Podcast #44 – Dramageddon: The Demise of DramaFever

As I am sure you are all aware, DramaFever closed their site this past week.  Come find out what The Fangirls plan to do going forward. It is safe to say that the love of drama & khotties will continue on. (MAKNAE’S EDIT: We left an ample amount of time at the end of our podcast to allow our listeners to grieve and ponder their options. It was completely intentional, I promise! Well, maybe…or maybe not.)

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8 thoughts on “Podcast #44 – Dramageddon: The Demise of DramaFever

  1. For myself I sent them both an email expressing my extreme disgust with their illegal business practices (still have not received my money back with makes them thieves). I will also boycott their products and movies (thank goodness they are mostly garbage that you could not pay me to watch) but would recommend others to let them know this is not acceptable and will be consequences and that regardless of what garbage plan they try to force feed us next year we will NOT be subscribing to it. Really wish Korea would create a website like Kocowa for jtbc and tvn dramas.

  2. So glad I found this podcast! YOU MEAN THERE EXISTS OTHERS LIKE ME IN THE WORLD WHO LOVE DRAMAS??!?!?! Great podcast, and now I am prepared to move forward from the loss of DF!

    • I am so glad you found us! Isn’t is amazing that there is this whole tribe of drama-loving people who just “get it” and will never sniff disapprovingly when you choose to spend your time reading subtitles? Please keep coming back!!

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