Feel Good to Die releases its 1st murderous teaser

We get our first glimpse at webtoon turned drama Feel Good to Die starring Kang Ji Hwan (Children of a Lesser God) & Baek Jin Hee (Jugglers) today.  And I might be excited….maybe?

The premise sounds solid with our leading lady being an underling to a cranky and obnoxious boss. At which point we add in death premonitions to the mix. So what it comes down to, at least from what I can gather, is Jugglers meets Groundhog Day? This could turn out to be super cute or it could become a jumbled mess of storylines. I think I will have to see more teasers and maybe a few episodes before I decide to watch or dump.

One thing that did shock me just from watching the teaser. When did Kang Ji Hwan go from sex god to believable frumpy middle management? There were times that he didn’t even look attractive in this teaser and I don’t think that has ever happened before. Did he just really get into this role? Was it a trick of the camera? Is he aging and I just didn’t notice before now? Guess we will find out when Feel Good to Die airs on November 7th.

One thought on “Feel Good to Die releases its 1st murderous teaser

  1. While I couldn’t see the video in my region, I’m curious to see how Kang Ji-hwan gets into this role. I’ve always found him very attractive, but hasn’t had great luck with his most recent roles, leaving him little opportunity to really shine. This could be very good (fingers 🤞) or another hot mess.

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