Bloody Romance Episodes 9-12: A Chatty Recap

We have blood bugs galore and a romance that is kind of burgeoning…. maybe.  So many things happened for us to discuss and try to create some semblance of sense.  So join us as we discuss week three of Bloody Romance!

**Warning** If you are absolutely adoring this drama and don’t want to hear anything negative, this is the point you might want to stop reading.  There is a good chance that we will be sarcastically watching from ep 12 on out.  Also, due to our heavy drama watching schedule (we are in love with The Rise of the Phoenixes and Fights Break Sphere), we will be releasing these closer to every 2 weeks.  There is so much drama and so little time to watch, write, and podcast about everything.  Thanks for your understanding!

Friend of Foe?

After the assassination attempt of the night before, assassin frenemy comes over to share some very pointed barbs.  Wan Mei is confused as to why she showed up but Chang An explains that she had observed them canoodling on the swing and was giving them a friendly warning.

Kmuse: Ha.  I guess I needed Chang An to explain the subtext of that meet and greet to me as well.  I didn’t get even half of that from the conversation.  More a sense of veiled menace and gloom.  That said, wasn’t frenemy gorgeous when they walked in and she was swinging on that swing?  I might have some hair envy when it comes to her.

Kdrama Jen: Thank goodness we have Chang An to explain things to us. I am still not sure about this frenemy. Then again, they are all assassins fighting for survival, so I am not sure there is much room for the “fr” in frenemy. On another note, I wish I had a tree swing precariously hanging over the edge of a cliff. Well, maybe not.

It’s all about revenge

Chang An is from the house of Xie, as in he was the stable boy from the Xie household.  They were a famous sword making family that was destroyed by the vamp queen for not opening a 100-year-old iron tablet for her.  Chang An has vowed revenge and is trying to assassinate the vamp queen…so far unsuccessfully.

Kmuse: Hmm.  I’m not saying that Chang An’s reasons for wanting the evil vamp queen dead aren’t valid.  But his flashback montage just didn’t hit me as deeply as Blind Prince’s.  I have a feeling that my favoritism for Blind Prince is even influencing my interest in revenge flashbacks.  It is not looking good for me shipping our OTP.

Kdrama Jen: I am still hoping you will print these images and hang them in your living room.


We could make beautiful music together

Blind Prince & Wan Mei continue to connect via pretty blood bugs and now music.  They do a duet together.  A duet that begins as a soft beautiful melody then turns into the song of angst when Wan Mei starts thinking of all the horrible things that have befallen her in the past few months.  She passes out only to awake in Blind Prince’s arms (not the worst place to wake up in).  Blind Prince assures her that he isn’t interested in her virtue.  Instead, he is gifting her with some magical killer witchcraft that will help her become stronger.  Usually, a person doesn’t receive this until they have killed ten people.  But, I guess he thought that Wan Mei is special despite the fact she hasn’t successfully killed even one person to date.

Kmuse: Why does everything in this show have to be so darn creepy?  I would usually be thrilled to see Wan Mei and Blind Prince together.  But then they had to go and involve death magic, stalker tendencies, and drugging via a musical instrument.  Why can’t I just get a sweet kiss and not something from a bondage fantasy?

Kdrama Jen: Why do you have to be such a Judgy McJudger? Maybe there are people out there who find carnivorous blood bugs and musical drugging by a dude pretending to be blind super sexy. And maybe Blind Prince sees something in Wan Mei that none of us see–like potential.

Something is fishy with Wan Mei’s blood–or is buggy?

I guess that Wan Mei is special because she ate that medicine bead thing back in episode 1 (I totally forgot about it.)  You know the one she picked off the dead corpse way back when?  It does something to her blood that makes her a witch?  Witch adjacent?  I don’t even know with this drama anymore.  It makes her special, whatever the details might be.  Oh, also, Blind Prince’s bodyguard is starting to get jealous of his obvious affection for Wan Mei.  You know this isn’t going to end well.

Kmuse: Ah…. so Wan Mei ate the magic pill that would cure Blind Prince’s wasting disease.  Am I the only one that thinks that the bodyguard might try to siphon Wan Mei’s blood to make a magical pill?

Kdrama Jen: Wan Mei is like an incubator for this future magical pill. It is only a matter of time until she gets cracked open, or more likely some type of insect will be sent through her body, to gather the magic pill mojo.

Saving Granny

Now that Blind Prince & Wan Mei are on the same team they go to a mystical palace of the walking dead to steal some magical jam. Turns out that Blind Prince’s dear grandmother is the current protector of the jam. We learn that she gave up her own life to become the never dying guardian………so that her daughter will always have her mother alive? I’m a bit confused over that part. It might be the translation or this drama might not make any sense. Either is a possibility. Regardless, Wan Mei is trained to sneak between strings with bells on them. In the walking dead hideout, this is what they use to detect thieves.

After a few misses, which gets Chang An beaten by walking dead soldiers, Wan Mei retrieves the magical jam and is about to leave without awakening the grandma guardian. But then decides she needs to save her and, in true stupid Wan Mei fashion, she wakes up Granny on purpose. This results in a fight between Granny with her deadly hair and Wan Mei with Blind Prince as a backup. They get their butts kicked but survive after Wan Mei pulls the grandson card from her deck. They convince Not Completely Dead Granny that it is ok to die and leave her daughter. Uhm, so success?

