Top 5 Kpop (and Chinese drama) MVs of the Week: Random OST Edition

I was randomly looking through my playlists for this week’s topic and came across Aaron Yan’s That’s Not Me MV.  The song was used in his drama Fall In Love With Me, which I ended up hating, but the song found a spot on my playlist.  So this week we are going to share random OST (official soundtrack) songs that we love.  Needless to say, this list will be random in content since I am adding both Chinese & Korean dramas.

#5 Aaron Yan – That’s Not Me

The MV shows us a tragic abusive relationship and how a person can show different faces to the outside world and those close.  I found it very interesting that the MV turned out so dark when the drama itself tended to lean more fluffy.  Regardless of the topic of the MV I still love the song.

#4 Ggotjam Project – Everyday

This is a song that has stayed on my playlist for several years now.  Well worth the listen despite the drama not being a favorite.

#3 The Journey of Flower OST – Fire of the Heart

When you have to watch 50 or more episodes of a drama it helps if you actually like the opening song.  Since you will be hearing it over and over and over.  This Journey of Fire song only got better the more I listened.

#2 Jessi –  My Romeo (Cinderella & The Four Knights OST)

This drama had an amazing OST but my favorite song continues to be My Romeo.  Such a great upbeat song for a great upbeat drama.

#1 Lee Seung Chul – Painful Love (Misty OST)

This jazzy soundtrack almost eclipses the action in the drama.  It is a unique sound that continues to be one of my favorite song’s released last year.

I am sure that there will be more OST themed countdowns in the future but I feel these are a few that everyone doesn’t know right off hand.  Hope you enjoyed them and if you have a suggestion for a future countdown topic let me know in the comments.

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