The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 3 Recap

We’re back with a ton of new thoughts on The Secret Behind Your Eyes. I will do my best to share them with you all but I have to admit I was having problems focusing on anything other than Seo In Guk’s spectacular guyliner. Between that and the infamous white tank top that he sported for multiple scenes, it is a miracle I even remember that there is supposed to be a plot beyond him looking mighty fine. Plot? What plot?

Guyliner & Wardrobe Choices

Since I am still in fangirl mode let’s first talk about the important part of episode 3. Specifically Moo Young’s styling this episode. To say his eyes popped off the screen would be an understatement. I have been a long fan of Seo In Guk’s eyes and I admit this might be the best they have ever been accentuated.

And let’s not forget how attractive Moo Young’s wardrobe is. Rather than having your usual kdrama preppy style they are really embracing the clothes of the common man. Namely, jeans, t-shirts, and the infamous white tank top. I can’t get enough of it. The style accentuates his neck and arm muscles perfectly and I am one happy and slightly dazed fangirl.

Now that we have that out of the way. Let’s discuss the 2nd most important thing… the plot.

Jin Kang gets the job

I know that til now, I have focused more on Moo Young then our leading lady Jin Kang. Sorry, habits of a fangirl when her bias is onscreen. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Jin Kang. She is an interesting character. On one hand, she is a brilliant sister and friend to Bambi (my new nickname for Seung Ah because of her constant deer in headlights look this episode). Supportive and worried about her loved ones, she works hard at her job and comes across as very diligent. Then there is the hidden side which is obviously fascinated with Moo Young.

And it isn’t just a nice girl wanting a bad boy kind of thing (that is more Bambi’s schtick.) Jin Kang seems to see past the aloof jerk to what is hidden behind the facade. It is that which keeps making her talk to Moo Young. I also think she is in denial about her interest in the man. She can claim that it is because of Seung Ah or working near each other, but Jin Kang orbits him as much as Moo Young is pulled towards her.

Can we say sizzle?

The specific scene that I feel showcases the sizzling chemistry of our OTP  is when it was raining and they had to get umbrellas. But really, whenever they are in the same room together, sparks just fly. It is a stark difference than the romantic relationship between Moo Young and Bambi.

As I said early, Jin Kang & Moo Young just gravitate towards each other even as they try to push each other away. Moo Young is pushing back because he has some kind of revenge plans involving her brother (and maybe Bambi). And Jin Kang’s conflict is due to the fact that he is her bestie’s boyfriend. Not to mention her own almost relationship with Cop Boy. I can’t wait till the tension gets too much and they hook up. We all know it is going to happen eventually.

Matching scars is the new couple must have

This episode we find out that Moo Young is an orphan and Jin Kang is a maybe orphan?  I’m not sure if it was just the translation or if Yoo Jin Kook is not her biological brother but took Jin Kang in to raise after her parents died.  If anyone knows for sure, throw it into the comments.

They also both have large burn scars.  Something that Moo Young makes obvious by wearing the sexiest white tank top ever to grace a khottie’s body.   We learn that he wanted to make a point to Jin Kang that he also understands her scar issues.  I can’t help but feel that somehow these scars connect them.  That and their joint orphan situation screams tragic backstory to me.

Your eyes make me bipolar

My favorite scene (plot-wise) was Moo Young & Jin Kang stuck outside the convenience store and discussing scars and their mutual antagonism. For once, it felt like we could see past Moo Young’s emotional walls to a boy who is fascinated by a girl despite himself. The moment he stared into her eyes and stated that her eyes made him feel things and that in turn makes him react harshly was amazing. The raw emotions of both characters made me excited for them to get together in the future.

Poor Bambi & Cop Boy

Am I the only one that feels slightly guilty for Bambi and Cop Boy? They are perfectly likable characters if a bit bland in Bambi’s instance. They don’t deserve to be dumped because of the OTP’s primal sizzle. If it wasn’t Seo In Guk as the lead, I would even be sporting some serious second lead love. Cop Boy is just so adorable and earnest. Sadly, their feelings have to be trampled for my OTP enjoyment. That’s just the way the relationship cookie crumbles.

Sexytimes but with the wrong partner

We get more Moo Young smooches! Sadly, they are with the wrong partner and I couldn’t be too thrilled over the resulting sexytimes.

Bambi defies her parents and her overly controlling fiance and ditches the marriage meeting to hook up with Moo Young. I am actually finding they dynamics between Bambi and her keepers (that is truly what they are) very interesting. She is a mix of abused woman and innocent child. All which creates this concept of emotional frailty that you want to almost protect. Every time she hooks up with Moo Young I feel like yelling at her to escape. Once again, she is with someone who is using her and she just doesn’t realize that she gave up one control freak for another.


Jin Kook has been having creepy vibes since the get-go when confronted with Moo Young. All these bad feelings come to a head when he realizes that Moo Young is surrounded by circumstantial facts that connect him to the suicide murder. The look on Jin Kook’s face when he realized that Moo Young (maybe) was talking about himself when he stated he was looking at a murderer is chilling. Do I actually believe that Moo Young killed the girl? Probably not. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying all the creepy chills and thrills along the way.

Final Thoughts

The drama continues to have an interesting pacing. I am equally impatient for our OTP to connect deeper and sit back and enjoy the story as it slowly unfolds. Which is the sign of great writing? I also want to give a shout out for the cinematography. The director’s shift between various characters and their intense stares are a thing of beauty. Almost as beautiful as Seo In Guk’s eyes.

As for the mystery, I am totally intrigued.  There is so much evidence piling up that Moo Young is sketchy.  Was he involved in the death of the suicide murder?  Is he playing Bambi for money?  Revenge?  Because he can?  What happened in the past between our three leads?  Will our OTP’s love be able to overcome whatever it is?  Well, I am off to watch episode four and see if some of these questions can be answered.

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  1. At first I was annoyes, but now I feel really, really bad for Bambi (brilliant nickname, btw)- Her parents are throwing her to that jerk of a rich boy and then the mom praising his abusive personality. As a mom, I sat watching in disbelief that she would treat her child in such a manner.
    I love all the mystery and the brother’s smart-cookie ways of putting the puzzle pieces together.
    Seo In Guk is killing it as a possible bad guy! So glad I picked this one up to watch!!

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