The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 9 Recap

Some of the truth came out this week.  But as usual, every time we get some answers, Moo Young manages to look sketchy as all get out.  Come join me as I chat sketchy behavior and toxic relationship choices.

*Disclaimer*  I am a tad bit under the weather today so this is going to be one of those brief recaps that are short and to the point.  Luckily, the plot is easily discussed today.  I have a feeling that poor Clkytta will have the whopping plot filled recap again this week. (Clkytta: I’m ok with that!)

Arrested & Indifferent

We left off with Moo Young being arrested for the murder of the suicide girl.  We, of course, know that he didn’t personally kill her.  He actually was covering for Yoo Ri.  But before you cheer for his innocence, it was brought forth that he had more to do with it than just being a bystander.

Yoo Ri admits that Moo Young had given her the access number to the victim’s apartment.  Turns out that the murder victim had been blackmailing Yoo Ri nonstop over a risque video she had of Yoo Ri and a previous boyfriend.   So if Yoo Ri didn’t pay her off then the video would have been spread to her mother’s workplace and on the internet.  Moo Young took this information, knowledge of Yoo Ri’s drug habits, and mixed it all together to see what would happen.  His indifference to human emotions really does turn scary at times like this.

Putting Together the Pieces

Poor puppy cop begins figuring out the truth regarding Moo Young & Jin Kang’s connection as he investigates deeper into Moo Young’s phone records.  To say that he is devastated is an understatement.

He and Jin Kang try to go forward but there is a giant Moo Young sized hole between them and things are not working out.  He ends things by saying that it is ok if Jin Kang doesn’t want to be with him.  But she can’t be with Moo Young since he is a very bad person.

Bad Brotherly Advice

We knew that it was only a matter of time before Jin Kook finally realized that his sister and Moo Young had more of a relationship than he knew.  Although, he has to be an idiot not to see all the signs that were right in front of him.

Jin Kook confronts Jin Kang but it mostly results in a yelling match where he is forced to say that everything he says about starting fresh is a lie.  At least, when it is in reference to Moo Young who he says is, “Just not right.”  This leads Jin Kang straight into the waiting arms of Moo Young.

Officially a couple

This drama is proof that no matter how much you tell a girl a guy is a bad choice.  Even if that girl has 100% proof that he is a sociopath, if the heart wants crazy, the heart will find crazy. Jin Kang goes to Moo Young’s apartment and the following confrontation has Jin Kang begging, “Promise me you’ll be a good person.” To which, he replies, “teach me how?”  SQUEEEEEE!  Such a great moment for those of us who were waiting for Jin Kang and Moo Young to finally be on the same page.  Sadly, it comes at a time where the world, and especially her brother, are against them.  Not to mention Moo Young is terrifying and incapable of normal emotions.  But, for now, we will ignore all that just like Jin Kang is ignoring all the warning signs.

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