The Eternal Love (Season 1) Ep 7-9: A Positive Recap

.;a1a2s4a11Relationships heat up as Modern Tan Er and 8th Prince become emotionally and physically closer.  Much to the dismay of Boring Tan Er and 1st Prince who’s own boring love continues to cause conflict.

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It has come to our attention that when we switched over to our new blog site some of The Eternal Love Season 1 Recaps were lost.  Luckily, we had them backed up on another server so we are adding them for those of you still working your way through season 1.


The Fangirls

Revenge is a dish best served together

Drama Geek: Ha! 8th Prince likes his spy concubines about as much as he likes his childhood friend. He called everyone out to watch him do a little archery so it appears he wasn’t hurt the night before. His concubines are sporting some serious jealousy because it looked like Tan Er and the 8th Prince were intimate instead of her tending to his wounds (which he’s trying to keep a secret). They pressure Tan Er into being his target and she nervously complies. You can’t blame her because she knows he was injured and she’s never seen him shoot and arrow. But even hurt he’s an expert archer. The best part is that our OTP flips it on the concubines and get to have a close skinship session while using one of the other women as their target. The 8th Prince is such a hoot, he doesn’t hit the flower but lands the arrow in her hair. Yes, that was totally on purpose. It’s little moments like this that set his character and this couple above most Cdramas I’ve watched. They are just so in sync with each other and they know how to have fun.

KMUSE: It is hilarious that they are both on the same page when it comes to being vindictive.  They even fake wobble the bow to make it more nerve-racking for the concubine.  This is some grade A passive aggressive hijinks right here.

Connecting on an emotional level


Drama Geek: Probably my favorite thing about the 8th Prince is how easily he goes with her crazy. She implies she’s not from his world and he just rolls with it. This really was the turning point for Tan Er, I think. She trusts him enough to let him know her secret. No, she didn’t say she was from the future (which may not actually be the future but a different dimension) or that she cohabiting the body with another person, but she still gave him enough information that he knows something is different with her.

KMUSE: They are starting to think and act with each other in mind and I could not be happier.  I personally, don’t think Tan Er’s whole time travel, multiple personality, body swapping situation is going to be an issue for him.

We are not on earth any more Toto

.;a1a2s4a22.pngKMUSE: I found it interesting that Modern Tan Er was able to figure out she was not in historical China.  She really is quite smart.

Drama Geek: So if she’s not in China and a different dimension then maybe it won’t end like all time traveling dramas where they get separated by time. I’m crossing my fingers and every appendage because I need our OTP to be together when this is all over.

Secret sexy times must remain secret

.;a1a2s6.pngKMUSE: As we all knew would happen, Modern Tan Er gives in to her husband’s sexy wiles and falls back into bed for sexy times round 2.  As usually our OTP (One True Pairing) burns of the screen with their chemistry and Modern Tan Er vows to keep this a secret from Boring Tan Er.

Drama Geek: Can’t a girl fall into bed with her sexy hubby whenever she wants and not have to worry anyone getting mad about it? Okay, okay. I guess sharing a body with someone else does make things complicated.

Soul Suppressing Orb

Drama Geek: These characters and this storyline are probably my least favorite of the show but I do end up in a fit of giggles anytime they do anything supernatural. 1st Prince and all his seriousness is in such contrast to playful 8th Prince. Boring Tan Er and this guy deserve each other. The name of the orb gives me fears that it might be used against Modern Tan Er in the future.

KMUSE: Everyone is after this mystical Soul Suppressing Orb.  Why?  So far we have no answers on that front.  However, our mysteriously cloaked bad guys are really invested in getting it for their master.  Am I the only one that had flashbacks to the US show 3rd Rock From the Sun when they were contacting their boss?


They have enlisted 1st Prince help to secure the mystical orb.  In his defense, 1st Prince doesn’t seem overly invested in their evil schemes.  He just wants to one-up 8th Prince so he can gain the throne and marry Boring Tan Er.

The Battle of the Tan Ers

KMUSE: As we all knew would happen, the sexy times did not stay a secret for long.  It is kind of hard to remain ignorant when your husband is being super sweet and sending you little glances full of hearts across the breakfast table.

This leads Boring Tan Er to declare war on our sassy modern Tan Er and she concludes that she changes personas when she gets hit on the end.  Her solution…. bundling in a giant blanket dress which protects her from all outside harm.  It also causes her to become very odoriferous.


Drama Geek: There is no way they can hide his unyielding adoration or his intimate knowledge of his wife from Boring Tan Er. At least it gave us this ridiculous and hilarious solution to not switch bodies. Oh, sweetie, your will is so much weaker than the other girl that is inhabiting your body. You should just put up the white flag now.

KMUSE: For some reason (the switching of personalities is making less and less sense) Modern Tan Er comes back to discover her shared body is stinky and sweaty.  Through a game of ask the maid, she concludes that her sexytimes with 8th Prince were discovered and has decided to kill her off.  The battle is officially on.

Drama Geek: I’m wondering if by sheer will Modern Tan Er is taking the body back from Boring Tan Er? Or if that purple orb has something to do with this soul cohabitation and it being moved has changed things. I’m sure they’ll explain later, and if they don’t, then I’m not really too worried about the how’s of it as long as we keep getting tons of scenes with Modern Tan Er and the 8th Prince.


