri’s character was being dragged to the sanitarium that I realized that this type of makjang trope isn’t the norm anymore. So if you don’t mind a blast from the past and watching an evil grandmother try to destroy a young girl’s life, then you might enjoy this show. If nothing else, it brings back some nostalgic feels from back when I started watching dramas.

OTP love?

I’m still not sure about the OTP (One True Pairing) in this drama. It is a bit disturbing that he is engaged (even to the point of living with) the 2nd female lead, all while he is falling for Lee Yoo Ri. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why he is distracted. She is obviously a feisty goddess of awesomeness. I just wish he was a little less emotionally entangled when he starts making his interest known.

Overall plot

The drama is interesting enough. The story of the plucky orphan who is forced to take the place of the rich heiress after the latter is kidnapped is interesting. And if you get annoyed with the crazy-pants chaebol adults, well, it is a makjang weekend drama so that is to be expected. Would I be watching this drama if Lee Yoo Ri wasn’t in it? Probably not. So if you are like me and stan Lee Yoo Ri to the point you will add another show just to support her project, then take a look at Hide and Seek. If you are searching for something that has a solid storyline and will keep you guessing…this might not be the drama for you.

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  1. If I could have a drama pony, it would be Lee Yu Ri reprising her character Byun Hye Young (from Father is Strange) in a show called “Byun Hye Young Reacts.” I love, love, love her, enough that I watched *all the way to the end* of Jan Bori is Here. I want to see her in something really good! She deserves a top-notch project!

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