Relationships are complicated in new The Smile Has Left Your Eyes teaser

If this drama’s OTP (One True Pairing) had a Facebook page, their relationship status would definitely be marked as “It’s Complicated.” I guess love can’t be easy when one half of the pair might be a killer who might, or might not, be playing the other half.

Synopsis: The story centeres around the unfolding relationship between free and unpredictable yet dangerous Kim Moo Young, who is called a “monster”. He is the first assistant in a Korean beer brewery who becomes a suspect when his girlfriend’s suicide turns out to be murder. His life begins to change when he meets a kind, warm advertising designer named Yoo Jin Kang, who wishes to be Moo Young’s safe haven. She bears as many emotional scars as him. Yoo Jin Kang also has a brother, a homicide detective who strives to “reveal” who Moo Young really is and attempts to keep his sister away from Moo Young. (MyDramaList)

It also should be noted that The Smile Has Left Your Eyes has been moved back to a release date of October 3rd rather than the last week of September as it had previously been stated.

I added in the teaser that contains the behind the scenes at the poster shoot.  They are so cute and quirky when they are not being all angsty for the cameras.  You can see the visual poster shoot below.  I personally love how much a few shifting photos can say about the various character’s dynamic.  CLkytta & I will be recapping this drama so be sure to come back for some serious Seo In Guk fangirling once it starts.

See you October 3rd,


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6 thoughts on “Relationships are complicated in new The Smile Has Left Your Eyes teaser

  1. “one half of the pair might be a straight up psychopath who might, or might not, be playing the other half. All because he wants to psychologically mess with the cop brother….whose fiance he might have killed.”

    Wut? Is that the angle they’re going with? Seriously now…

        • I have only been going on what other people have said about the drama. I have not looked in to the specifics to deeply since I don’t want to be spoiled. I was told he was possibly the killer of the cops fiance and was messing with him psychologically by targeting his sister. Also, some kind of incest but I am not looking to deeply into that since I don’t want to be spoiled on what is going to happen in the drama. Sorry if I didn’t get it exactly right since I am going on third party info here. I really don’t want to get details because some people were freaking out already about the incest aspect.

          • That’s fine if it’s what you were told. I’m just rolling my eyes at all the info so far about this remake, and really peeved that there’s even a remake in the first place. If the psychopath and dead fiancee angle is what they’re aiming for, they clearly haven’t understood the original.

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