Patreon Podcast #3: The Best & Worst Scary Dramas


It’s October, which means it is time to start watching all things suspense and thriller.  Come find out which dramas The Fangirls think are a must-see and which ones have little to no thrills beyond the synopsis.

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You might notice that our podcast this week is slightly different than all our other podcasts. Podcasting, as well as blogging, takes a ton of time as well as hidden costs for the sites, editing, and hosting. So in order to continue maintaining the site and podcast fees, we’ve decided to offer premium podcast content each month at a cost.

So what does that mean to you? Simply put, we will be putting up one full podcast on the first Tuesday of every month available ONLY for our Superfans on Patreon. That means that this week will have no podcast on our regular site, nor the upcoming first Tuesdays of the month. But for a measly $2 a month, you will have access to this podcast as well as all previous Patreon content. On top of that podcast, we will be adding in extra content that was either cut from our previous podcasts because of time, or what we call Cozy Chats. Cozy Chats will be mini podcasts that will be between 2 or 3 of The Fangirls, where we will talk about various topics and specific dramas. Pretty much they will be a regular podcast but without all four of us involved. Sometimes it is pretty hard to get four busy moms from 3 different time zones altogether. This way we will be able to get you more kdrama chat for your dollar.

Here are the content tiers:

  • First Tier is $2 a month, which includes all Patreon Podcast episodes as well as bonus material and Cozy Chats.
  • Second Tier  is $4 a month, where you will have all the benefits of the first tier as well as being added into quarterly Super Fan giveaways (Which is coming up soon!)  that will give you the chance to win Kdrama & Kpop swag.

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We hope you understand why we decided to go in this direction and if you join us on Patreon then we are thrilled. If you decide to continue listening to us on Pippa the other weeks we are equally as thrilled. We are just happy that we are able to share our love of Asian dramas with so many people and we look forward to chatting with you in the future.


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