Top 5 Kpop MVs: Over-the-top Kpop

Kpop music videos are always colorful and brilliantly executed and they definitely embrace an element of the weird more often than not. Today’s selection, however, pushed me beyond the initial “What did I just watch?” reaction, though. Before you start thinking that the shiny newness has not worn off this Maknae, let me tell you that there were several videos that did not make the cut for today’s post, including SHINee’s “Everybody” and “Ring Ding Dong.” In my wanderings down the kpop rabbit hole, I have found some videos that would make even David Bowie raise his eyebrows. Without further ado, I present to you Five Over-the-Top Kpop MVs!

SHINee — “Married to the Music”

Speaking of SHINee, this has to be my favorite of their videos. I was watching it with my 6-year-old and started making jokes about the events so that she wouldn’t take them seriously and wouldn’t have nightmares. (I value my sleep!) So we learned from this video that we should NEVER drink the glowy juicy and that it is appropriate to shout “Key Lime!” when Key is beheaded.

Norazo — “Wild Horse”

What does it say that my kids tend to be involved in the watching of these crazy videos? We love “Wild Horse” for the real commitment that Jo Bin and Lee Hyuk had to their roles–those stuffed horse bodies even moved a bit like a real horse! A tiny, tiny bit. My kids love to go around singing the chorus and getting the song stuck in my head.

EXO — “Power”

I still cannot make sense of this video, and I’ve read a few fan theory posts! I do believe the kitten is supposed to represent the EXO-Ls and that is ALL I understand. My favorite is watching the whole sci-fi battle against the giant robot. It’s all weirdly delightful–especially Kai’s face when he smirks and then takes on the robot.

BigBang — “Monster”

I’ve read the lyrics. I’ve watched the video. I’ve read the lyrics again. I’ve come to appreciate that the video seems to be more about destroying things, Taeyang’s commitment to the modern Flock of Seagulls hairstyle, glowing eyes, and the post-apocalyptic feeling in the songwriter’s heart. And TOP’s cape. I love that cape.

XIA — “Flower”

Speaking of needing fan theory interpretation, XIA’s “Flower” defies description, bouncing between opulent post-modern royalty and prehistoric tribal rituals. The fan theory suggests it’s a stand for XIA’s freedom from his entertainment company and reclaiming his humanity. I’ll run with it, lion-headed fish and melted robot head drinks and all.

There you have it, drama fans! Five music videos that make even chasing after giant mermaids look tame (N.Flying, “The Real“), in my own humble opinion. Comment below and tell me if there are even stranger MVs that I may have missed.

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13 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Over-the-top Kpop

  1. Wow! Of these I was unfamiliar only with the Norazo number, but then I don’t normally follow Trot Rock (meets Pansori) groups 😉 I love Monster, and many of the SHINee videos are classics.

    • Trot rock? Hmmmm. I’m gonna need more examples. To me, Norazo seems a lot like Tenacious D, so I didn’t think about their origins.

      • Trot is a style of music unique to Korea; you will often see characters in dramas who go out to the country have to sing this style for country folk. There’s even a drama with Jung Eunji (from A-Pink) where she’s a rising star in the genre — unsurprisingly called “Trot Lovers”. It’s kind of like Korea’s version of country music, with a tinge of pansori in the delivery (and pansori is a whole nother topic). This scene from “Trot Lovers” gives you a feel for it:

        Norazo gives it a more contemporary vibe with more western rock elements added to the traditional, exaggerated style of singing in Trot. Heck, even SuperJunior gets into the act — it’s a crowd pleaser!

        • Thank you for helping us out. I didn’t realize our maknae hadn’t been introduce to trot music. I actually really like the older Korean style songs.

          • Any time! I kind of like it too, and I wish Jung Eunji would record a trot album, even if she is kind of busy with A-Pink and solo work. 🙂

            Next up is pansori… A good entry-level movie into that older form of music is “The Sound of a Flower” with Suzy and Ryu Seung-ryeong!

          • Actually, I have been somewhat educated in trot, but not in trot rock. Pansori is a complete mystery, though!

  2. Power only makes sense as a companion to Kokobop. With Kokobop the boys have been out of touch for too long. They are becoming placid and have lost sight of their mission. Power is how they have found their will to fight and get back in the game. And the fans ( or Kitten) is the one that is giving them the will to fight again and get back to their mission. At lest that’s what I got from it.

    • THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! I didn’t take it in with Kokobop, mostly because I didn’t like the song and didn’t think to put them together. Thanks for your interpretation!

  3. XIA Junsu can be over the top as he likes. Honestly…with those vocals, the man can do anything and his voice alone will hold it all together.
    Please check out my post on Top10 fav kpop songs and leave some feedback.

  4. “we learned from this video that we should NEVER drink the glowy juicy and that it is appropriate to shout “Key Lime!” when Key is beheaded” oh my goodness this made me laugh, I will ALWAYS appreciate people talking about SHINee. & what a great MV it is !!

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