The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 4 Recap

Episode 3 was kind of quiet, but Episode 4 hits you like a ton of bricks. Join me as we talk about murder, boring female second leads, crazy women, and (finally) some OTP moments that make us smile.

How did it feel when you killed someone?

Rooftop meetings can go two ways. It’s either a romantic moment or someone is about to get gut-punched. Chief Yoo starts out with the figurative gut punch. He comes right out and asks if Moo Young killed the victim. Whoa! Moo Young plays along for just a minute and says yes, then he laughs it off. I’m dying to know, is he really the murderer?

Seung Ah’s Days of our Lives

Cutie Cop in uniform is a sight to behold! He looks so good!

Seung Ah bores me so much. She is so flat, even her full of drama storyline feels flat to me. She breaks up with creepy chaebol fiance and is confined to her house. I’m not sure I even hate him. He’s a creep, and he isn’t in love with her, but she was content with him until she met Moo Young. Now she’s all covertly trying to escape her mom’s house via Jin Kang. Jin Kang is driving me crazy because she’s actually acting as a go-between for Seung Ah and Moo Young, even though her brother told her to break them up!

Simmer down now, Cutie Cop!

While Chief Yoo is trying to get Cutie Cop to reopen the investigation, Cutie Cop has some questions of his own. He’s asking for Jin Kang’s birthday and time of birth. Sounds like someone is wanting to get serious and he’s going to see if their numbers match for compatibility. Oh Cutie Cop, you are adorable and firmly the second lead, it’s hopeless. I do have to say he is very handsome in his fancy dress uniform! Chief Yoo is still hoping this ship will sail and he even goes as far as to give Cutie Cop Jin Kang’s information.

Ohhh we’ve got us a secret! 

Cutie cop introduces Jin Kang to his Team Leader (the same one who treats Chief Yoo like dirt) and Jerkface Team Leader gets a thoughtful look. Later as he talks with Chief Yoo, we discover that the siblings aren’t really siblings. Apparently, Chief Yoo took in Jin Kang 25 years ago and raised her. The team leader gives me the creeps. His thinly veiled antagonism against Chief Yoo makes me hate him even more. Even more interesting is that Chief Yoo is guilt-ridden over something in his past.  Is this why he’s more of a manager than a team leader?

Don’t be making eyes at one girl while you are holding another

Ugh. I’m more upset by Moo Young eyeballing Jin Kang while he’s got Seung Ah in his arms than I am by the thought he could be a murderer. Two timing is such a big turn off for me. Seung Ah’s mama comes screeching up to haul her away, but first, she delivers one hard slap to Jin Kang’s face. Oh, now she’s gonna look down on Jin Kang and blame all of this on her because Seung Ah’s so boring she couldn’t have decided to do anything on her own. So typical.

The Real OTP

Nope, not Jin Kang and Moo Young. I’m talking about our little police department romance. I am smitten with the chemistry between Chief Yoo and Policewoman Tak. I love how comfortable they are together. Their flirting banter is really working for me. I’m not sure he can keep up with her though. All this time he thinks she looks good without trying, but he has no idea how much it takes to look that “natural”.  I have to say though, it’s hard to not like someone who treasures their family as much as he does.

After the slap…

Family wealth doesn’t equate to happiness, especially when you are being sold off in marriage and no one cares what you want.

Seung Ah is trapped at home again, but she feels no shame. She’s texting Jin Kang on the housekeeper’s phone to keep her as a go-between for her and Moo Young. Meanwhile, Seung Ah’s Mommy Dearest has been on her knees begging Creepy Chaebol to not cast aside Seung Ah. It looks like someone else may be done with Seung Ah though. Moo Young trashed the pottery she made for him. Seung Ah has decided to bide her time and escape at a later date, so for now, she’s back to being a plastic doll. I’m really ready for her storyline to be over.

Whoa, who knew food could loosen tongues? 

Moo Young and Jin Kang sit down to a meal together. He is suddenly a fountain of information and I’m starting to be less suspicious of him. His face has relaxed and his eyes aren’t dead looking anymore. I have to say that Seo In Guk is killing it with this character. He goes from blank-faced potential killer to eye smiles that make your toes curl. Jin Kang also opens up about her past and scars both physical and emotional.

