Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 1

One of the most often asked questions since Dramageddon is, “What Asian dramas, that are good, are there watch on Netflix?”  Which lead me to creating this blog segment which answers that question.  So join me as I share my three Asian drama/movies of the week that you should check out. 

You might be wondering why this type of post is necessary? For one, Netflix is horrible at creating an easy to use search for Asian shows. Half of them are listed with k-drama tags and many more are only found if you type in the term Korean Dramas. The same is true with multiple other tag words. Why they can’t choose one universal tagging system, I’ll never know. Add in Chinese, Japanese, Thailand, & Taiwanese content and it can be confusing. Especially if you are someone who just wants to click and binge a show. With that in mind, I am going to attempt to take some of the work out of the process. I will also share which dramas/movies are mediocre and better to skip since all Asian dramas are not created equal.

So in no specific order, here is this week’s recommendations!

In Need of Romance 3

The chemistry between Sung Joon & Kim So Yeon is electric.  This noona romance (one of the best in the genre) will make your inner romantic squeal in delight.  It also stands out due to the fact that it is the last Sung Joon drama that I have really enjoyed.  So if you are looking for romance, beautiful cinematography, and a stellar OST this show is a must watch.

Forgotten (Movie)

Are you waiting for Kang Ha Neul to come back from his military service? Then check out the suspense movie Forgotten. Sadly, it isn’t a full drama, but it will give you that KHN feels that you need to carry on. This also is one of the better suspense movies that I have watched in the last year. It reminds me of a classic Hitchcock style of filmmaking and manages to create suspense without sinking into nonstop gore.

YG Future Strategy Office

This is one of Netflix’s more recent acquisitions. Join Big Bang’s Seungri as he is sent to the YG Strategy Office to promote the awesomeness which is YG. At least that is the way Seungri looks at it. In reality, he has been shipped off to the boondocks of Seoul to stay out of trouble. This show is done in a mockumentary style (think The Office) and provides oodles of laughs. It is also the topic of one of our future podcasts where Kdrama Jen and I share our love of Seungri’s hijinks.

Save your time & skip

Bad Guys: Vile City

I really wanted to like this drama for Ji Soo’s sake.  But it falls flat in every way.  If you want a fun, edgy, crime thriller which channels it’s inner Suicide Squad then watch the first season titled simply Bad Guys.  It provides the thrills and chills that are heavily missing in the second series.

There you have it.  Some great options for you to check out on Netflix.  For further recommendations be sure to check back next week.

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6 thoughts on “Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 1

  1. LIfe, Live, Man To Man, Busted!, and most notably, Mr. Sunshine are all on Netflix, exclusively, along with the ones you mentioned. Plus there are others, older dramas, Running Man episodes and other variety shows, lots of Korean films.
    I agree about Bad Guys 2 – dropped it half-way thru. And OMG I LOVE Seungri’s show!!! So very side-splittingly funny!

  2. Ooh! First time I’m hearing of ‘Forgotten’. Will check that out.

    RE ‘Vile City’: Sigh. I really am trying to hang in there bec it’s the sequel and bec of Jisoo, but… Yeah, Hubby (who loved the original — enough to sit through a Kdrama w/ me for the first time ever) says the pacing is too slow, and there’s too much telling (dialogue) instead of showing. He’s kinda bored with it now. Apart from the rumble scenes, there isn’t much going for it. T_T And I was so looking forward to this, too. Kind of unsurprising bec none of the original guys came back.

  3. Just finished Life on Netflix, so good. And before that Live, also so good. And before that Prison Playbook, excellent. They are still few and far in between, but (good or bad?) you can marathon them…

  4. I watched In Need of Romance 3 based on this post and loved it!! UK Netflix actually has a load of really good kdrama on – Healer, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Oh My Ghost, The Master’s Sun – but I’ve already watched it all!! I love getting recs for more obscure dramas :)

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Be sure to check out our new Netflix posts each week. I will be sharing some of the less well known shows as well as some of the bigger hits :)

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