Kmuse: Seriously, she is the worst stealthy assassin ever.  Has she accomplished anything after the first episode where she didn’t need the men to come in and save her?  To be perfectly honest, I found the grandmother’s story much more interesting than Wan Mei.

Kdrama Jen: Is it bad that I am rooting for Granny over Wan Mei? I should appreciate that Wan Mei is an assassin with a moral code, but I really just see her as helpless and more blind that the Blind Prince Who Isn’t Really Blind.

Blood Bug Heart Surgery

Learning that the medicine that he needs desperately to prolong his life resides in Wan Mei, Blind Prince decides to take it back.  The only way he can do that is by removing her heart where the medicine ball resides.  This begins the most unsanitary and eye-rolling heart surgery ever done in a drama. Wan Mei is floating atop the bug lake as the bugs swarm her body and Blind Prince sticks his hand inside to grab her heart.  At which point he stands there for a long time (while we listen to a heartbeat in addition to the background music) and contemplates their relationship.  In the end he takes his hand out of her chest and allows her to live.

Kmuse: Is it wrong that I kind of wished he had killed Wan Mai off? She is just so bad at everything she does. I feel like we are at the point when Darwinism would kick in. Also, Chang An is a total shadow fail. If I was a suspicious killing machine I wouldn’t be trusting Blind Prince very far. He is obviously as devious as everyone else in that city.

Kdrama Jen: It might be the worst version of heart surgery ever, but look at all the pretty blue fireflies. It wins for prettiest heart surgery.

A New Mission

After the failed attempt to steal Wan Mai’s heart, pun intended, Blind Prince sends the assassin duo out to steal a map that gives the location of two high powered blood bugs. They are up against an unknown female foe who manages to thwart their plot to sneak into her rooms. Instead of fun assassin stuff, we get to watch Wan Mai ignore her task and instead try to get Chang An to admit his feelings for her. Oh, and she gets to act like a spoiled child as part of their cover. But really is it that much of an act? Eventually, Wan Mai and Chang An get found out and Chang An is captured. Which leaves Wan Mei alone to find the map. She sneaks upstairs and discovers a woman burning the map. She is able to snag it just in time to memorize the picture, all while fighting off this other woman.

Kmuse: This mission annoyed me and I could live without watching Wan Mai pretend to be a screeching wife and be happy.  She was super annoying.  Also, a lot of the plot in this section had me confused.  Not sure if it was the subs or the story but I don’t care enough to watch it again after Viki subs it.

Kdrama Jen: So, I admit I watched this a while ago, but I seriously do not remember this at all. I must have fallen asleep. Like, seriously, no memory of these scenes.


Chang An escapes and races to Wan Mai, only to be distracted by the identity of the other woman. In order to save the mystery woman, he cuts the rope that connected Wan Mei to the woman. Chang An grabs the mysterious lady in his arm and ignores Wan Mei as she plummets to her death…….or into a large lake. Where she is captured and taken away to be tortured.

Kmuse: Wow.  Just wow.  I don’t even know how to describe my feelings after watching Chang An’s betrayal.  Men suck.

Kdrama Jen: And this is where I started to really hate watch. I have to believe Chang An had his reasons. I just hope they are solid enough to make up for the fact that he totally failed the woman he is supposed to be protecting.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I hate that Wan Mei isn’t just a bit smarter, stronger, aggressive.  With so many well-written characters showing up in Cdramas lately, Wan Mei is highly lacking in comparison.  She is greatly lacking, and it bugs me (Kdrama Jen: Ha! I love how you use “bug” here) that she never seems to be thinking of those around her unless it is in some way detrimental to the overall mission.  Sure she feels bad about killing someone, but the fact that her compatriots are dying if she doesn’t succeed doesn’t seem to make a dent in her brain.

And don’t get me started on Chang An.  If he wants to save the other woman there is nothing wrong with that.  But to completely ignore Wan Mei’s plight while he does it is inexcusable.   Any interest I had on this OTP (one true pairing) just died a watery death along with Wan Mai’s plunge.

Kdrama Jen: So, I confess that there is part of me that has been waiting for Wan Mei to transform into a stronger and more bad-donkey kind of character. Maybe torture and imprisonment will be the trick. I agree with Kmuse, I think we have been spoiled by some of the brilliant, resourceful, and sassy female characters of other recent Cdramas. I was expecting a drama about female assassins to be overflowing with such strong female characters, and I am a bit disappointed that our female lead is not living up to that expectation. I know I was crushing a bit more on Chang An than Kmuse (she has been Team Blind Prince since the beginning), so his betrayal has really hit me. I am not sure any OTP has a future when one part of the pair betrayed the other and it led to daily leg breakage. It just tends to leave a dark cloud over a relationship. Maybe there are magical healing spiders that will weave Wan Mei a silken cast and she will not be horribly damaged from repeated to torture. With this drama, I think anything is possible

Til the next parasol murder,

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