The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 6 Recap

Drama fans, I am truly grateful to be able to do this recap today. With the demise of Dramafever this week, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Luckily we still have Viki, and Viki has The Smile Has Left Your Eyes! So let’s snuggle up (it’s cold where I am) and enjoy that we can still get our drama fix. 

Coincidence or Killer?

Manager Yoo keeps focusing on Moo Young and the night the pretty girl took a leap from her building. He is determined to find evidence that Moo Young had a part in the murder. Now he’s found a video where Moo Young was on a street, with an ARTS umbrella. But, is this mere coincidence or is Moo Young really the killer?

Can’t take my eyes off of you.

Cutie cop brings Jin Kang some of his mama’s bone broth. Could he be more adorable? Seriously, I don’t have second lead syndrome in the traditional sense, but I love this character and his puppy ways.  As Cutie Cop and Jin Kang have a meal, Moo Young is also in the restaurant, sending brooding looks Jin Kang’s way. As Cutie Cop walks her home, they hold hands and agree to date. Moo Young is stalking them all the way and interferes with them having a good night kiss. I’m not sure how I feel about stalker Moo Young.

The web keeps spinning.

Cutie cop’s mom was burned and needs a skin graft. What’s up with all the burns in this show? Manager Yoo goes to meet Moo Young, but Moo Young was out delivering the “wedding beer” (which sounded pretty good according to the description). Waiting on Moo Young’s steps was Yoo Ri. She’s looking pretty rough and runs away when she sees Manager Yoo. Moo Young and Manager Yoo go in circles as one is being accused of murder and the other is being crafty answering questions. While Moo Young smirks and tosses out answers, Manager Yoo tells him that he’s on to him. Now here’s the really weird part, Moo Young takes off his shirt and flashes his scar and Manager Yoo apologizes and takes off running. Why? I need to know more about these scars!

Shady psychologists and a prescription for trouble

Anyone else getting weird vibes from the psychologist? He’s written a whole book about Yoo Ri and her issues. Now she’s an adult and having issues with prescription drugs. *Side note-Prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs. My own life has been impacted by someone misusing Ambien.* It’s totally believable that Yoo Ri has a problem remembering the things that she has done while on medication.  We jump to Yoo Ri standing on the edge of a building with a concerned crowd below wondering if she will jump. The last time she was in this position, Moo Young stopped her. This time, she steps off, but Manager Yoo grabs her. They both fall over the side and I screeched like I was there! Whew, the first responders had time to set up the cushion for them to land on.

The rocky road to romance

Manager Yoo collapses in relief in front of Yoo Ri’s house and Officer Tak comes over and kicks him. I love her character so much. She’s wearing awesome heels and she kicks him twice! She’s so upset that he could have died. His response as she walks away? “She’s pretty when she’s mad.”  Moo Young is called to ARTS because Seung Ah has is drunk. He arrives just before Jin Kang does and they deliver Seung Ah safely home. Moo Young tells Jin Kang to go around the corner while he talks to Seung Ah’s mom. Is he worried she will get slapped again? At the same time, Seung Ah’s creepy finance is sitting down to a glass of wedding beer with the scheming girl we met before. She took the delivery of the beer from the customer service desk at creepy fiance’s company.

Who’s the real villain?

Officer Tak relents and meets Manager Yoo for drinks. While they are talking he drops a bombshell we already knew. Yoo Ri is left handed. All this time he’s been so focused on Moo Young because of his left-handedness, but now he has another suspect who has already proven she could be a killer. Yoo Ri has a tragic past. She’s been under a psychologist’s care since she was nine. She has blackouts and she honestly can’t remember what happened the night her friend died or the night she tried to hit Jin Kang.

Push and Pull between Jin Kang and Moo Young

Seung Ah was all moon-eyed that Moo Young brought her home. That is, until she watches the dashcam video (aren’t those so convenient?) and realizes that her lover doesn’t love her. I’m actually pretty impressed that she asked him if he likes Jin Kang, and that he told her yes. Jin Kang storms over to tell him he’s an idiot, but he just says he won’t talk to her about Seung Ah. It’s his birthday, he has cake, and he’s alone. She’s throwing a hissy fit because he’s ruined her friendship with Seung Ah, or is that the real reason? He accuses her of liking him as much as he likes her and that’s why she’s so mad. She leaves in a huff as he walks away, cake in hand. After crying on the steps, Jin Kang runs back to his house, but he’s getting the crap beaten out of him by hired goons.

My thoughts

We end this episode with Manager Yoo pulling down a box from the wardrobe. Inside is a flyer for a missing child. A child who has burn scars. Is this Moo Young? What is the connection? Also, is Seung Ah not going to die? Really? I have been waiting for her to die a tragic death and move this story forward, but no, it looks like she’s going to hang on for a bit. Is she going to go all Fatal Attraction on Moo Young and Jin Kang? What about Cutie Cop? I have so many questions and a whole week to wait to find out anything!

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4 thoughts on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 6 Recap

  1. HAHA omg laughed at your question of why Seung Ah hasn’t died. Great recap! I was also impressed at the whole thing of how quickly Seung Ah found out Moo Young likes Jin Kang. Oh and I didn’t think Seung Ah would die, didn’t watch the original but I felt like her role was to be the pesky female going in between the leads.

    • I’m horrible and I want Seung Ah to die! She’s as boring as paint drying and she irritates me. She’s been so boring that I’m surprised she’s actually showing real personality. I’m glad you enjoyed the recap!

  2. I am so in love with this drama. My heart hurts for Moo Young. I don’t care if he ends up a murderer; I still adore him and want to hug him. I mean, it would be nice if he wasn’t a murderer. Also, I really thought Seung Ah was going to take a dip in the Han River and that would be that, but I guess she is now there to be a plot device. Bring on the angst. I am now convinced Seo In Guk has the ability to make me love any character he portrays. Looking forward to next week!

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