5 Kpop MVs of the Week: Hyukoh Edition

I’m seeing Hyukoh in concert this week!  And since I am sure a ton of you are asking yourself who is Hyukoh? I thought I would make them the focus of this week’s 5 Kpop MVs.  So get sit back, relax, and find out why this is a band you should be listening to.

#1 – Come and Goes

This is the first Hyukoh song that I ever listened to.  I discovered the band when they participated on Infinite Challenge’s charity concert segment.  After looking them up on Youtube I quickly added this MV to my playlist.

#2- Love Ya

At a time when there is so much anger and hate in the world, it is nice to watch something that reminds us of all the important bonds we have with people in this world.  Love Ya is truly a happy place MV.

#3 – Infinite Challenge: Wonderful Barn

The concept of the charity concert is a musician/band hooks up with one of the hosts and works over a few months to create a concept and new song.  There is a huge outdoor concert and all the proceeds go to charity.  In Hyukoh’s segment, they collaborated with host Hyeongdon and channeled their inner American country singer.  This performance just goes to show you that lead singer, Oh Hyuk, gets his inspiration from all kinds of music.  And while I wouldn’t buy the song it does make a lasting impression on the viewer.


This is the perfect coffeehouse genre song if you are looking for something feels a bit more intimate.  I love how it has a feeling of being sung live even though it is an official music video.

#5 Epic High (Home is Far Away) featuring Hyukoh

I figured I would throw this in to show something a bit different.  I love how Hyukoh’s melodic singing combines with Epic High’s rapping to create this intricate song.

There you have it, this week’s 5 MVs you should check out.  I hope that some of you have enjoyed the more indie music style.  They are currently on a US tour, so be sure to check out if they are coming to a location near you.

Til next week,


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