The Guest: A Special Twitter Edition First Impression Post

Sometimes a drama rolls around and you watch, you contemplate, and you go to Twitter to live tweet your reactions.  Yes, Hand: The Guest (I will just be calling it The Guest for the rest of the post) is that kind of drama.  So sit back and enjoy as I search twitter for the best tweets to try and describe my feelings on this drama.  Because sometimes what you say while you in the middle of watching turns out to be the most entertaining thing you can say.

**Warning – There are a few spoilers in this post.  So proceed as long as you don’t mind discovering some of the twists and turns of the first two episodes.

For those of you searching for a true horror drama, look no further than The Guest.  It has gore, dead bodies, & demon possessions out the yin-yang and we are only two episodes in.

This drama is not playing around.  From the get-go, we have our protagonist Yoon Hwa-Pyung seeing ghosts and hearing terrifying ghost stories about a great evil that comes from the sea and possesses the weak.  It is no huge leap to realize that the big bad is about to come out of the sea for another round of kill, maim, and terrorize.

The demon possesses various people in the village, including a young Yoon Hwa Pyung, and proceeds to cut a swath through the locals.  Eventually possessing the body of a young priest who walks home and kills his parents, as well as a female cop who stops at the house to investigate.  The only three survivors are Yoon Hwa Pyung, Kang Kil-Young (the daughter of the cop), & the younger brother of the possessed priest, Choi Yoon .  To say they are traumatized by the events would be an understatement.

Jump fifteenish years and our three traumatized children meet again.  This time while solving a string of murders.  Through following the dead bodies, they discover a possessed man and proceed to try and cast the demon out of him.

I have to give kudos to the director.  The level of creepy body jerks of the possessed people makes me cringe.  I also checked the locks to my doors because this is some seriously creepy storytelling here.

As for the three actors playing our priest, the psychic, and the cop… they are doing a stellar job.  I completely get a feel for each of their unique personalities as well as their personal demons (ha! pun intended) that keep them searching for some type of closure.

I will say that Kim Dong Wook & Jung Eun Chae are doing a good job.  But Kim Jae Wook is taking it to another level.  His portrayal as the younger brother priest to the killer demon priest is beyond brilliant.  If you don’t believe me, take a glance at some of the below clips.

Notice how even his cheekbones are acting in these scenes.  Every muscle, every glance, every body movement is filled to the brim with intensity.  He takes this drama from a simple horror film to an elevated level of drama watching.

There are ethical issues in finding a Catholic priest crazy hot, but I’m ok with that. But seriously, how do they make him hot even when covered in blood and demon goo?  It is a mystery in itself.

Other than the very mature content there is very little not to like about this drama.  The acting is stellar and the directing is terrifying.  My one complaint is summed up by @OrionsRamblings.

Those demon voices have to go… or go to a deeper tone.  At this point, I feel that Chip & Dale are trying to cosplay demons and it just doesn’t work as well as everything else is.

In conclusion, if you want a true horror drama experience then check out The Guest.  It is all the gore and scary chills & thrills that you didn’t know you wanted in a drama.  If any of the things mentioned above gives you a pause then don’t watch it.  If anything, I have underplayed how intense and graphic this drama gets.  It is not for the light of heart.  If you really want to know what is going on and don’t have the guts to try watching it yourself, can I suggest going on Twitter and following #TheGuest.  I know that several people, myself included, are live tweeting and the comments are very entertaining.

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  1. Oh NO NO NO NO NO! As much as I fancy KJW and his high cheekbones, I fancy my sleep more! Exorcist movies make my over-imaginative brain goes into super overdrive, to the point I rather hold my pee in and suffer throughout night than go to the toilet in the middle of the night 😖 This drama definitely does look good for my faint heart and bladder so will have to stay far far awaaaaay from it!

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