Once Modern Tan Er finds out that Boring Tan Er is trying to keep her from taking over her body she declares war and keeps herself awake for two days. She’s waning hard but determined to stay awake. Then she gets a letter from the 1st Prince about the bed’s carpenter and it revives her enough that she’s able to leave her home. I’m so glad she didn’t fall asleep before reading the letter because things could have gone very differently if Boring Tan Er had been at the little secret meet up.

Princes in love

KMUSE: For the first time I am feeling like 1st Prince is really in this whole throne fight to win Boring Tan Er.  Why… I have no clue?  But he does sincerely seem smitten.  He sneaks a note to Tan Er, giving the address to the carpenter of the magical bed.  When Tan Er sneaks to the location she finds only shambles and a lovesick 1st Prince.  Sadly, for him, it is Modern Tan Er who is in charge and she tells him to get lost and focus on his own affairs.  As for her, she is happy with her husband and has no interest in the fight for the throne.

8Th Prince is hiding in the wings when Modern Tan Er tells off his half-brother, and he couldn’t be happier.  Tan Er stomps off in a righteous huff only to be attacked via assassins arrow.  1st Prince swoops in to save Tan Er only to lose her to 8th Prince who also arrives on the scene.

Sexy baths & assassination attempts

KMUSE: Due to 8th Prince’s fake-out regarding the Orb of Soul Suppression assassins are jumping out of the woodworks.  But never fear, 8th Prince is going to keep his wife safe, even if he has to be with her everywhere.  Including the bathhouse. Ha.  Somehow I don’t think he sees this as a hardship.

Drama Geek: He’s so cheeky when she’s bathing. I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t want him to jump right in with her.


Excuse me while I just sit here and stare for a while………… I didn’t think he could get any sexier but apparently dark lighting brings out a whole new alluring side to his features. I admit I watched this scene several times. The best part is how fast she trusts him.

KMUSE: 8th Prince’s sexy voice is one of my new favorite things.  I could listen to his smolder voice for hours on end.

Hanging out…..literally

Drama Geek: To trap the assassin, 8th Prince spreads the word that he has the orb and then goes on a little trip with his beloved. Sure enough, they get attacked and the maid and his bodyguard run in one direction while he takes Tan Er in the other. While they’re running he makes it clear that he’s the target. Tan Er’s response? “If you’re the target why are you dragging me along with you?” Ha! She has a point. But she does prove that she isn’t really a wimp. When they’re cornered on a cliff she gets in front of the 8th Prince when an arrow comes his way. This sends them over the edge and into one of the most hilarious conversations to ever happen while dangling from a branch. She’s talking about how he can’t die because he still has to give her a divorce and he argues with her that she wouldn’t have saved him if she really wanted a divorce. Guys, I understand that there is water at the bottom of the cliff so drama law dictates you won’t die, but come one, stop fighting about divorces. You two lub each other and you know it.

KMUSE: I loved that look of shock when Modern Tan Er jumped in front of the arrow for him.  She faked that it was an accident later on, but we all know these two are crazy in love.

Faking Sick

Drama Geek: 8th Prince wants everyone to believe that Tan Er is deathly sick after falling off the cliff. He asks if she can pretend to be sick, and she says as a real estate agent she got quite good at it. I almost spit coffee all over the place when she pretended to be sick for the doctor. Of course, these two can’t be in the same room long without 8th Prince wanting to get closer to his princess.

KMUSE: I have a feeling that our OTP is going to be a handful where ever they go.  They both love causing mischief to much to just become a boring married couple.

No more Easter Chick outfits for 14th Prince

Drama Geek: I think I might miss Eater Chick outfits just because they were so dang funny.

KMUSE: I loathed his Easter Chick outfit with every fiber of my body.  Unless he is drunk and leading The Chicken Dance at a party, I never want to see his fluffy shoulder pads ever again.

Relationship win…. at least if you are Modern Tan Er and 8th Prince

Drama Geek: Okay, if I hadn’t fallen head over heels for 8th Prince this scene would have sealed the deal. The best part of her faking sick comes when they’re inside putting on a show while everyone outside listens in. She’s in bed moaning and he’s yelling and throwing things because he’s so upset she’s on the brink of death. In reality, she’s happy as a clam while he sits next to her throwing things at the floor. He’s both smart and so willing to do whatever it might take even if it’s a little silly. Though he doesn’t look silly at all while sitting there reading his book.

KMUSE: Tickle fights, fake bemoaning, and sexy times?  This is the absolute best scene from the whole drama so far.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Not to mention the song was epic and fit the moment perfectly.

Drama Geek: And, of course, when they’re alone with each other things tend to heat up! Their sexy pillow talk had me melting. She says something about not being ready for him and he lets slip something about “do all women need to get ready?” Tan Er picks up on this and teases him about being a virgin when they were first together. They are so sweet, I just want to bottle them up.

United in a cause

Drama Geek: They really have become a team. They might now share every single detail with each other but they have been working together and both trust and mutually love each other. I’m not sure why the 8th Prince comes to her in need of his beloved, but I’m sure it isn’t good. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t pull these two apart. There have been so many kisses and yummy pillow talk that it does have me worried.

KMUSE: I dread finding out what has him so worried.  But I do appreciate that he put all his cards onto the table and is trusting Modern Tan Er with both his heart and his secrets.

This concludes another positive recap of The Eternal Love.  Are you interested in watching along?  Check out the drama HERE on VIKI

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