First Teaser for The Best Divorce (Matrimonial Chaos)

My girl crush Bae Doo Na has a drama coming out and I just don’t think I can pass it up. Even though I’m not sold on the premise, the first teaser has me interested.

The synopsis pretty much says that Seok Moo (Cha Tae Hyun)  fails at his dream of being a musician, marries Doo Na’s character, then three years later asks for a divorce. I’ve heard that they get a divorce, but continue living together.  Then Seok Moo’s first love and her husband appear before them… I’m pretty sure they don’t all end up one big happy friend family so it’ll be interesting to see if Seok Moo tries to steal his first love, or if he just pretends to be happy because she’s happy. I have a feeling I’ll love her character and really not like his for the first half of the drama. Fingers crossed he’s redeemable.

In it for my girl,

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