Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land eps 5-8

Sigh. I love it when a drama becomes my happy place. In just four short hours, Where Stars Land has managed it. Between Yeo Reum’s big heart, Soo Yeom’s smirky eyebrow, and the hijinks that come with a large airport, this show is living up to its melodrama label.

Moving Day

Karie the Maknae: So our little team moves from T1 to T2, which apparently is like upgrading from coach to first class. It’s light! It’s bright! It has art! THE WONDER OF IT ALL.

Kmuse: There is literally a robot that goes around calling out “dust” as it cleans the floor.  That is seriously some futuristic “The Jetsons”-level stuff going on in that terminal.

MiataMama: Yes, but the ice skating rink is still over in T1!  I do agree that T2 looks super shiny and new, and my jaw might have dropped when they referenced a gate number in the 200s.

Kdrama Jen: I like the symbolism of having a fresh start with this little family in a new place.  I am a major anti-fan of the dude from Prison Playbook who just annoys me so much, but I guess every family has to have the obnoxious uncle.

Lines Are Drawn

Karie the Maknae: Ah, the team heads. Wait, why is the security head getting the dirty looks from Team Leader Yang? What did he do??

Kmuse: It’s too early to understand all the intricate issues between the team leaders.  It is obvious that there is a lot of negative history between them all.  However, it was fun to watch Yeo Reum lament that all the people who dislike her now work in Terminal 2.  I was laughing when the older team leader caught her complaining about his anti-woman ways.

Karie the Maknae: Right? I love that actor–he’s also the CEO of Hoya’s entertainment company in Devilish Joy and I adore him there.

MiataMama:  These days I’m watching SO many currently airing dramas, and it still surprises me how often I see a supporting-cast actor show up in multiple shows.   It was interesting to see the tension at the intro meeting for the team leaders.  Can’t wait to unpack all the past drama going on there. And Yeo Reum definitely needs to find herself a better back hallway in which to unload her past boss woes.  Or work on her stage whisper — just sayin’.

Kdrama Jen:  See?  This new location will provide the perfect setting for some fun office politics.

Ah. He’s the Bionic Man.

Karie the Maknae: Oh yay! We get to see Soo Yeon’s arm! And it looks like something from Are You Human Too?! Wait, what? How did Soo Yeon end up with such a fancy arm? It makes the Winter Soldier’s arm look like someone soldered rusty buckets together. At least it’s easy to get to–no shirt removal required (I can hear Clkytta’s sigh of disappointment already).

Kmuse: Wait a minute. What the heck are they trying to say here? OK, he has no nerves because his arm, and I assume his leg, are bionic. But that doesn’t explain how he could stop the mass of a literal car from crushing our leading lady? There is only so much a physically enhanced limb can do. It is still attached to a living person of limited weight and density. A person that would be crushed by a multi-ton car. Without him being some kind of mystical hottie I’m not sure if I can buy this story. Especially when we don’t even get a shirtless scene out of the deal.

MiataMama:  I’m leaning towards alien technology.  That would explain the bionic arm being waaay stronger than one would expect.  AND that greenish glow that emanated from the inner-workings.  Yep, aliens.  But, my question of the week is this — Is his leg bionic too??

Kdrama Jen: I am with Kmuse on this one.  I don’t understand how a bionic arm can do so much.  If it is a limb replacement, then there will certainly be limitations.  I am also questioning why he is always grabbing onto Yeo Reum with his right hand if he has no sensation on that side.  Wouldn’t you want to touch her with the hand that can feel?   Also, if he has no sensation, then how can he monitor how much force he is using?  He could crush her fingers and not even realize it.  I think I need a set of rules for this medical breakthrough in order to be fully on board.

Making New Friends

Karie the Maknae: YAY HYUN MOO. Apparently, he has a real name: Kim Kyung Nam. I spotted him in the earlier episodes, but I wasn’t sure if he was going to be a cameo. NOPE. He’s gonna be in a decent amount of the story, from the looks of it. YAY! The security uniform suits him, though the radio antennas coming from each shoulder make me giggle every time I notice them. I like his female partner, too. She and Yeo Reum could end up being good friends, I think. I loved how they took down the obnoxious passenger in the bathroom. That was pretty awesome.

