Thai Movie Review: I Fine…Thank You…I Love You

A couple of days ago I stumbled across I Fine..Thank You..Love You while scrolling through Netflix. I was sick and looking for something to entertain me that didn’t require deep thought or a major time commitment and this movie fit the bill. It was an interesting change of pace from my normal kdrama watching. Read on to find out my thoughts on I Fine..Thank You..Love You. 



Pleng is an English tutor who is approached by a former student to help the student break up with her boyfriend. The twist? Kaya (the student) and Yim (the boyfriend) don’t even speak the same language. After the breakup, Yim approaches Pleng for English tutoring so he can transfer to the US and get back together with Kaya. The language of love isn’t English though, it’s finding that one person you can really communicate with.


What did I like about this movie? First, these are real characters who are real working people. Yim is a mechanic who spends most of the movie in his work overalls, and Pleng has the tutoring business, but she’s very down to Earth. I really liked this theme, sometimes you just need a break from the grumpy chaebol and innocent poor girl trope. Second, this movie has a fairy tale gone wrong theme and I love that. Most importantly, I laughed a lot during this movie. I also cringed a lot, but that’s ok.


What I didn’t like was that the first part of the movie is full of bathroom humor/sexual humor and I had to make a conscious decision to watch past that. I know that this is a theme in some dramas and a lot of people find it funny, but I’m not that person. These scenes were probably why I won’t rewatch this movie.

Me cringing at some of the scenes

Final thoughts:

 I’d give this movie a 6/10.  While I wasn’t a fan of the types of humor in the movie, I did like the basic storyline. I would have rated this much higher if the bathroom humor had been left out. I really enjoy watching movies in other languages so if you have a favorite Thai movie or drama you want me to watch, please leave me a comment!

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***This movie contains bathroom humor and infers to sexual acts. 

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  1. I recommend Blood & Treasures on Netflix. Leading man is Pong (often known on MDL as “oft-shirtless Pong”) and it’s an interesting blend of modern Thai life and historical drama. It’s no Queen In-hyun’s Man but it does look at what it takes to become (and stay) immortal.

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