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I am a snacker, I love to snack while I’m watching my dramas. The problem is, I want to eat what I see on the screen or at least something similar. When you live in an area where there isn’t an Asian market, that’s a real problem. So while I was watching Let’s Eat a few years back, I went on the internet to see what kind of food I could order online. I discovered Snackfever and decided to give them a try.  Three years later, I’m still excited to see the box at my door. I got my box this week and thought I’d share this treat with our readers.

This box is packed full!!

Every month I get the Deluxe box which is $45 a month, and I know that may seem a little pricey, but the box is packed full of goodies. It comes with about a dozen or more food items as well as other goodies including at least one Kpop item. They also have an original box option which is $28 a month. The boxes always have a theme, this month’s box has a Chuseok theme. We never know exactly what we will be getting, but that’s half the fun, my family has tried foods we would have never tried before. With your box is an insert that explains what all the food items are, as well as a little Korean lesson on the back from Eggbun Education. How fun is that! Every month we like to see what the theme is and what new words we can learn.

So many yummy snacks!

I love swag, and I thought the hanbok keychain was so adorable. The Seventeen sticker set is a fun Kpop item.

Let’s talk about the really important stuff like shipping and customer service. Snackfever ships directly from Korea, so you have to be patient because international mail can take a day or two longer than you may be used to. The good thing is they ship your box at the same time every month and you will have a shipping confirmation with a tracking number if you want to stalk your box while it’s in transit. Customer service is top notch, they answer emails quickly. They are very active on their Facebook page too.

Everyone loves to get a Snackfever box! They make great gifts.

Want to try Snackfever? Check out their website Let me know if you love them as much as I do!

Are you hungry now?


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