Kmuse: Ugh… I just don’t get some of the writing for this scene.  Yes, it was cool seeing the rich witch taken down.  However, the whole interrogation of Yeo Reum over who the other employee was . . . . You are literally in an airport with a million cameras.  Sure there isn’t one in the bathroom, but I bet anything there is one right outside the door.  They could just get the footage and find out for themselves.  Which makes this scene pointless filler.  I guess it is just to prove that Yeo Reum isn’t a snitch?  Meh.

MiataMama:  I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that was distracted by the double antennas–LOL!  I’m very excited that Hyun Moo (sorry, he’s always going to be Hyun Moo to me) is part of the regular cast.  Although, I didn’t even realize it was him in last week’s episodes until Drama Geek pointed it out.  Please don’t revoke my fangirl status! Anyhoo, it’s great to see that Yeo Reum is beginning to gather a group of colleagues who will have her back–yeay for friends!

Kdrama Jen: I loved thinking that maybe Hyun Moo (from Come and Hug Me) received a second chance at life as an airport security guy.  It was also a fascinating connection that the actor playing young Soo Yeon played the young version of Hyun Moo’s brother (Do Jin) in Come and Hug Me.  Of course, he is THE hot young actor these days.  He has played the teen version of leads in like a zillion dramas and he is one of my favorites: Nam Da Reum.

Moving Day part 2

Karie the Maknae: Yeo Reum has to move out early (HOW???) and has to find a place to stow her luggage in the airport. Because THAT’S not going to blow up in her face.

Kmuse: As a westerner, I am in awe that this is all Yeo Reum has to move.  I bring that much with me if I am going on a three-day weekend trip.

MiataMama:  I can’t believe she’s planning on living out of her suitcases, stowed in some random storage room at the airport, for the next couple of days.  Yeo Reum’s life choices are not always the most stellar.  But I will give her kudos for consistently wearing sensible shoes.  No high-heels for her, just smart tennies and loafers– amazing!

Kdrama Jen: I am a fan of sensible shoes, but I definitely question some of Yeo Reum’s other choices.  I find it really hard to believe that there isn’t somewhere for her to store her luggage.  If you have never been to Incheon Airport, I must say that the place is like an amusement park.  There are so many places to see and visit.  It seems completely impossible to me that there is NO room for luggage storage.  Plus, why didn’t she just give her cutie male friend a call (the one destined to make my heart ache with second lead syndrome) and ask him to store her junk for a day or so?  I know it was last minute, but I think she could have made arrangements the night before.

The Past is Coming Together

Karie the Maknae: We finally got to see how Soo Yeon and Seo In Woo are tied together! Except it’s going to be a whole other story in and of itself. I’m looking forward to that. It’s refreshing to have someone other than our main couple tied together in the past, and it’ll be interesting to see what effect that has on both their growth arcs. And who was the mystery man who saved Soo Yeon from himself? Revelations to look forward to!

Kmuse: I am interested in seeing how they manage to work together when In Woo ruined Soo Yeon’s life (at least in the sense that he is now part machine and feels like a freak).  I can’t wait to see what happens.

MiataMama:  I’m glad we had some flashbacks to help fill in the gaps.  But how many times did we have to watch young Soo Yeon get hit by the van and lay bleeding on the asphalt?   Moving past the not-so-subtle replays of the “accident”, I have a LOT of questions regarding this sibling relationship.  Like why does In Woo seem so suspicious and annoyed that Soo Yeon appears normal from the outside?

Kdrama Jen: So, I am just going to say it.  I don’t think we need the Bionic Man/Are You Human angle for this show.  I would be perfectly satisfied with a slice of airport life show that follows the trials and triumphs of this little office family.  I don’t need an ominous secret or whatever we have brewing.  We have great OTP chemistry and some side romances brewing with the security team.  They could even keep the tension with the hyung Soo Yeon used to worship.  I would be fine with that.  Do we really need this supernatural kind of feel?  And, honestly, if it’s not supernatural or alien technology or some secret military experiment, then I am not going to buy this whole super-strong-arm-thing.

