First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: 100 Days My Prince

We started Do Kyung Soo & Nam Ji Hyun’s new drama 100 Days My Prince (Hundred Days’ Husband) this week.  Which means it is time for another First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts post!  Come find out if we think this quirky OTP (One True Pair) is worth watching or if it is a snoozefest skip.

Politicking:  Yay or Nay?

Clkytta: I’m always Nay with politicking. It bores me out of my mind. So far this drama doesn’t have too much, but I really don’t care about all the political musical chairs as everyone vies for the throne.

Kmuse: I actually love good politicking but so far the political intrigue is very mild. It is a very basic plot arc although I think it will increase the farther in we get. Sadly, I fear for the eventual happiness of our OTP (One True Pairing).

Nam Ji Hyun

Clkytta: Nam Ji Hyun is doing what she does best, which is playing a plucky girl. She’s got that ability to play the underdog that everyone wants to win.  She’s one of the few actresses I know who is really good with physical acting. She’s kind of like a diamond in the rough, and I like that.

Kmuse: Let’s hear it for plucky girls. I like how logical Hong Shim goes about living her life. It is hilarious watching her have to deal with a husband with very few peasant skills. I do hope that things shift to a more romantic arc the future because at this point she is acting like someone who has been married for years, not a newlywed.

Do Kyung Soo

Clkytta: D.O. is so good at stoic and grumpy. He is perfect for this role. He’s got that bewildered look that says he knows everything isn’t how it’s supposed to be and no one is listening to him.

Kmuse: D.O. is the highlight of the drama in my opinion.  Every time he comes upon a new trial and starts complaining about being “uncomfortable” I start laughing.  It was a long wait for him to take a leading role but it was so worth it.  I can’t wait to see what he will do next and I anticipate him trying to romance his unwanted bride.


Kmuse: This is the main reason I continued watching 100 Days my Prince. I love their chemistry and the quirkiness of their relationship. And since the politicking is not holding up this is the main reason to continue watching. I look forward to their eventual romantic attachment as well as the beautiful angst that will come once Lee Yul regains his memories.

Clkytta: I like this pairing so much. They have great chemistry and their facial expressions are the best. Normally I detest the amnesia trope, but this is working for me. I agree with Kmuse that we have some beautiful angst coming our way though.

Side Characters

Kmuse: The villagers and their interest in our OTP’s marriage provide a lot of humor and push for the various plot arcs. I also have so many questions regarding the brother’s revenge plan. Also, there is one character that is preggers and I really want the baby daddy to be revealed already. I need answers!

Clkytta: I love the villagers, they crack me up! The pregnancy plotline is intense, I can’t believe we haven’t had single clue yet on who the father is. The Queen is suitably evil, the second prince is suitably clueless, and the machinations of the powers that be are keeping me interested.

The worst aspect

Kmuse: My fear that the OTP won’t stay together, in the end, is really making me weary over getting emotionally involved. It is hard to get past the whole my dad was the reason your dad died aspect of their past.

Clkytta: I’m worried about what happens not only to the OTP but also some of the side characters. I am concerned about the safety of the magistrate as he investigates the what happened to our prince. Also, I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling that we will have a happy ending for some of the other characters.

Will we continue watching?

Kmuse: I am finally hooked after 6 episodes.  I think I am now in it for the long haul.  Bring on the cuteness and the angst.

Clkytta: I’m invested, so I’ll see this one through to the end. I am loving our OTP so much, their chemistry is really making this drama work for me.  I’m just really hoping this drama doesn’t break my heart.

There you have it.  Our thoughts on the delightful saeguk romance 100 Days my Prince.  Will you be watching?  What are your favorite moments?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more First Impression posts in this upcoming week.

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  1. You guys are so cute :D
    Prime minister is crazy, he killed literally everyone I even afraid with crown princess safety too. I hope he has the reason why do that, with how he has soft spot to the brother

  2. Hello. Pls I haven’t seen this movie you are recommending but I’ll sure check it out. My main concern lately fell in two dramas 1. Something in the rain/Pretty Noona who buys me food, and 2. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim. I am currently watching Queen for Seven days, Arang and the Magistrate, Master’s Sun and Shopping King Louie can you rate them for me so I can know which to focus on?

    • I personally enjoyed all four of those. However, shopping king Louis is my favorite because it has my bias Seo In Guk as the lead :)

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