Podcast #40 — Fangirl Roundtable: Teasers and Casting for Fall 2018

A new batch of dramas are almost upon us! Come join the Fangirls as they chat about all the upcoming drama teasers and casting gossip to help you find the perfect fall drama.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #40 — Fangirl Roundtable: Teasers and Casting for Fall 2018

  1. I would just like to formally apologize to all of the members of the Korean speaking population around the world for the horrendous butchering of this beautiful language as we stumble through pronunciation of drama characters and actors and actresses. Please forgive us.

    • Korean is a hard language and Korean names are especially difficult to pronounce- I mess up every single day chatting with native speakers!
      Fangirls, 화이팅!!!

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