Mercy vs Justice

Karie the Maknae: We have our case-of-the-day in a Filipino man whose wife is about to give birth. He’s denied entry into the country and she delivers in the airport. I cracked up with Hyun Moo/Oh Dae Gi teared up after the delivery–I love that he’s going to be a big ol’ teddy bear. It was also interesting to see that Yeo Reum’s old boss didn’t hate her–he just knew that Team Leader Yang would be a better mentor for her since she too had an unrestrained temper and a big heart in the past.

Kmuse: I laugh every time Yeo Reum gets caught by her old boss and am also glad to find out he is a sweet teddy bear.  So far I am not enjoying the passenger case-of-the-day story-lines.  That small story within the larger story is usually where I zone out in workplace dramas.  The same seems to be happening here.  Glad everything turned out well for the baby, but I am not overly invested.  Bring on more OTP!

MiataMama:  Okay, so as an expat living in Korea, I’m all too often reminded of the fact I’m an outsider.  The Filipino-accented Korean spoken by the wife totally reminded me of several ladies from my language class.  So maybe that’s why I actually got a little emotional with the case-of-the-day story this week, tearing up a bit alongside Hyun Moo, when the family was granted a meet-up via the window.

Kdrama Jen: I have always loved airports.  (That came in handy when my flight was canceled on the way home from the BTS concert.)  So, maybe because of this love of airports and all the promise they represent (since I love to travel), I am enjoying the way the case of the day allows us to see different places within the airport and locations we normally do not get to see.  It is a unique setting with new challenges, so while I might normally tune out a bit if it was a typical office or hospital, I am finding the daily plot device is actually keeping my attention.  Still, I would like to vote for more shirtless scenes.

Superhero Moves

Karie the Maknae: You think I’m referring to the part where Soo Yeon lifts the dad-to-be back over the railing, right? Right. WRONG. Well, only somewhat. There’s also the part where he recorded the obnoxious passenger and was able to back up Yeo Reum when she decided not to apologize. And he did it while completely destroying a water dispenser. That made me laugh so hard I startled my cats. And there was that eyebrow lift when Yeo Reum was talking to him over their desks after she tried to cover for her lateness in episode 7. There’s something incredibly charismatic about a well-used eyebrow raise . . . .

Kmuse: This was probably my favorite scene from this week.  Not only does our leading lady stand up for herself in a positive and healthy way, but we get Soo Yeon eyebrow smirks.  What’s not to love?

MiataMama:  You guys, how did I miss the eyebrow?!?  In the meantime, I’d like to add something to the list of superhero feats– Soo Yeon’s English abilities!  I always brace myself for awkward accents and the stilted cadence when a character switches from Korean to English.  I might have been a little blown away when Soo Yeon spoke flawlessly! Hooray!

Karie the Maknae: Soo Yeon’s English made my heart happy. That is all. I hope he gets to use it a little more!

Kdrama Jen: It was totally swoon-worthy when he kept running the electric screwdriver when the annoying manager-guy kept trying to apologize on Yeo Reum’s behalf.  I love how he does little things here and there that just show how much he cares.  I know I have offered some criticism of the questionable bionic arm-thing, but overall I am really enjoying this drama.  The relationships and character chemistry make me happy.

What about you, drama fans? Did you enjoy this week’s episodes? Let us know!

Until the next plane lands, we remain–

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  1. It’s a good thing that this isn’t a winter drama or we’d have to suspend all belief in the magical containment powers of a few suitcases to carry all the necessary fashion show of big puffy coats. 😉 As for Yeo Reum’s wardrobe, hooray for sensible shoes (but with black anklets?), however it makes me a little nuts to see her wearing outfit after outfit without any place to stash her cellphone. She’s always carrying it! I like a hands-free life myself, so if someone stumbles into me in a crowd I don’t risk dropping it and I can save myself!

    As for the security chief… why does he behave like he’s got some claim over anything the service chief does? I have been assuming that he is either the ex-husband or the cause for the separation.

    • HA! Yes. Because she wouldn’t have just ONE puffy coat, unlike the rest of us plebes.

      And I think you might be right about the security chief–or it was a love triangle gone wrong. We’ll see, huh?

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