The Eternal Love (Season 1) Ep 10-12: A Positive Recap


We are at that point in the drama where our OTP (one true pairing) have admitted to themselves, and each other, that they are in love. We all know what that means … time to add some serious angst. Thankfully, it is well-done angst so Drama Geek and I can discuss and keep to the rules of our positive recap. So join us as we chat episodes 10 to 12 of The Eternal Love.

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It has come to our attention that when we switched over to our new blog site some of The Eternal Love Season 1 Recaps were lost.  Luckily, we had them backed up on another server so we are adding them for those of you still working your way through season 1.


The Fangirls

That dratted radish looking thing


Drama Geek: Haha, I think KMUSE is talking about the ginger root Tan Er has to eat/drink for her health. I’d eat all of it and then some if the 8th Prince was feeding me. “If I become hot, will you douse my fire for me?” Yes, this is a quote from Cheng Cheng when she tells him to drink it instead of her.

KMUSE: Dude… I totally knew what it was.  That was a direct quote from Modern Tan Er.  A quote which cracked me up.  I also am amused that Modern Tan Er looks at something which would be considered worth a fortune and only sees a lump of veggies.  And her expression as she ate it so she could recover and regain her freedom. Maybe they should have coated it in gold so she could appreciate it’s worth.

Boring Tan Er’s love continues with a horrible outcome

Drama Geek: I do feel sorry for Boring Tan Er. She’s always been a pawn in her family’s push for power, and now she’s seeing that she’s the same thing to the 1st Prince. I almost (not really because it would take away screen time from our OTP) wish we’d seen these two together when they were supposed to be in love.

Boring Tan Er totally falls for the 1st Prince’s trick and after getting a secret message she goes off to meet him. Instead of a secret love nest, she ends up back at home where her family punishes her for not seducing the 8th Prince and getting what they wanted out of him. She has to sit out in the rain for (a few hours? She makes it seem like it’s been days but that can’t be the case.) While she’s out there her family taunts her, mostly her older sister, about how the 1st Prince tossed her aside for the throne. When the reality of what her lover has done makes it unbearable for her she begs for Modern Tan Er to take over.

KMUSE: I feel bad for Boring Tan Er. To realize that she means nothing to her family as well as the man who proclaimed to love her must be devastating. It is no wonder she wants to escape from the pain and has Modern Tan Er take over for a while.

Choosing love over politics

Drama Geek: None of us ever doubted that the 8th Prince would go running off the rescue his beloved even if it meant losing the throne. He swoops in and bites all the bad people’s head off as he protects his girl. I had a brief Scarlet Heart Ryeo moment where I thought he might throw his robe over her head. LOL.

KMUSE: I loved this scene so much. In all truth, it wasn’t a situation that necessarily needed him to rush to her aid. However, that almost made it better because 8th Prince loves Tan Er so much he is willing to throw away the crown just to make sure she is not suffering any harm. I openly admit that 8th Prince has me swooning in almost every scene. What a truly great romantic leading man.

A queen dowager’s anger is nothing to scoff at

KMUSE: I actually like that the real threat to our OTP comes, not from 1st Prince (who I still think has feelings for Boring Tan Er despite his greed for power), but from 8th Prince’s grandmother, the Queen Dowager.  She doesn’t have the emotional investment when it comes to Tan Er and can just go full crazy, as in off with her head, crazy.


Instead of seeing true love at work, the Queen Dowager only sees that Tan Er has ruined her favorite grandson’s chance at the throne.  Whether it is out of love or scheming on the 1st prince’s behalf, she is determined to see Tan Er cast away from her beloved progeny.

Drama Geek: The Queen Dowager isn’t stupid. She can see how much the 8th Prince’s love for Tan Er is an obstacle because he cares more for her than he does the throne.

A small lie has big consequences

KMUSE: It is about time they addressed the cause of the switching back and forth between Modern and Boring Tan Er.  It was driving me nuts that it seemed so random.


KMUSE: In order to provide Boring Tan Er with closure, Modern Tan Er decides to go and confront 1st Prince over his Machiavellian politicking.  Thinking that 1st Prince was sending yet another message through a painting, Modern Tan Er sets out for the secret meeting.  Only to discover her husband waiting for her.  Turns out he had set a trap for his wife (Thanks to grandma’s meddling) certain that Tan Er would not show up.  Seeing with his own eyes that Tan Er had deceived him, 8th Prince just breaks apart.

Modern Tan Er tries to explain how there are two souls sharing one body, but 8th Prince assumes she is lying and pushes her away, declaring that Tan Er will have her divorce.


Only mostly dead

KMUSE: Lamenting how someone young, hot, and a successful real-estate queen, can end up divorced so early in her life, Modern Tan Er is unexpectedly pushed into the decorative pond. At which point she promptly drowns. Yup, you heard right. Tan Er is totally dead.


KMUSE: Falling into an unreasonable rage state at the death of his wife, 8th Prince demands that all of the best doctors save Tan Er. Only to be told time and time again that Tan Er was dead and beyond their ability to cure. In denial, 8th Prince is confronted by a sorcerer who declares that he can save Tan Er. Or he can if 8th Prince connects his own life force to Tan Er’s. Which more or less means if one of them dies, the other dies as well (Is it a bit weird that I find this to be extremely romantic)?


Drama Geek: It’s not weird at all. It’s both romantic and kind of sexy. We knew he wasn’t really going to divorce her, and that he’d eventually believe her wild story. What I want to know is how a modern girl falls into a small pond and drowns? Even a nonswimmer could doggy paddle. LOL

Sorcerer knows best


KMUSE: The little old sorcerer is so cute.  I love that he has roadrunner sound effects when he runs and appears to be cute and mischievous.  He also confirms to 8th Prince that Tan Er does have two souls.  So YAY!  No more multiple soul angst.

Drama Geek: He is adorable, and even though I know 8th Prince would have come around eventually, now he has no reason to doubt her.

Sexy sexy sexy ….even when he is angsting

KMUSE: I’m going to take a moment to be shallow.  8th Prince looks AMAZING in this deeper blue outfit.

DramaKimchi14KMUSE: Finally waking up from her death induced coma, Tan Er finds 8th Prince worrying by her bedside.  Not realizing that she had been actually dead dead, Tan Er jumps into explaining the whole two souls, and the I lied about not loving you, débâcle once again.  8th Prince pulls her into his arms and declares that he loves her and believes the whole two souls issue.  Woot.  True love wins against death.

Drama Geek: He is super sexy in his deeper blue outfit. These two are just so gorgeous and swoonworthy when they are together.

Thoughts so far:

KMUSE: I am loving this drama.  Which is kind of surprising considering we started it as almost a joke just to be able to write something positive for once.  I halfway expected it to be fluff and no substance and thought I would be commenting on random manes of glory to fill the content.  Little did I know that I would enjoy almost every aspect of the show.  So glad we chose to recap this drama gem and look forward to the next three episodes.


Drama Geek: I am enjoying this way more than I originally thought. This couple sizzles more than most on screen, and they are just so much fun to watch.

Til the next body switching moment,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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