The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 7 Recap

Emotions are flying all over the place this episode as our band of damaged characters continue to make bad (and a few good) decisions.  Now if they can all live with the consequences of those decisions it remains to be seen. 

Jung So Min ups her game

It is widely known that I have not always been a Jung So Min fan. Her earlier cutesy characters never did it for me and I had pretty much written this actress off. However, two years ago she starred in Father is Strange. She broke through to a calmer, less screechy character and I discovered I really enjoyed her. Follow that up with Because it is my First Life, and now this drama and I find myself really enjoying her performances. I guess it was one of those things where age and the choice of better material made a difference.

I especially enjoyed her in this episode where her character’s reactions seemed intensely realistic. Her racing to save Moo Young from the thugs. The alternating feelings of relief, anger, and confusion were very relatable. To finish it off, Jin Kang’s inability to not keep glancing at Moo Young at the party was brilliantly done. Who hasn’t been in the same room as their crush and been unable to not keep them in eyesight despite the goings-on in the room.

While it is well known, I am watching this drama for my #1 Bias, I am pleasantly pleased that Jung So Min, as Jin Kang, is keeping pace with his brilliant acting.

It’s My Birthday

We left off last week with Jin Kang denying her complicated feelings for Moo Young.  Moo Young tries to convince her to come to his house since it is his birthday but she runs away.  Only to run back (what she was going to tell him we don’t know.) and finds Moo Young being beaten by Rich Fiance’s goons.

I was distracted from the main couple for a second with Rich Ex-Fiance secretary’s hot profile at this moment.  Was he as hot in past episodes and I just didn’t notice?  Is he a new character?

Moo Young is beaten to unconsciousness and Jin Kang takes him to the hospital.  I love that she stays by his side and Moo Young’s expression when he watches her sleep.   There is a beautiful moment where the music swells and Moo Young shifts his hand to hers but stops just centimeters from clasping her.  He quickly fakes sleep when she shifts and the moment is over.  It’s moments like this that really impress me with the director’s vision of their conflicted relationship.


While we might have wished that Moo Young’s beating would bring our OTP closer together.  Sadly, that was not the case.  We got a strong moment where Moo Young grabs Jin Kang’s wrist (a wrist grab that was actually used very successfully to create tension) but then Jin Kang shores up her feelings and walks away.

Which brings us back to boring Bambi… who still is not over Moo Young.  She sells her warehouse and gives Moo Young the 2 million dollars.  I found it interesting that she gave him the money, asking before she handed over the check, “Why did you date me.  If you tell me you did it for the money I can give it all to you.”  UHM?  What?  Why would you give him money?  Is Bambi trying to buy back his love?  Get closure?  This girl has some serious issues when dealing with bad relationships.

I feel like doing bad stuff when I see you

Just when I have forgotten about the Jin Kook & Moo Young feud (I really need some details) the writer brings them back together.  This week we get a great scene where Moo Young has just received the 2 million dollar check from Bambi (still smacking my head over that one) and stops to drink a beer with the detective.  Before long Moo Young is mocking Jin Kook and spitting out suggestive comments once again.  He also shows Jin Kook the check and declares that he is really a bad guy.  My personal favorite moments with these two characters are when their cheerful facade fades and they face each other raw and angry.

An eventful episode finale

Who knew that a party for Bacon Beer could be so exciting.  Also, ick on the bacon beer concept.  But Bacon Beer is a thing and being celebrated by Moo Young’s previous employer Arts.  Which means he, Jin Kang, and Ex-Fiance are all in the same place.  This is a recipe for disaster.

Sure enough, it isn’t long before Moo Young & Jin Kang are sharing stolen glances.  Which would be more romantic if Moo Young wasn’t also sharing stolen glances, or more correctly antagonizing smirks, with crazy Ex.  Not only does he mock the rich nutjob but he goes up and admits that the only reason he started dating Bambi was to take her from Crazy Ex.  Which drives the man, well, crazier.  He makes veiled threats about Jin Kang than leaves.

This might be all that happens except Moo Young decides that if he can’t be with Jin Kang he might as well return to Bambi.  He sends her the 2 million dollar check back with a note saying that while he isn’t in love with her yet, they should see where things go.  He then mocks Crazy Ex with their renewed relationship as he walks away.  Excuse me while I go smack my head against a wall.  Why does Moo Young always have to make bad decisions when it comes to dealing with people?

In true crazy fashion, Crazy Ex drinks away his anger in his car.  Only to witness Bambi & Moo Young’s reunion.  This caused him to impulsively jump behind the wheel of his car and chase the couple.  All while guzzling his alcohol like it’s a glass of water.  Needless to say ,a crash occurs and we witness our hottie Moo Young upside down while a flashback from his past occurs.  We see a screaming tea kettle (hmmmm?  Maybe the thing that gave him his burn scar?), a man with a gun, and another man begging for his life.  I suspect this must be his father and maybe Jin Kook?

Final Thoughts:

How can people making so many bad relationship decisions be so entertaining?  I am totally invested in seeing where this all ends.  Just judging from the first half of the drama it is unlikely that we will be seeing a happy ever after anytime soon.

So it is a good thing I have prepared myself for everyone and everything to go up in a giant ball of flames.  I just request that the writer gives us a couple good OTP (one true pairing) kisses before everyone burns.

Until the next smile,


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4 thoughts on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 7 Recap

  1. So far it seems like this adaptation is hewing pretty closely to the original, while updating it with elements for a Korean audience. Will you get your wish for the OTP gratifying kissing (plus) sequence(s)? I guess it depends how closely it stays with the original story’s trajectory which was, without giving too much away, complex and adult.

  2. I have also ignored Jung So Min, because I only know her the girl in Playful Kiss. And that alone can take a lifetime to get out of. But she is doing wonders these couple of years. She’s picking wonderful works, with a cute boyfriend I’m real life. Fighting!!

    Seo in Guk, on the other hand, is not in my top five fave actor. Yet, I’ve completed more dramas of him than those in the top 5. He is doing an excellent job here as Moo Young. When he doesn’t even have to tell you why he is dating you and not love you, yet you know the answers, that gotta hurt. Keep doing you, Seo in Guk.

    I am really hoping for this drama to not be soft at the end. If the ending of ep7 is an indication, then yessss I might get what I am hoping for. That is, I don’t want a happy ending. Give me tragedy. Give me death. Because all three alive, happy, and together is not what I signed up for.

    • Why people crave disastrous endings where no one is happy baffles me – especially as they are plentiful – in fact there’s a plethora of them. So many it’s become boring and cliche. Just as the de rigeur happy ending was in Victorian times (hint: THAT is why in the 20th century edgy stuff never ended happily….)
      Anyway, SIG’s playing a sociopath very well indeed here. He’s not making bad decision, he’s playing around with all these people. The only one he’s truly interested in of course is Jung So Min, for reasons that he seems to know in this version. I’m enjoying this but do expect a tragic end – a true cathartic ending rather than one of these surprise twists (BTW I do believe the hints are major here vs the Japanese version, so shouldn’t be a big shock).

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