I feel like these two are making huge strides as people and I think he has actually fallen for her. Just around the corner though, is the sullen friend of the first victim, Yoo Ri. I’m betting that she isn’t innocent in her friend’s flight from the building.

Connecting the dots… 

I’d be perfectly content if Seo In Guk looked at me like he’s looking at the kitten.

So both Jin Kang and Moo Young grew up in the same town. We know that he’s already 30 and she’s almost 30. It’s obvious that he knows who she is, but she doesn’t recognize him. All signs point to a shared past. They seem to have fallen into friendly terms but she tells him she is still going to hate him. She asks about the cat and he says the cat is named after her. The truth is the cat has no name. He says he tells the cat to scram every day. Then we see how he meets Yoo Ri, she was standing on a rooftop about to jump and he stops her. So here’s my theory. He’s a white knight, he’s not with these women because he’s in love. He’s trying to save them. He saved the cat, he saved the girl from jumping, and he saved Seung Ah from her creepy fiance (she just keeps going back and doing what she’s told though). I think he saved Jin Kang years ago and it will turn out she’s his first love.

It’s all fun and games until the cat knocks over the cooler

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not. Oh I’ll get rid of any competition and then he’ll love me!

It’s pouring down rain and Moo Young goes out to feed the cat. “Kitty” he calls out. No answer. “Kitty Kang” no answer. “Yoo Kang Jin!” Out pops the kitten with an adorable “Meow”. Then the cat knocks over the cooler and we see all sorts of incriminating things, including the missing trophy. Yoo Ri aka crazy friend of the first victim is standing out in the rain on the other side of town having flashbacks to the night her friend died. We see the umbrella, we hear her say “Moo Young” and we see the door. The problem is, this girl is under the care of the psychiatrist we met earlier. She’s already showing signs of stress and asking for more meds. When Jin Kang goes out to meet her brother, Yoo Ri tries to run her over.

My thoughts

Ok, this episode had a TON of stuff going on. This plot kept twisting all over the place. I’m no longer getting killer vibes from Moo Young. I think Yoo Ri is the killer, maybe not intentionally, more like she has blackout episodes and bad things happen. Then again, she was wide awake when she was targeting Jin Kang earlier. Seung Ah is still boring me to pieces. Kmuse mentioned something about her being like a child and I totally agree. I need to know where all the stuff inside the cooler came from,  I swear it was empty earlier. Plus his face when he sees the trophy is surprised. What do all of you think? Is he really a killer?

Who’s the real murderer?


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3 thoughts on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 4 Recap

  1. Hello! Thanks so nuch for your recaps. I felt episode 4 had more going on as well. Though I liked the progression in episode 3 and their lovely conversation outside the store. First time seeing MY being so vulnerable and it had to be with JK!

    I want SA”s storyline to end as well pls. Omg MY was right she got her friend slapped and didn’t even apologise and requested she run YET another errand for her? Seriously.

    I loved your theory. I also figured that MY has a case of White Knightis lol. It makes sense that he saved JK years ago (probably shielded her) and I’m lOving that first love theory I hope that’s all true. JK can’t remember for some reason – maybe she had amnesía after the incident? I’m also curious as to why MY isn’t revealing to her that he knew her back then.

    I don’t think MY is the killer. Probably yoo ri is. And he looked quite surprised to see the trophy in the cooler. I personally think it could have been planted by someone. If not yoori then another accomplice.

    I’m curious about Jin Gook”s and MY”s history. My theory is that JG killed someone that MY and JK knew and took in JK (and maybe even MY at first) out of guilt. Interested to see how this will unfold.

    I’m crossing my fingers that this end the way the Japanese version does.

    • I think Jin Gook wasn’t able to prevent someone from dying. I don’t think he caused a death. He seems to feel way too much genuine affection for his sister to have guilt from actually killing someone. I’m glad you are enjoying our recaps! I have not watched the Japanese version so I can’t compare.

  2. Love this show…!!! Even if I don’t want him to be the bad guy, Moo Young is most likely the murderer. Moon Young has been all about Jin Kang from the beginning and I can’t wait to see where their relationship will take them. I am bother by the relationship between Jin Kang and her (fake) brother Chief Yoo; it almost feel too perfect to be true. This is a great show. Seo In-Guk is captivating and the interaction between him and Jung So-Min is breathtaking. She is his salvation and he is her strength.

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