The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 5 Recap

With the way, Moo-Young switches women like he is switching socks things begin to get complicated among all the women in his life. Come to find out if Moo-Young will be able to figure out this whole feelings thing before someone gets hurt.

Why are we helping the crazy person?

Yoo-Ri fails in killing off her rival, Jin Kang, for Moo Young’s affection.  Instead, she manages to run her car to a stop and passes out. Which results in Jin Kang & Jin Kook taking the nut job to the hospital. Jin Kang is oblivious to Yoo-Ri ‘s intentions but Jin Kook recognizes her. He then makes the assumption Yoo-Ri was trying to hurt his sister to get back at him. Even after discovering that Yoo-Ri had been waiting outside his house for hours til Jin Kang came out, Jin Kook does nothing but have his sister call Moo Young to come to get the still passed outpatient.

Communication keeps your loved ones from getting involved with murder suspects

The lack of communication coming from Jin Kook is starting to really bug me.  Sure he did have some vague warning for Jin Kang to not hang around Min Young.  But that has obviously been ignored, so instead of giving her specific reasons as to why she should avoid the resident bad boy… He again just remains very very vague.  UGH!  You know she is seeing him alone when you are not around.  So just tell her that he is a suspect in a murder investigation.  It’s not like she can tip Moo Young off that he is a suspect.  Jin Kook has already talked to him about his suspicions so it is not a secret.  I can’t believe he isn’t just spitting the facts out already and is instead letting his sister remain in ignorance.

You like her and don’t even know it

We discover that Moo Young is not that bright when it comes to emotions. It takes the jealous ramblings of Yoo-Ri to make him realize that he is falling for Jin Kang. He also finds out that Yoo-Ri tried to kill her in a jealous fit of pip. To say that Moo-Young was slightly pissed would be an understatement. Yoo-Ri runs after him and yells at him to stop ignoring her since he promised he wouldn’t be mad if she told him the truth. Moo-Young continues to walk away until Yoo-Ri yells that she is going to tell the police what really happened the night her friend was killed. Moo-Young stops, glances back, and tells her to feel free to go to the cops, then walks away.

Let’s Date

Excited with the realization that he is “in love” with Jin Kang, Moo-Young rushes to inform her of this new development. Understandably, Jin Kang is not impressed with his sudden devotion. Especially when he is still dating her bestie. She informs him that he has no understanding of what real love is and he needs to talk with Bambi.

Moo-Young continues to be an interesting character as he attempts to figure out the most basic of emotions. His EQ is insanely low and it is thanks to Seo In Guk’s amazing performance that I can still find him at all attractive. But with his smoldering looks and heart-stopping smiles, it is easy to see why women fall for him despite his lack of reciprocating emotion.

Oh Bambi

While Moo-Young is busy falling in love with Jin Kang, Bambi is busy planning a future for her and her boyfriend. Despite the fact that he has started ghosting all her calls and texts. Bambi simply assumes that he is worried about their future financial situation so she sales the art studio so they will have the money to run away together. Things don’t go as planned when Moo-Young breaks it off with her (somewhat cruelly) leaving Bambi devastated. Even then Bambi assumes the reason was that she hurt Moo-Young’s pride by implying he could live off her money. Not the real reason that he was done with her and she was only a challenge to be won then discarded.


We finish the episode with Moo-Young going to win Jin Kang over with his sexy wiles and intense gazes. At the same time, Jin Kook is scouring various black box footage from cars in the area during the suicide murder. All the time viewing footage pays off when he sees Moo-Young walking the streets with the umbrella that had been witnessed at the murder scene.

My Thoughts:

Do we really think that Moo-Young was the killer? I am still leaning towards it being someone else and Moo-Young simply helped hide the evidence of the murder. That doesn’t make him a great guy but it does allow Moo Young to romance Jin Kang without it being too creepy.

It is fascinating how I am trying to excuse Moo Young’s horrible behavior. The man is a serial cheater and I can’t help but want him to hook up with Jin Kang. This drama makes me wonder if a man can be changed by love or if the adage that once a cheater always a cheater is the truth? The writer is doing a wonderful job of making the viewers doubt their own set of morals and relate to the leading lady and her issue when falling for this heavily flawed man. I can’t wait to see where we go next on this ethically gray journey.

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