The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 2 Recap

Seo In Guk is back on my screen and he’s playing a character I just can’t wrap my head around. Who is Moo Young and how is he connected to the Yoons?  Murder, mystery, scars, and kittens set the stage for Episode 2.

Hi, I am Clkytta, one of the bloggers at Dramas with a Side of Kimchi. I will be bringing you my opinions on some of the episodes.  You may have noticed that Kmuse and I will be teaming up to recap these episodes and she started with Episode 1, while I am starting with episode 2.  A little about me: I’m a full-time mom and a full-time student. Drama watching is my guilty pleasure, and I love to talk about what I’m watching.  Our recaps are more about what stood out during the show and less about every little thing that happened. So sit back and let’s talk about Episode 2 of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. 

It’s a setup

Not that kind of setup! Section Chief Yoon gets his way and we open this episode with a meeting between cutie junior cop, Cho Rong, and his sister. Cho Rong scarfs down his food and is obviously uncomfortable. Jin Kang drags him away for a beer. Of course it’s a beer because they are at the same bar where Kim Moo Young works. Clumsy cutie cop manages to dump food all over her while telling her he wants to date her.

What’s up with the scar?

When Jin Kang takes off her jacket you can see a huge scar on her arm and she is obviously uncomfortable about it. Suddenly she is wrapped in a black hoodie and Moo Young is walking away without saying a word. Later her brother tells her that plastic surgery has come a long way and she can fix that scar, but she says it’s cute.  There’s a story behind that scar. We know from drama watching that scarred women have a harder time finding husbands.

Is it two timing if you saw him first?

When you meet up with your friend and you see she’s with a guy that makes your heart flutter, well, that’s not fun at all. Moo Young sure seems to get around. He’s romancing  Seung Ah and making bedroom eyes at Jin Kang! I’m actually loving the whole Don Juan aspect of this character. He’s got bedroom eyes and a killer smile and he knows how to use them.  The chemistry between Jin Kang and Moo Young is so much stronger than the chemistry between Moon Young and Seung Ah. As evidenced by the fade to black when he goes in for a kiss with Seung Ah. Awkward kisses are not Seo In Guk’s thing, so obviously the writers don’t want us to invest in this relationship.

Playing with all our emotions

Moo Young is obviously the boy in the photo. He’s so good at manipulating the situation and turning words around. When they meet in the neighborhood he’s so nosy and listening to her talk to cutie cop. He is so familiar with her and he’s so obvious that he knows something she doesn’t. I’m going to be really honest here, I’m loving this whole bad boy vibe. This is a new side to Seo In Guk that is intriguing and totally hot.  I love that she calls him a player! Then he saves a kitten from sudden death and now I’m convinced he’s a good guy. I mean who doesn’t love a guy with a kitten? This drama is going to take on a roller coaster of emotions.

What is Moo Young up to?

Moo Young is spotted at the movies with another girl. This girl is the friend, or is it frenemy? of the girl who died falling from the building. He’s investigating something. We know this because he accidentally meets up with Officer Yoon and starts grilling him about shooting someone. I’m getting some deep dark revenge feels from all this questioning. Who got shot and how does this person relate to Moo Young? Why is Moo Young involved in the lives of these three women? I’m dying to know this connection. 

Secrets and lies

Jin Kang tells Seung Ah she saw Moo Young at the movies but she doesn’t say she saw him with another girl. Why not? Seung Ah’s parents obviously don’t know that she is seeing someone else too. Creepy chaebol boyfriend keeps telling her she’s cute like this and I’m skeeved out. He’s really not going to let her break up with him. Ugh.

Thank you for the shower scene

Yes! We have a shower scene! And, wait, is that a matching scar to Jin Kang? I keep going back to the obvious connection between the two. I hope he’s not a bad guy. I really hope he’s someone from their past who is trying to fix a wrong. Then again, I’m kinda liking the idea that he could be a killer. As the police lead suspected killer into the police station and Moo Young approaches Officer Yoon we feel like he’s playing cat and mouse.

My thoughts

I’m totally intrigued by this drama. Seo In Guk is killing it as the mysterious bad guy who may not be completely bad. The story is well written and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what’s going to happen. When Officer Yoon asked Moo Young what he was looking at and he said “the murderer” did anyone else feel conflicted? It could be his reflection or it could be the girl he was just talking to. Could she be the one who pushed the other girl off the building?

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  1. My feeling on that last line is: the girl is the murder, he cleaned up. But it’s just a guess. I have no firm guesses at this point, although I did wake up from a dream convinced that Kim Moo Young and Jin Kang were twins (“how old are you” “the same age as you”) before coming all the way awake and deciding that was not actually as convincing as my dream mind thought it was ;P

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