Adorkable 2nd teaser for Quiz From God: Reboot

This is one of those dramas I am on the fence about.  On one hand, the first several seasons of Quiz From God were amazing.  On the other, when it went bland, it went really bland.  So where does that leave Quiz From God: Reboot?

If you had asked a week ago I would have said, “meh?” but after this teaser, I think my Ryu Deok Hwan love has been reignited.  He is just so darn cute that I can’t help but pray that the storyline for this series will receive fresh blood and be exciting again.

In Quiz of God: Reboot we will go four years in the future where Han Jin-Woo is persuaded to return to the medical examiner office for a new case.  However, it looks like things have not stayed the same and Han Jin Woo’s notoriety has faded, at least from the mind of this security guard.

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